How to Open a Yondr Pouch Without Breaking It [Explained]

Have you locked away your phone in a Yondr pouch without having a magnet around you? Trying to jailbreak your Yondr pouch to access your phone without damaging it. Here’s a tip

The popular Yondr pouch latch and locking mechanism has been a bewildering safeguarding technique we’ve experienced since its introduction back in 2014.

A small secure phone pouch designated to keep away cell phones at no phone zones, either at concerts or learning facilities to avoid distractions. Seeing its strong and scheme locking method, you can’t just easily pull the pin out of the latch.

Apparently, the Yondr pouch can only be unlocked comfortably by placing it on its proposed key, which is believed to be a strong magnet before you can access your phone.

However, since it was agreed generally that the Yondr pouch can only be opened with a magnet, you must be wondering if it’s possible to get your phone out without breaking it.

Yes, that’s correct, you can probably open a Yondr pouch without destroying the pouch completely, either using a strong magnet (Neodymium magnet) or resort to other potential tricks to jailbreak a Yondr pouch without damaging it which will be mentioned later in this post.

Having your phone accidentally locked away in a Yondr pouch, here are some few tested workarounds to bypass the pouch secured lock without cutting it open or damaging the lock.

How to Open a Yondr Pouch without Breaking It

Here are free workarounds to sneak out your phone out of  the Yondr pouch without causing much damage. Note that these workarounds might defect the pouch lock a bit, which may require modification or sorts before it locks again. 

1. Using a Screwdriver

This is one of the most used potential workarounds to sneak in a Yondr pouch without a magnet in place. Learning about this for the first time, you can easily open a locked Yondr pouch with a screwdriver without causing severe damage to the pouch. 

Having a small screwdriver with a wedge-shaped flat tip, you can easily unlock the Yondr pouch by detaching the two locked parts using the small screwdriver and your fingers.

In case you’re unable to pry the lock open easily, you can also hammer the screwdriver set at the close edge of the latch and lock or utilize a blade instead of the screwdriver for depth penetration if you don’t have a minimal sized screwdriver with you. 

2. Popping it Open with a Pen

Secondly, you can bust the Yondr pouch open using a pen, but this requires a lot of force to be applied on the pen and precaution for safeguarding in case the pen slips out the other side. This method works often with lots of force according to users’ reports on cyberspace. 

Trying out this method, it’s highly recommended to use a pen with its cover or definitely try it out with a key as it also works sometimes. Split the pouch lock into half with the pen to safely access your phone without pulling apart the whole Yondr pouch. Although busting it might cause the needle a little damage but can be amended by straightening.

3. Forcing it Open with a Magnet

Proposed, people believe locked Yondr pouches can only be unlocked with the designated key but not other magnets, this causes stir online with the debate whether a Yondr pouch can be opened easily with a magnet or not. Apparently, with a strong magnet that can withstand the magnetic force of the pouch lock, the Yondr pouch will be opened easily with little to no effort. 

This brings the debate into conclusion. Yes, a Yondr pouch can be opened easily with any strong magnet that’s capable of the pouch lock magnetic force, that’s why Neodymium magnet is recommended for the task.

Having a magnet in your reach, you can try unlocking the phone pouch easily without breaking the lock or damaging the pouch, as you will open and access your phone with slight or hardly any effort.

Bonus Tips:

Hitting it on Hard surface

Being in an emergency situation whereby you’ve forgotten to open the Yondr pouch before you left the appropriate location for unlocking, here is a quick jailbreak to hack the Yondr pouch and access your phone in a split seconds. Mind you, this will probably damage the Yondr pouch even beyond mending.

With the pouch closed, hit it on a hard surface with great force, hitting for like 3-5 times will probably unlock the pouch for you access to your phone. This method tends to work often according to early tester report’s with the plastic part and the metal part getting dented. You’ll have to endure the loud sound as it makes some when hitting hard on hard surfaces.

Bending and Wearing out the Needle

Wearing out the locked needle by forcefully trying to open the lock with a lot of strength in bendy ways will probably leave the pouch wide open. The success rate of this depends on the force applied.

How to Open a Yondr Pouch without Breaking It

In case you’ve concluded and finally wanna resort to the worst and quickest method which is total destruction of Yondr pouch, just grab a key and locate the seam connecting the cover part with the pouch body. Run the key across it a couple of times and the part will be wide open to pop out your phone easily. Be aware that this will definitely damage the Yondr pouch entirely.

How to Open a Yondr Pouch without Breaking It

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does a Yondr pouch do?

This is a secure smartphone pouch that locks mobile phones away in no phone zones, the small mobile phone pouch is designed with a strong magnetic lock which probably can’t be opened easily with bare hands.

Since its introduction back in 2014, Yonder pouch is used at schools as well as at concerts, artist events, museums and courts to retain audience full attention and prevent unnecessary distraction from the smartphone’s notification.

With the help of Yondr, celebrities are able to maintain control over their music or jokes without fear of bootlegging or having their punchlines exposed and leaked to the webspace the following day.

How much does Yondr cost?

The selling price of a Yondr pouch varies and is mostly determined by the quantity you’re purchasing at a time.

Since thousands of schools in the United States, Canada and Europe have implemented usage of Yondr to reduce how students interact with their smartphone during schools.

Yondr pouch in schools costs around $15 to $30 per student annually and something around $20 for replacement. In large contacts and performances you may likely be charged $2 per head to obtain a Yondr pouch for keeping your phone safe.

Can you wash a Yondr pouch?

Yes, the Yondr pouch can be washed since it’s made of neoprene fabric and can withstand water damage. You can simply wash up your Yondr pouch with detergent and water, and dry it out with natural air or by using a dryer.

Can any Magnet Open A Yondr Pouch?

Yes. Yondr can be opened with any strong magnet. Trying to unlock a Yondr with a small magnet; this might require you to pull the cover with more effort than using a strong magnet like a Neodymium magnet.

How to open a Yondr pouch without a magnet?

There are numerous ways to open a Yondr pouch without a magnet and this also depends on whether you’re trying to destroy the Yondr entirely or safely open the pouch unimpaired. Trying to open the pouch safely, you can easily unlock it using a screwdriver, pen or magnet. In case you’re getting rid of it completely, grab a semi sharp object and tear the Yondr pouch apart.

Wrapping Up

I hope you found this post helpful. In conclusion, it is quite possible to open a Yondr pouch without pulling it apart or breaking it lock entirely. This can be achieved by utilizing some workarounds to jailbreak a Yondr pouch successfully undamaged.

Apparently, unlocking locked Yondr pouches with a magnet is also possible so far the magnet can outdo the magnetic force on the Yondr pouch lock. It will definitely unlock it as a whole.

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In case you mistakenly lock away your phone in a Yondr pouch. You can easily open it with a magnet (Neodymium) if available for proper unlocking, or resort to any steps mentioned above. Having any suggestions or directives you’d like to share with us, it’s time to hear from you.

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