How do I Check Lycamobile Number? Answered!

Nobody wants to own a Line without knowing the number, since it’s considered and required as your personal means of identification in most cases, because the Line profile is set up with your full details, sometimes including your photo.

Are you in possession of a Lycamobile Line without having any idea of the Line number? Having the Line benched for a long period of time with the SIM packing not in place, you’ll probably forget the Line number if it’s not written in a journal or notes.

Since knowing the Line number must not be overlooked as it might come in handy when signing up or trying to top it up from an online merchant, no need to worry, here’s a tip on how to check lyca number.

Fortunately, I have put up an updated quick tip on how to check Lycamobile number using the quickest and simpler method right on your smartphone. This includes every other thing you need to know and questions revolving around it in countries.

How to Check Lycamobile Number

Without having your Lyca SIM Packing in place, there are four different methods to check Lycamobile number on your smartphone, which include using the USSD code, calling a customer support agent, finding your lyca number in settings, and using a free online tool.

To get started;

How to Check Lyca Number with USSD Code

To check your lycamobile number using the short USSD code;

  • Get the active Lycamobile Line ready in your smartphone.
  • Navigate and launch the Dialer App.
  • Simply dial *100# on your device dialer.
  • From the option list, choose option 4 which reads “My Account”.
  • Then choose “My Number” from the option list by inputting 1 as your response.
  • Your Lycamobile Line number will pop up on the device screen for you to write it down before it disappears.

In case the code didn’t work, you can also try out *132#, *613# (or 97#) irrespective of your location or try out other methods mentioned below. 

How to Check Lyca Number with Customer Service

Checking Lyca number is also possible by requesting to know your Line number from the Lycamobile customer support agent if you give them a call. To do this;

  • With the active Lycamobile Line ready in your smartphone.
  • Open your device Dialer App and simply call 100 or 612.
  • Follow the prompt voice and request to speak with an agent.
  • Talk it out with the agent, your Lycamobile number will be dictated to you.
  • Make sure you put it into writing to avoid losing it ever and anon.

How to Check Lyca Number in Phone settings

The advancement and quick innovation of technology has a substantial impact on our modern smartphones as they now read inserted mobile Line number, which makes it possible to check your Line number in the device settings.

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You can check your lycamobile number in any smartphone settings by accessing the SIM card & Mobile network settings or About Phone settings.

To check lycamobile number in Android settings;

How do I Check Lycamobile Number? Answered!

  • Navigate to your Device settings.
  • Stroll to Locate and tap SIM Card and Mobile Network. (or long press the Mobile data button in the toolbar).
  • The inserted SIM number will probably be available right below the network operator name. 
  • Grab a pen and paper to write it down or copy if you’re permitted to do so.

To check your lyca number in About phone settings in Android; Open the Settings >> About Phone, then navigate and locate anything related to SIM information to check your Line number which also includes the SIM status, SIM Slot IMEI information and Wi-Fi Mac address.

How to Check Lyca Number with Free Online Tool

Lastly, checking the Lycamobile number with WhatisMyNumber. A free online tool that offers mobile number checking service, as the name implies. This is the easiest method to detect any Line number within two to three steps once the Line is active on your smartphone.

To check lyca number with

How do I Check Lycamobile Number? Answered!

  • Open your device browser App.
  • Visit or input the keyword “What’s my number” to google and tap the first result.
  • On the website homepage, click “Detect Now”.
  • You’ll be prompted to make a free call to a test number reserved for 1mintues.
  • Tap the number, you’ll be redirected to the device dialer App to dial the test number. 
  • Make sure you make the call with the Line you wish to know its number.
  • On waiting for some seconds, the call will disconnect automatically then go back to the browser. 

What's Is My Number Free Tool

  • Your Line number will be displayed boldly on the page with option to copy or share.

Note that the call is toll-free, and also make sure you’re dialing the test number from the website with the lycamobile line you wish to know its number to avoid mix up.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I Find my Lyca Number Belgium?

In Belgium, to check your Lycamobile number; you can simply dial *100# or adopt any other method mentioned above like that of WhatisMyNumber tool or checking your lycamobile number from your smartphone settings.

How to know my Lycamobile Number USA?

In the United States, you can easily check Lycamobile number by dialing *132# of use the free online tool “WhatisMyNumber” which will probably provide you the long-lost number.

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To do this; Visit >> Tap Detect Now then make a call to the prompted number with the line you want to check its number. The call will be disconnected automatically, then go back to the website to access your Lycamobile number.

How do I find my Lycamobile number in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, with your smartphone in place, you can easily check your lyca number from your device SIM card and Mobile network settings or About Phone settings.

However, other options you can try out is the USSD code; by dialing *132# | *100# | *613# or by using the free mobile number detector tool, WhatisMyNumber.


Hope you’ve managed to get hold of your long age Lycamobile number with the methods above? Having related issues or any relevant suggestions you’d like us to cover, you can communicate it with us in the comment section.

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