How to Activate Lycamobile International Roaming

Almost all mobile network operators (MNOs) including mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) now support international calls and roaming around lots of countries.

Perhaps to save subscribers the stress of switching from one network operator to another whenever the individual is far from his home country, outside the geographical coverage area of its mobile network operator.

Apparently, people consider vacation as a means of relaxation as it improves physical and mental health, motivation, relationships, job performance and perspective, since you’d take some time away from the stresses of work and daily life.

One of the most unavoidable travel problems is when you’re out of the range of your native network provider. That is, you’re unable to make and receive voice calls, send and receive SMS or access the internet.

In such occasions that you’ve traveled beyond your mobile network company’s transmitter range, the cell phone would have to automatically hop onto another network operator company service of the visited destination, if available and you have a roaming plan activated on your cell phone.

In case it’s the other way round, resorting to public telephone to make international calls or purchasing a local SIM card is the best option.

How to Activate Lycamobile International Roaming

You must be planning a vacation and wondering how to go about your Lycamobile line for making and receiving voice calls, SMS Messages and browsing the internet once you’re outside the geographical coverage area of the home network.

Whether you’re just going for short vacation or a lengthy trip, keeping your line active is important to keep in contact with family and friends, not to miss out any relevant information. And also, for authentication process, one time password (OTP) or sorts.

Are you in search of a tip on how to activate international roaming on Lycamobile? Not only roaming, making international calls from your cell phone involves international gateway exchanges (switches), and most tmes include international add-on to a standard calling plan you’ve already subscribed to. Are you wondering if Lycamobile supports international roaming?

Luckily we’ve prepared everything you need to know about Lycamobile roaming and activation. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to activate Lycamobile international roaming as well as other predominant information relating to Lycamobile roaming and most asked queries you also have in mind. Without further delay, let get started. 

What is Roaming in Lycamobile?

Basically, the term roaming is a mobile telecommunication phrase that is used when a mobile network operator that a cell phone uses relies on another available cell network, when the mobile phone is being used outside the geographical coverage area of its network operator transmitter range.

Lycamobile roaming is a separate add-on plan offered to subscribers by the UK based mobile virtual network operator Lycamobile. The network operator (Lycamobile) enables subscribers to connect with friends and family all over the world with the international roaming plan. A prepaid calling plan to over 60 countries.

And also, Lycamobile enables subscribers to hop on third-party mobile network operators once subscribers’ mobile phone is being used outside their coverage area. This includes the whole EU and EEA countries, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland and more.

Furthermore, EU Countries roaming allowance on Lycamobile are marked ‘EU Roaming’ and bear the EU emblem. The roaming services on Lycamobile can be used on Pay As You Go (Prepaid) plans, which are charged at standard national rates, while receiving calls and texts while roaming within EU countries will be free of charge.

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Apparently, roaming on Lycamobile isn’t limited to EU and EEA countries as it now works outside Europe. Lycamobile network access has now been made available in numerous countries across the world, which is made possible with the Lycamobile roaming plans and disparate rates.

Such countries include Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, and also the coldest, driest, windiest, and least-populated continent Antarctica.

As the roaming plan now gives room for talk minutes with friends and family across the world, which also allows roaming i.e. making and receiving calls, messages, and browsing the internet when you’re out of Lycamobile network geographical coverage area. In case you’re out of the country for vacation in neighboring continents.

You must be wondering if choosing a prepaid plan that includes international roaming is the appropriate option for you. Are you thinking if you should activate Lycamobile roaming?

Whether to subscribe for the national plan or international plan. Debating on what plan suits you best, check on the next section to determine if the roaming plan is for you. 

Should I Activate Roaming?

How to Activate Lycamobile International Roaming

Mostly, Lycamobile roaming is available for the product users. Being a traveler that does like touring the center of attention all over the world, especially when you have a plan to visit the EU countries.

Lycamobile roaming is the best option, as you’ll be content with their nominal roaming rates for both call and messages, which might not require any extra payments but your current plan.

And also, using a roaming activated mobile network makes you feel at home. Even when you’re 4,000 miles away from your local network, your mobile network operator will probably rely on available coverage from another network provider at your current location which makes calls, sending texts and browsing possible on your line without switching entirely to another carrier.

Should you activate roaming? The choice is yours. Apparently, almost every mobile network operator now offers roaming bundles to subscribers. As stated earlier, the roaming plan is the best if you’re planning a vacation ahead or you’re the type that do travel most times.

How to Activate International Roaming on Lycamobile

To begin with, seeing that Lycamobile roaming is now included in their pay as you go deal, activating the roaming allowance now seems easier than it sounds. Selected Pay As You Go (prepaid) plans now include EU countries roaming services which enables international roaming whenever you’re abroad.

Subscribing to any of this, subscribers can easily make and receive calls and SMS in a large number of countries around the world, relying on another company’s mobile network. However, since the process is roaming, you must be well-prepared for standard charges that exceed your local rates as aforesaid above.

Roaming services are automated and they should work as soon as you travel abroad. If it seems roaming isn’t working once you’ve moved from one country to another, you can easily troubleshoot this by restarting your phone or contacting the Lycamobile customer support service and you should be able to use Lycamobile roaming services without any problem.

You can visit the Lycamobile rates page of the Lycamobile web page of your country for sorts of information about countries available for roaming, and current charges on land-line, Mobile (Lycamobile), Mobiles (other mobile), Data, and SMS both on Lycamobile or other mobile.


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Lycamobile Rates Page

The Lycamobile rates page include three (3) sub-category which are National, International, and Roaming. National option serves the purpose of providing information about the local rates of your current country as it shows every detail concerning the standard Pay As You Go rates of your country.

Secondly, the international option in the Lycamobile rates page.This features a search bar used for searching your anticipated country you’d wish to give a call, the search function can be used by tapping, then click appropriate country name you’re calling to see the rates for both calls (Mobile and Land-line) and SMS internationally.

Lastly, the roaming option. Here’s the option that shows the rate of roaming from another country, not on your local network i.e. the charges that will apply when you’re trying to call out to another country while you’re outside the range of your local network provider (roaming on another provider).

You’ll be provided with two different search boxes with headings of Select roaming country and Select the country you want to call from the roaming country. As the headings hinted, the first search box is for selecting your roaming location while the second is for choosing your call or SMS destination from over 300 available options.

On selecting both the roaming country and call destination, you’ll see the charges rates when calling from the roaming country to the selected location, as well as rates within the roaming country. Both sections include rates for Land-line, Mobile, and SMS for both sent and received.

Check out the step-by-step guide below on how to check national, international and roaming charges rates on the Lycamobile website for your respective country. You can easily check this on either your smartphone or computer. 

How to Activate Lycamobile International Roaming

  • Tap the country name at the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Select your country name from the countries list. 
  • You’ll be directed to the version of Lycamobile website for your selected country.

How to Activate Lycamobile International Roaming

  • Click the option button at the left corner of your screen.
  • Tap rates and select one out of the three options.

Wrapping Up

Hope you find this post helpful. Lycamobile roaming activation isn’t as complex as it seems. The UK based mobile virtual network operator Lycamobile has made the roaming services automated and they should work once your current location is changed and you’re outside the range of Lycamobile network area.

I believe you’ve been able to learn everything you need to know about activating Lycamobile international roaming.

In theory, activating Lycamobile roaming is automatic and if you notice the roaming isn’t working, you can apply some potential fixes for troubleshooting Lycamobile roaming not working or get in touch with the Lycamobile customer support service for roaming activation if you have any active roaming bundles.

Are you tired of being overcharged for unused Lycamobile bundles? Check out our detailed guidepost on how to cancel Lycamobile plan renewal

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Countries Does Lycamobile Work In?

Basically, the Lycamobile EU roaming enables roaming within European Union (EU) countries includes EEA countries which are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Latterly, lists of countries have now been added to country options when choosing between roaming locations to determine charges rate on Lycamobile’s website. you can now select between several countries for international roaming i.e. Lycamobile now works in multiple countries.

Does Roaming Turn on Automatically?

Yes. Lycamobile roaming services are activated automatically. Mobile network roaming is expected to become active once you change your location, they should work as soon as you travel abroad.

In case the roaming service isn’t activated automatically, you can easily reboot your device or turn on the roaming option in your device mobile network settings. Getting in touch with your network provider customer support is also an alternative you can resort to. 

How Do I Know if My International Roaming is Activated?

To know whether international roaming is activated on your line when you travel abroad, your mobile carrier will work as expected in spite of traveling far away from home.

How to Activate Lycamobile International Roaming

Most of the time, you’ll be notified with an automated welcome SMS, with information about the available carrier your mobile network operator partners with. Which includes the standard rates that’ll be charged for your consent. Sometimes it may require some certain activation or process before you’re charged for roaming.

Does Airplane Mode Turn Off Roaming?

Yes. Basically, when airplane mode ✈ is activated on your smartphone, the device’s radio-frequency (RF) signal transmission technologies (i.e., Bluetooth, telephony and Wi-Fi and others) will be turned off automatically. That is, the flight ✈ mode which is also known as airplane mode, offline mode, or standalone mode will probably disable your phone’s ability to connect to cellular or Wi-Fi networks or to Bluetooth.

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This means you can’t make or receive calls, send texts, or browse the internet so far the device radio-frequency (RF) signal is disabled, your device won’t be able to search for nearby available carriers for roaming.

Some certain function can be re-enabled after switching on the Airplane ✈ mode, such function includes, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Hotspot, and location access but not the cellular network.

Can I Use My UK Lycamobile Sim Abroad?

Using UK Lycamobile SIM abroad is possible with Lycamobile roaming bundles, having any Lycamobile EU roaming plan activated on your mobile network. That is, you can use your Lycamobile to make and receive calls and SMS in a large number of EU and EEA countries, as well as other countries around the world. 

Does Lycamobile Have Free Roaming?

No, for all Lycamobile Pay As You Go (prepaid) subscribers, you may have access to some roaming minutes without extra charges, since the EU roaming allowance on Lycamobile serves as product add-ons for some PAYG bundles.

That is, as a prepaid subscriber you will be able to roam around the EU for free. However, there are domestic rates that may affect some customers in case data roaming charges are included.

Can I Use My Lycamobile Sim Outside of the Country Without Roaming?

Apparently, No. Using your local network carrier outside the geographical area of the network operator isn’t possible without roaming. Seeing that selected Lycamobile Pay As You Go (prepaid) plans now include EU countries roaming allowance, you might have a lot of unused international minutes that become active as soon as you travel abroad.

Making and receiving international calls and SMS without being charged extra might make you think you’re currently not roaming or roaming for free on Lycamobile.

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