How to Stop Auto Renewal on MTN With USSD Code

MTN data plans frequently renew automatically even though we never requested it. In this post, you will learn how to disable and stop auto renewal on MTN using USSD code. 

Are you seeking for a simple solution to opt out of receiving data auto-renewal messages from MTN? I’ll walk you through the process of turning off MTN data auto-renewal in this short and simple instruction. 

Users have the option to select a one-time purchase or auto-renewal at the subscription stages of MTN’s several data bundle packages.

The auto-renewal feature was implemented to automatically renew your terminated data plan and make it simple for you to manually activate the plan once more. Let’s find out more about auto renewal.

What is an Auto Renewal Subscription?

This represents a billing procedure where the client’s subscription is programmed to renew automatically without the consumer having to do anything at the end of their subscription period, which may be weekly, monthly, yearly, or any other agreed-upon amount of time.

Automatic billing, which entails automatically deducting a customer’s credit or debit card (or another preferred payment method) in order to give them access to the goods or services for the subsequent billing cycle, goes hand in hand with automatic renewal. 

In accordance with best practices, the customer is informed about the fee either before or just after the invoicing, but this gives them a chance to cancel if they decide they no longer want the service.

Customers should have the option to turn off auto-billing and change to manual billing (manual renewal) without also having to cancel their subscription.

How to Stop Auto Renewal on MTN With USSD Code

Send “STOPDATA” to 131 or simply dial *131*1*11*3# to stop auto-renewal on all of your MTN active plans.

All of the current MTN plans’ auto-renewal will be canceled when you send this to MTN. Let’s go through some popular MTN plans and codes for their auto renewal cancellation.

Code to Opt-out MTN BlackBerry Data Plan

You are aware that BlackBerry plans are frequently simple and reasonable, I assume.

Remember back then, when you could subscribe to the Blackberry Everyday Plan for just N100 and browse and download sizable documents online without worrying about running out of data.

This plan also has auto-renewal activated; to deactivate the feature on this plan, use the short code below;

The auto-renewal feature on this plan is also activated; to turn it off, use the short code below. Send “NO” to 21600 to stop the MTN Blackberry Plans auto-renewal.

You should receive a message of confirmation letting you know how successful the activity was. 

Code to Opt-out MTN International Voice Calling Plan

According to the worldwide voice minutes you purchased, you can use this plan to contact people in other countries from Nigeria.

The N300 plan for 20 minutes, the N1500 plan for 150 minutes of voice calling, or the N500 plan for 40 minutes of voice calling can all be activated here. 

Send “NOIDB300” to 131 to deactivate the N300 international voice plan and cancel the MTN international calling plan. Send “NOIDB500” to cancel the N500 Voice Calling Plan, and “NOIDB1500” to cancel the N1500 Voice Calling Plan, to 131. 

Code to Stop MTN Callertunes Auto-renewal

Stop MTN Callertunes Auto-renewal

You will have a nice ringtone when you call someone who has the MTN caller tones turned on.

Most people assume the same thing, but you can change your default pin to any song you like. If you want to deactivate the caller tunes that are entertaining your callers on your phone. Just text “NO” to 4100

Code to Opt-out MTN GoodyBag Data Plan

MTN Network has decided to offer this data plan to anyone who wants to utilize data for a certain social media site.

This particular bundle allows you to surf your favorite social media freely with low cost subscription, Social media included are Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Ayoba, WeChat, 2GO, Vskit, and Eskimi.

You might want to stop the auto-renewal if you have subscribed to one of these social network bundles. Simply SMS STOP and add the Subscription Code to 131 to stop the auto-renewal for any active social media bundles. 

  • MTN Facebook Bundle auto-renewal cancellation

Send “STOPFBD” to 131 to cancel your Daily Facebook package if you already have one. Send “STOPFBW” to 131 for the Weekly Facebook Bundle Plan, and “STOPFBM” for the Monthly Facebook Plan. 

  • MTN Twitter Bundle Auto-Renewal Cancellation

Send “STOPTWTD” to 131 to stop the auto-renewal of the Twitter Daily Bundle, and “STOPTWTW” to stop the auto-renewal of the Twitter Weekly Bundle. If you signed up for the Twitter Monthly Bundle plan, simply text “STOPTWTM” to 131 to stop auto-renewal. 

  • MTN Instagram Bundle Auto-Renewal Cancellation

Send “STOPINSD” to 131 to stop the MTN Daily Instagram plan from renewing automatically. Send “STOPINSW” to 131 to cancel the MTN Weekly Instagram package. Simply SMS “STOPINSM” to 131 if you were a subscriber to the MTN Monthly Instagram package. 

  • MTN Whatsapp Bundle Auto-Renewal Cancellation

Stop WhatsApp monthly Bundle

Sending “STOPWAD” to 131 will stop the auto-renewal of the MTN Daily Whatsapp bundle. You can stop the MTN Weekly Whatsapp package from renewing automatically by texting “STOPWAW” to 131. Send “STOPWAM” to 131 to stop the MTN Monthly Whatsapp bundle from renewing automatically. 

How to Stop MTN XtraTalk Plan Auto-Renewal

With MTN XtraTalk, you will receive more airtime for voice calls than for data. It is still a part of the MTN XtraValue plan, which also includes the MTN XtraData Bundle. For the N300 bundle plan, SMS “NOV300” to 131 to stop auto-renewal on your MTN XtraTalk.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Code to Opt-out of MTN Data Plan Subscriptions?

Having a question like; How do I remove my MTN from auto renew? To definitely remove your MTN line from all auto renewal data plans, simply grab your phone and dial *131*1*11*3# on your dialer App.

Stop Auto Renewal on MTN

You’ll receive a flash message or SMS confirming your auto renewal opt-out. You can radial the code to confirm you’re not on any active data with auto renewal. 

Code to Opt-out of MTN Social Plan Subscriptions?

Text SMD to 131 to activate, NOSMD or RSMD to 131 to opt-out, or RSMD to 131 to opt-in for automatic renewal. 1GB is available for N300 for 7 days.


Hope you’ve managed to cancel auto renewal permanently on your line using the MTN auto renewal cancellation short code mentioned above?

Having other step or method to cancel MTN auto renewal which is not included in this post. We’d like to know in the comment zone.

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