How to Cancel Lycamobile Plan Renewal

Canceling auto-renewal of any active subscription you don’t intend to renew is the best precaution to take in order to avoid being billed without notice. Not only to escape unknowing charges, canceling of unnecessary auto-renewal plans also saves you some penny on the long run.

Despite how great the bundles can be, there may be times when you decide that you no longer want them. This is perfectly acceptable, so you must learn to cancel it. Customers can complete this process over the phone or online because it is quite simple and is comparable to topping up. 

Apparently, you must be looking for a way to cancel your Lycamobile plan renewal. Whether you’re in search of how to cancel a Lycamobile plan, or how to cancel Lycamobile auto-renewal. Luckily, we’ve provided you with an updated guide post with a simple method to cancel your Lycamobile bundle renewal in a few steps.

Trying to workaround this as a new Lycamobile subscriber might be a bit challenging, since almost all well known methods for canceling Lycamobile auto-renewal are always deemed unstable most of the time. You must have gotten mad and wanted to avoid a long talk with customer service persuading you not to opt-out of the plan.

How to Cancel Lycamobile Plan Renewal

This causes a lot of subscribers to leave the bundle auto-renewal, with a future idea of moving entirely from the network operator. Just to notice Lycamobile billing in your account statement at the end of the month. Here’s an example of the billing description on your account statement. 





LYCAMOBILE 35314369001

LYCAMOBILE.COM, 02075 366450 GB



LYCAMOBILE UK LTD 0207 5366450

LYCAMOBILE UK LTD, 0207 5366450

LYCAMOBILE UK LTD, 0207 5366450 GB



LYCAMOBILE.COM, 02075 366450



LYCAMOBILE 35314369001 GBR



LYCAMOBILE UK LTD, 0207 5366450, GB




LYCAMOBILE, USA 973-2860771 NJ


Now it’s time to let go of all unwanted Lycamobile plan auto-renewal.

How to Cancel Lycamobile Plan

Basically, the cancellation of the Lycamobile bundle auto renewal will definitely stop the automation of your active plan renewal which prevents you from being charged for the next series of bundle allocation before the current one expires.

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Mind you, this is only possible before the plan is activated i.e. once a plan is activated, there’s nothing like the cancellation procedure for refund. And also, according to the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), it’s recommended that a subscriber must cancel his/her subscription at least 24 hours before the auto-renewal period.

To cancel your Lycamobile plan;

How to Cancel Lycamobile Plan Renewal
  • Navigate to your device web browser and visit Lycamobile UK website or US website.
  • Navigate to the downside of the webpage to locate the App installation section. 
  • Tap your device operating system and install, whether you’re on Android or iOS.
  • After a successful installation, launch the App and input your number.
  • Tap login and provide the OTP sent to your line.
  • On the App homepage, look for My account or Overview >> Subscriptions >> Cancel renewal.
  • You’ll then be able to stop your Lycamobile bundle renewal.

Bonus Tips

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Trying out the previous method to cancel Lycamobile plan renewal;

  • Grab your phone, open the dialer App. 
  • Simply dial *190#.
  • On the reply page, input option 1 as your preferred choice to confirm the cancellation.
  • You may receive an SMS notifying about the recent cancellation of your plan renewal.

And finally, you can also resort to the Lycamobile web page, to check or cancel your active Lycamobile bundle auto-renewal. This only requires you to log in to your subscriber area with your personal credentials.

Wrapping Up

Hope you find this post helpful. I believe you’ve been able to cancel your current Lycamobile bundle auto-renewal. In a simple word, the easiest way to cancel your Lycamobile plan renewal is by using the network operator mobile application or utilizing Lycamobile official website by logging in to subscribers profile.

Are you still unable to cancel your Lycamobile plan renewal after going through the above methods? Try to read it over in case you’ve missed out any steps.

Still not getting it solved, you can get in touch with customer support in quite a few ways, which include calling the customer support, sending a text, or creating a mail support ticket.

Here are useful Lycamobile contact details;

Network Contact Details
Lycamobile Support/FAQ Site Web link
Lycamobile Phone Number (Domestic) 0207 132 0322
Lycamobile Phone Number (International) +44 207 132 0322
Lycamobile Text 322
Lycamobile Support Email

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is auto renewal in Lycamobile?

The Lycamobile auto-renewal automatically top-up a predetermined credit or bundle when it’s about to expire. This option is only available when making the purchase to save stress of activating the same plan over and over manually. Auto-renewal billing is deducted from the connected account automatically without any authorization.

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On finding out what it really means, Did you wanna opt out of some less important plans, you can resort to the section of this post that emphasized more on how to cancel a Lycamobile plan.

How long is Lyca Sim active?

Apparently, Lycamobile SIM cards and numbers can only last for a total of 90 days without reloading it to make calls or send out text. The SIM card will be permanently locked out of service which cannot be reconnected. And also, the mobile number can’t be used later as well after deactivating it.

How do I cancel a subscription without calling?

How to Cancel Lycamobile Plan Renewal

Lycamobile bundle renewal can be canceled easily without calling customer support using the Lycamobile application or accessing the Lycamobile website. From here you can get to learn about your current subscription as well as your credit balance.

How do I check my Lycamobile plan?

Download the Lycamobile application and or access the webpage. Log in to your My Lycamobile account and go to Overview >> Click Here to View Bundle Details >> View Details. By tapping View Details, you’ll be provided with your current subscribed bundle.

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