AT&T Explores Fiber Expansion, Aims to Connect Additional 15 Million Homes

Dallas-based telecommunications giant AT&T is eyeing a significant expansion of its coveted AT&T Fiber service.

The company initially projected reaching 30 million homes by the end of 2025.

AT&T Explores Fiber Expansion, Aims to Connect Additional 15 Million Homes

However, CEO John Stankey recently shared during a UBS investor conference that there is an opportunity to surpass this estimate by connecting an additional 10 to 15 million homes within its existing geographic footprint.

Stankey highlighted the current performance metrics, including rate of penetration and average revenue per user, indicating that there are economically attractive prospects within AT&T’s existing footprint.

This potential expansion is promising news for customers in AT&T markets who may be limited to slower DSL services, as it could provide additional opportunities for them to access higher-speed internet.

While expressing optimism about the expanded fiber rollout, Stankey noted that the projected range could fluctuate between 12 million to 17 million homes.

AT&T Explores Fiber Expansion, Aims to Connect Additional 15 Million Homes

Various factors, including regulatory considerations, will play a role in determining the final number of homes that can be connected.

AT&T has been methodically deploying fiber, but it also sees 5G home internet as a more immediate solution to address customers using slower DSL lines.

The company commenced a notable expansion of its 5G home internet service during the summer, positioning itself to compete with Verizon and T-Mobile, both of which have experienced a surge in popularity with their 5G home business.

Despite the emphasis on 5G as a temporary measure, Stankey views it as a bandage solution until a more robust and reliable fiber line can be established.

The CEO emphasized a measured approach to utilizing 5G technology, signaling its role in the transitional phase towards a broader fiber network.

In conclusion, AT&T’s exploration of connecting an additional 15 million homes with fiber signifies a significant stride in expanding high-speed internet access.

While the company acknowledges the importance of 5G home internet in the short term, the long-term vision remains focused on transitioning customers to a more dependable fiber infrastructure.

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