How to Fix Lycamobile Mobile Data not Working

Internet connection now becomes a noteworthy aspect of us, since almost all our communication and lockstep depends on internet connectivity to function. 

Are you experiencing no internet on your device due to Lycamobile mobile data not working? In spite of recharging your bundle balance. Mobile data not coming up or low signal strength while trying to browse the internet with Lycamobile. No need to fret, I have got a fix to that.

Most times, our smartphone or other smart devices which relies more on internet access might seem useless, if the device’s mobile data is not working or experiencing a low signal strength.

Mobile internet connectivity comes to rescue by giving internet access on the go. It might be frustrating when saving a large file which requires up-to like 100mps to speed up the process.

However, as it’s generally known that strong internet connectivity will probably enhance the download speed, while little to no signal will slow the process. This may eventually stop the progress as a result of deficiencies in the mobile data and signal.

Fortunately, I have put up some affixes to troubleshoot your Lycamobile mobile data not working on any device. This includes everything you need to know concerning Lycamobile mobile web and internet connectivity settings.

It was widely reported by users on the Lycamobile network around the globe. The mobile data not coming up and little to no signal strength while data connection is active. I am able to replicate this issue from a Redditor.

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Furthermore, here are some workarounds you can employ to fix Lycamobile mobile data not working on your device, which probably work for most users. Apparently, there isn’t any official fix yet, since geeks believe this particular issue is caused by unconfigured or misconfigured device Access Point Name (APN).

Sit back and try out the fixes.

How to Fix Lycamobile Mobile Data not Working

Fixing Lycamobile mobile data not working and low signal strength may require you to turn ON data roaming option, reset network settings, configure Access Point Name (APN), or get in touch with Lycamobile support agent if none of the first three methods work out well in your case. To get started;

1. Turn on Data Roaming

Your Lycamobile internet connectivity might be experiencing a downtime due to being out of coverage. This likely tends to occur if your local carrier’s network is out of range, and you need to rely on another network in your device outreach to make calls, send texts, and connect to the internet.

Data Roaming works well if your mobile network disconnects from your carrier’s range, but comes with a higher price. Hopping on another carrier’s networks costs higher than the normal plan.

You can try turning ON your device Data Roaming if it currently resolves the issue i.e. you’re experiencing Lycamobile mobile data not working only because you’re out of your carrier’s coverage.

How To Toggle on Data Roaming on Android

How to Fix Lycamobile Mobile Data not Working

  • Launch your device Settings App. Or access the settings from the toolbar. 
  • Navigate to locate SIM Card or Network settings
  • Tap on the preferred SIM in case you’re on double SIM. 
  • Stroll to locate roaming then toggle on the switch to power it ON. 

How To Toggle on Data Roaming on iPhone

How to Fix Lycamobile Mobile Data not Working

  • Open the iPhone Settings App. 
  • Stroll to locate and tap on Cellular.
  • Tap on Cellular Data Option from the cellular option list.
  • Then enable Data Roaming right below the 4G LTE switch.

Now try reconnecting your data connection, did it rectify the issue? If not, try out the next below.

2. Configure Access Point Name (APN)

Misconfigured Lycamobile access point name (APN) can lead to inactivity of your device internet connectivity. Without a correct Lycamobile access point name (APN), you might be experiencing a setback while trying to access the internet with your mobile network and likely the weak signal.

You can easily configure the Lycamobile APN settings on your device manually by taking the below outlined steps. With your Lycamobile access point name (APN) in place, you can just edit to cross-check for any error.

How to Set Lycamobile APN on Android

How to Fix Lycamobile Mobile Data not Working

  • Navigate to your device Settings App. 
  • Locate and tap SIM card and Mobile network
  • Select the actual SIM you’re editing its APN. 
  • Stroll to locate and click Access Point Names.
  • Tap on the + sign in the top right corner of your screen.

Fill in the gaps with the Lycamobile APN settings below:

NAME: Internet/MMS 2








Multimedia message proxy:

Multimedia message port:



Authentication type:

APN type:

APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6

APN roaming protocol: IPv4

Bearer: Unspecified

How to Set Lycamobile APN on iPhone

  • Launch the iPhone Settings App. 
  • Tap Cellular >> Cellular Data Options.
  • Click the Cellular Data Network and input below Lycamobile APN settings.

Access Point Name (APN):



LTE APN Setup (Optional)




MMS APN Section





MMS Proxy

MMS Max Message Size: 1048576


Notice: All spaces left blank in the APN settings didn’t require to be filled up, pick the available ones and fill it in their appropriate space.

On setting your device APN. After you’ve successfully saved the setting, power off the device and power on after several minutes.

3. Reset Network Settings

Resetting network settings also works well as a potential way when trying to fix any bug or glitch related to device internet connectivity, and other wireless standards since it also involves your device Bluetooth and Wi-Fi preferences.

Note that resetting your device network settings will reset and restore all network related data on your device to default i.e. all connected devices, paired gadget and saved password will be wiped once you reset the network settings, which may fix the Lycamobile mobile data not working.

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However, resetting network settings won’t affect any of your device files as it only has things to do with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN, and the Cellular network. You’ll have to re-input all saved Wi-Fi passwords and reconnect all paired smart devices.

How to Reset Network Settings on Android

How to Fix Lycamobile Mobile Data not Working

  • Open your Android Settings App. 
  • Stroll and locate System from the settings list. 
  • Tap on Reset options.
  • Finally select Reset Wi-Fi, mobile and Bluetooth  from the option list. 
  • Follow the prompt and finally reset your Android network settings.

How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone

  • Navigate to the iPhone Settings App.
  • Stroll to locate and click General.
  • Tap Transfer or Reset >> Reset. 
  • Then choose Reset Network Settings from the reset options.
  • Follow the prompt to reset your iPhone network settings successfully.

4. Contact Support Agent

Still unable to fix the Lycamobile mobile data not working after trying out several methods mentioned above. You can contact the Lycamobile customer service agent by dialing their toll-free line at 322 or 122 if you’re dialing it from the Lycamobile line. To reach lycamobile customer support from another line you can dial 0207 132 0322.

Follow the voice instructions and finally request to speak with an agent, lodge your complaint and you’ll be guided on what to do next. In most cases, the customer service agent can help configure the APN settings of your line automatically or put you through on what to do.


Hope you’ve managed to fasten Lycamobile mobile data not working on your device? In a nutshell, you can troubleshoot this either by turning on data roaming, setting device APN, resetting network settings, and finally contacting the Lycamobile customer support agent.

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Having issues with any steps mentioned above, or any other relevant key point to fix Lyca mobile data not working that we may include in this guidepost, let’s hear that out in the comment section.

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