Privacy Policy

Reviewguide respect the privacy of our precious visitors. privacy policy stipulate what of your information we receive, how we receive it, how we handle it and what we use it for as you visit our website Activity of this website is subjected to our terms and privacy policy while we never sell your information. By using our service that mean you’ve read and agree to our terms and policy.

Information We Collect

  • Log files 
  • Cookies and Web Beacons
  • Email Addresses

Log files

Reviewguide collect your log files just like other website. Your log files information include your device internet protocol address (IP) which disclose your region, internet service provider details (ISP), your active browser details (version and name), the exact date and time of your visit and the time you use on our website. All this information obtained are use in other to personalize your experience and improve our service.

Cookies and Web Beacons

We receive cookies for users benefit in other to keep record of your activities on our website. To know exact page you’ve visit and give you access to our website features. Cookies are received from your device web browser and other diagnostic tool like Google analytics. You can disable your browser from sending out cookies, but using our website without sending cookies can limit your access.

Google’s DoubleClick Cookie Usage

We publish Google ads through Google Adsense a sub-service by Google Inc. When serving ads Google as our third-party vendor make use of cookies which is Google’s DoubleClick cookie to display ads on every section of our website and other website that associate with Google Adsense and also to control how often you receive the ads on your visit to our website.
By viewing or clicking on any ads on Google Adsense associate website this will automatically set a cookie on your device with a name “” which you can choose to opt-out by visiting ad settings at Google ad and content network privacy policy –
This Google’s DoubleClick cookie is based on Google Adsense policy. For more information visit Google Adsense

Email Addresses

You can sign up for our website newsletter and RSS for latest post notifications right on your phone with your email address. Email address you provided during this process or when you’d like to write us message using the contact page are mainly for identification purpose and to send you piece of information which you can choose to unsubscribe to newsletter anytime.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

European Economic Area (EEA) residents visitors information may be collected by us and use in the right way to improve and personalize user’s experience. All your personal information are handle and stored in safe place we never sell your information.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) 

Reviewguide abide by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) which stipulate that any type of information obtained from visitors, how is was obtained and how it will be use must be clearly stated which we’ve already mention above.