Paramount Plus Won’t Install on Samsung TV [10 Quick Fixes]

Samsung is a well-known producer of dependable and high-quality smart TVs. And why the Paramount Plus? The Paramount Global owned subscription video on-demand service, Paramount Plus supports more than 12,000 popular TV series, which includes on-demand and live content.

Are you having issues installing the Paramount Plus application on your Samsung TV? Despite ensuring you’re using a compatible device and running an updated operating system, did the Paramount Plus still refuse to install on your Samsung TV?

Samsung Smart TVs support streaming Paramount Plus, so there’s no need to be upset as Paramount Plus won’t install on your Samsung TV.

Worry no more if Paramount Plus won’t install on your Samsung TV since you’ve come to the perfect place. In this article, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step procedure for troubleshooting the Paramount Plus installation issue on your Samsung TV.

As well as an appropriate installation procedure for installing the Paramount Plus App on your Samsung smart TV in 2023 after fixing the problem.

The experience of missing out on the family favorite show as Paramount Plus refuses to install may be burdensome. Apparently, excluding the device compatibility, the Paramount Plus installation issue tends to surge up as a result of abrupt reasons or changes made to the Samsung TV.

Whether the installation button refuses to click as nothing happened or the button briefly displays “Cancel” a few seconds after clicking. The issue might be with the Samsung TV software or processing system. While most times, the Paramount Plus App might not even show up when searched in the App library.

As the App refuses to install, you must be wondering about what actually brings about the installation problem. With a lot of reasons why Paramount Plus won’t install on Samsung TV. Fortunately, we’ve prepared a few possible causes of Paramount Plus installation issues on Samsung TV’s. Without wasting more time, move on to the next section and find out.

Why Won’t Paramount Plus Install on My Samsung Smart TV?

To begin with, insufficient storage space on your Samsung TV may be the cause of your inability to download Paramount Plus, even after trying several times. Your device’s available storage capacity might be the real culprit preventing the Paramount Plus from installing on your TV.

Not only that, also the compatibility of your Samsung TV matters when installing an application. There are some certain requirements for Paramount Plus application to work on smart TV’s, there are chances that your Samsung TV might not support or be decommissioned to support Paramount Plus. This might result in installation issues.

Having your Samsung TV powered on for a long period of time might have overworked the device operating system, which may cause sudden glitch and malfunction in the device program.

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Overworked systems can perhaps prevent the Paramount Plus from installing freely as expected. And also, trying the installation in an isolated area with low internet access can make the application refuse to install.

Additionally, running an outdated firmware or software might be hindering the installation process due to glitches, seeing that timely updates are released for preventing security issues and improving compatibility and program features in order to ensure the device runs smoothly at maximum experience.

Besides, having a virtual private network (VPN) on your internet for masking your IP address might cause the installation issue if the Paramount Plus isn’t available in your proposed country. Moreover, incorrect date and time most times causes installation issues, especially on a computer.

There might be some certain defect if your device date is incorrect or set to a wrong time zone. This may result in inability to install Paramount Plus on your Samsung TV, since the wrong time zone will force it to synchronize with an incorrect time reference, which may not sit well and be unsupportive for Paramount Plus installation.

In such situations, there are some possible workarounds you can adopt to get the Paramount Plus application installed on your Samsung TV, without contacting any third-person for diagnosis and fixing. Without much talk, let walk-through the fixes.

How to Solve Paramount Plus Won’t Install on Samsung TV

Here are a few tested and working potential affixes for troubleshooting Paramount Plus installation issues on Samsung TVs. Are you still unable to have the video on-demand streaming platform installed on your smart TV? as Paramount Plus won’t install on Samsung TV.

Follow the below outlined potential fixes which works like magic for most users facing the same issue, and might probably help solve the issue.

1. Is your Samsung TV Compatible with Paramount Plus

Has it ever crossed your mind if your Samsung TV is Paramount Plus supported? First and foremost, checking the device compatibility has to be the first step to take while troubleshooting installation issues for any device, to ensure if your device is listed among selected supportive devices.

Apparently, on the Paramount Plus side, there are some certain-required functions, outlined by the American based subscription video on-demand service provider before its platform can work on smart TV’s. The Paramount Plus application only supports smart TV’s of 2017 or newer models.

Having a Samsung smart TV produced prior to the required supported year may perhaps prevent the application from installing or not coming up when searched. In case you own a Samsung TV running Tizen OS, this particular operating system probably belongs to the category of Paramount Plus supported devices since most are produced later to 2017.

Still not sure of your Samsung TV product year and its operating system version. You can resort to the Samsung developers webpage which houses Samsung Smart TV product year and lineup (TV Model Name), with the Samsung Apps TV seller office model group, as well as their corresponding operating system either its Tizen OS or Samsung Legacy Platform.

And also, here is a full list of compatible Samsung TVs which works well with Paramount Plus and is expected to install the streaming application without obstruction. In case your Samsung TV is Paramount Plus supported and you’re still unable to get the application on TV, there are more fixes to try out below.

2. Check Paramount Plus Server for Downtime

Also, checking out the Paramount Plus server is advisable if you’re experiencing the installation issue on your Samsung TV. Seeing that the streaming service provider server might be experiencing sudden outage, which might resort to installation error or the App not working as expected.

Before going deeper into the troubleshooting process, checking out the Paramount Plus server status is the best measure to take, in order to determine if the Paramount Plus installation issue isn’t specific to your Samsung smart TV. Sometimes, server downtime may be affecting a wide scale geographical area or small amount of locations.

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There are chances that your location might fall into the category of where the Paramount Plus server isn’t responding, which can make you keep experiencing setbacks with the Paramount Plus App on your Samsung TV.

Such as the inability to install Paramount Plus on your Samsung TV, experiencing a sudden crash after running for some time, being unable to log back in after getting logged out of your account suddenly.

However, the best approach to confirm Paramount Plus server status is by using an online downtime detector. A tool which collects status reports from sources, including Twitter and reports submitted on their platform to give out real-time problem & outage monitoring information about popular services.

You can easily check out Paramount Plus server status to be sure whether you’re the only one facing this issue or not. In such occasions of which the Downdetector can’t record any problem with Paramount Plus servers, you can then proceed with the remaining troubleshooting steps. 

3. Hard Reboot the Samsung TV

Just as always, rebooting malfunctioning electronics devices has always saved a significant number of users facing unforeseen issues. In most cases, the issues are caused by program glitch or an overloaded processing system due to keeping the device active and running for a long period of time.

However, whether you’re rebooting your Samsung TV manually or automatic, it’s advisable to power cycle your Samsung TV. Rebooting refreshes its processing system and tends to fix any mishaps or glitch in its programs. Apparently, there are two different ways to power cycle your Samsung TV.

You can either choose to get it done manually or automatic with the Samsung TV remote control. Both processes require your physical contact with the device, especially the manual method. So you’ll need to get close to Samsung TV and follow the step-by-step guide below.

How to Restart Samsung TV Manually

  • Press the Home button on your TV remote to revert all actions to the Home screen.
  • Turn it off by pressing the power button on the TV remote or the TV body.
  • Move closer to the TV and remove its power cable from the power outlet.
  • Wait for several seconds as the TV is plugged out, press the power button to power drain it.
  • Then plug in the power cable and turn it back on.

How to Restart Samsung TV Automatically

  • Close all Apps and navigate to the Home screen with the TV remote.
  • Move close to the TV, then press hold the power button.
  • Hold till the TV performs a hard reboot by turning off and on automatically.
  • Wait till it boots down. 
  • Ensure you’re connected to a wireless network for internet access.
  • Now open the Apps section on your Samsung TV.
  • Then search and try installing the Paramount Plus application. I Hope it works.

4. Inspect Your Network Source

Paramount Plus Won't Install on Samsung TV

For efficient installation on any device, 25 Mbps download speed with 3 Mbps upload speed is recommended, since it is considered “high speed” according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Using a low or unstable internet connection might result in Paramount Plus installation issues.

Unfortunately, having a lot of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network might also congest the network and affect bandwidth allocation among connected devices, which will probably slow down the internet a bit. However, a stable internet connection is required before you can install freely on your Samsung TV.

Paramount Plus Won't Install on Samsung TV

Take some minutes to inspect your network source. You can check out your Wi-Fi network speed by connecting it to a computer or smartphone, then visit any online internet speed tester such, Hold for some seconds as it does the estimation, and give out the result of your network maximum upload and download megabits per second.

In case you’re experiencing a low internet coverage, you can try disconnecting some devices off your network source to free congested networks if that might help.

And also, moving the network source closer to the TV can also boost the internet, walls and some other Wi-Fi enabled devices may be causing interference if the source is placed farther to the TV. If moving your home router isn’t possible, you can consider browsing a Wi-Fi extender to rebroadcast the wave.

Moreover, restarting the network source also works great most of the time. Try turning off and turning on your Wi-Fi network. In case your router doesn’t possess a power button, move closer to the device and unplug the power cable from its power outlet then hold for up-to a minute before you have it plugged in.

Ultimately, before you can install seamlessly on your Samsung TV, you’ll need a minimum network speed of at least 3 – 4 Mbps.

After all, you can reach out to your internet service provider (ISP) to confirm if there’s an outage, or your internet plan could use a boost to speed up your connection speed. Afterwards, try installing the Paramount Plus to confirm if the issue has been fixed.

5. Free Congested Device Storage

Most times, having a lot of applications installed on your Samsung TV might throttle the device’s internal storage. Unlike modern smartphones with huge internal storage and dedicated memory for application installation. Our Smart TVs are lacking behind in its internal storage capacity, while most do not have much storage space. Often, their storage is comparable to low to middle tier smartphones.

According to users’ reports on average storage space available on most smart TVs in the market. The average storage space provided by most manufacturers is 8.2 GB of storage for application installation while some even ranges from 2 GB to 5 GB.

Most Samsung TV’s are packed with around 8 GB of internal storage space, of which over 20 percent have been dedicated to the system and preload application that comes with the device.

Using the device for some period of time, you might have a lot of applications installed, or caches of existing Apps may intend to chop off your internal storage which leaves little to no storage for new installation.

However, in case you’re trying the Paramount Plus installation when your device is low on storage, with insufficient storage space to accommodate the application data as well as running the program efficiently. The download button might keep coming up after loading for some seconds as the Paramount Plus won’t install on your Samsung TV.

In such situations, the best measure to take is to free up some storage space. Apparently, there are two different ways to free up storage space on your Samsung TV, which involve clearing out your installed Apps caches file, and deleting unused applications.

Most frequently used Apps tend to keep a lot of cache than you can imagine, inspecting the App info and clearing out some larger caches might be a great save.

How to clear App cache on your Samsung TV

  • Press the Home button on your TV remote control. 
  • Navigate to the Settings icon on your screen or press Settings on the remote.
  • Stroll down to click on the Support tab.
  • Navigate and click Self Diagnosis from the options list.
  • Stroll down to click the fourth option which reads TV device manager.
  • You’ll be provided with a screen that shows three circular statistical graphics with information about the device RAM, CPU, and Storage.
  • Underneath the data, there are three separate options. Two for optimizing the RAM and CPU while the last for managing installed Apps.
  • Click the Clean Now buttons under Memory Boost CPU and Clear Running Apps for RAM. 
  • Finally, click Show App List under Manage storage to view and manage the list of installed applications.
  • Stroll to select any app, then click on View details under the app to see its info.
  • On displaying the data and cache size, you can choose to clear off the cache to free the space in your device storage.
  • Click the Clear Cache button to clear off the caches file.

How to Uninstall App on Samsung TV

In case you’ve considered uninstalling unused applications on your Samsung TV to free up some storage space. Here’s how to get rid of applications with your TV remote in split seconds.

  • Press the Home button on your TV remote. 
  • Navigate to Apps option on the device home screen. 
  • Stroll left to click on the Settings icon in the upper left corner of your screen. 
  • Then move the cursor over any App you wish to delete to show the Delete option.
  • Finally click on delete to clear out the App cache and data entirely. 

Always be aware that the application deletion process can’t be reversed. That is, once you click delete and confirm your action, all the app data including logs will be cleared entirely from your Samsung TV. View the list of installed Apps and only delete unused ones.

After all, try reinstalling the Paramount Plus application to check if the Installation error has been fixed. Click the Apps option in the home screen footer menu >> click on the search icon and input Paramount Plus with the on-screen keyboard which will be controlled with the TV remote. Click on the installation button and wait for several seconds.

After successful installation, you’ll see a drop down notification card with option to open or close the recently installed application. In case it’s the other way round, try out the remaining fixes below.

6. Disconnect VPN

Just like other streaming service provider, there are some certain locations which aren’t serve Paramount Plus streaming service. Accessing the installation page from such locations, or your device is projecting a similar IP address, installation of Paramount Plus may not seem possible on your device.

In most cases, the Installation button on the download page may refuse click as the download access has been stripped off. The button might even click but reverse after some seconds once the access has been denied. The best measure to take on such occasions is to turn off any connected VPN, and clear off sort settings in case you’re connected to a mobile hotspot. 

Though virtual private network (VPN) serves as a mechanism for creating a secure connection between numbers of computing device and a computer network, while using insecure wireless network such as public Wi-Fi network. It sometimes serves as a hindrance where VPN traffic can be identified and blacklisted automatically.

7. Inspect the Device DNS Settings

Using a misconfigured domain name system (DNS) can also cause the Paramount Plus won’t install on Samsung TV.

The Domain Name System (DNS) can be explained as a hierarchical and distributed naming system for computers, which assures translation of human-readable domain names such as to machine-readable IP addresses. In order to make it easy for locating and identifying computer services and devices with the fundamental communication protocol.

However, DNS serves the purpose of distinguishing various information with domain names assigned to each of the associated entities; this can perhaps hinder the accessibility of installing Paramount Plus if the DNS is misconfigured. Analyzing the settings yourself could be a great help.

Apparently by default, both the device IP setting and DNS setting are generated automatically, since that didn’t help the situation. Setting the DNS manually is recommended to justify that the Paramount Plus installation isn’t hindered by the inappropriate DNS setting; Now to configure your Samsung TV DNS settings.

Rather than using the default DNS server provided or generated automatically by your internet service provider (ISP). Trying out Google Public DNS is advisable to workaround this issue, so that your client programs will perform all DNS lookups using Google Public DNS.

How to Edit Samsung TV DNS Server

  • Press the Home button on the TV remote.
  • Navigate to Settings and click. 
  • Stroll down and click on the General tab
  • Select Network from the options.
  • Then click on Network Status
  • From the footer buttons, navigate to the second “IP Settings” out of four and click.

Paramount Plus Won't Install on Samsung TV

  • Switch the DNS setting to Set Automatically.
  • On the DNS server, edit the server address to or and click on OK.

Wait for several seconds for full propagation, then restart your Samsung TV before you retry the failed Paramount Plus installation. Try re-installing to see if switching the DNS server to Google Public DNS helps in fixing the issue. Hope it does?

8. Check and Update Outdated Software and Firmware

Notwithstanding how latest your Samsung TV model might be, missing out on timely updates of either software or firmware can make the device act bad sometimes due to sudden glitch or vulnerabilities that regular updates are released to fix.

Actually, updates help in improving the device compatibility and program features. Running an outdated software tends to complicate the issue.

Basically, almost all smart devices including our computer’s are set to check and install updates automatically once you’re connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network. Due to some reasons, your device might have some pending wireless updates.

Checking the page for waiting updates and force installing the proposed software is also advisable for troubleshooting Paramount Plus won’t install on Samsung TV.

To check and update your Samsung TV

  • Revert all your action to the TV Home screen with the remote control.
  • Click on the Settings icon.
  • Navigate and click on the Support tab.
  • Then select Software Update.

Paramount Plus Won't Install on Samsung TV

  • Hover on the Update Now button and click.
  • The action button will automatically check for any available update and force it to install.

The process might take a couple of minutes depending on the update file size, as well as your connected network speed. After it installs successfully, the device will automatically restart to refreshes it brain and apply recent changes made to the software functions

9. Update the Device Time Zone and Date & Time

Setting a wrong time zone, practically incorrect date and time can also cause Paramount Plus won’t install on Samsung TV. There are some times whereby your internet access will be restricted or constrained due to wrong time zone settings on your device.

By default, Smart TVs are programmed to automatically synchronize its date and time based on the connected network carrier. Designed just like our smartphones that use the network time protocol (NTP) for clock synchronization between the device system and the outreach local area network.

Basically, the NTP function to select accurate time-servers for the device based on various algorithms mainly on the reference clock. It receives signals from different sources then computes a phase or frequency correction to apply to the local clock on your device.

As a result of unbalanced routes and network congestion, your device may currently be experiencing NTP authentication issues, which causes the inaccuracy in your device date and time, as well as the time zone.

This issue rarely occurs seeing that modern devices feature more than one time source for certainty and to avoid errors. Such time sources include NITZ (Network Identity and Time Zone), NTP (Network Time Protocol), GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), and GPS.

Due to one reason or another, you might have an incorrect date and time settings on your Samsung TV. It’s advisable to spare some minutes for the date and time settings adjustment. To adjust your Samsung TV date and time settings;

  • Press the Home button. 
  • Navigate and click on the Settings.
  • Stroll to click on General
  • Then click System Manger.

Paramount Plus Won't Install on Samsung TV

  • Finally, Time >> Clock.

Check the clock mode settings if it’s automatic. In case it’s set to manual, click the option button and switch it back to automatic. Ensure your TV is connected to a stable wireless network and check if clock errors have been rectified. If not, restart the TV to see if the date and time have reset automatically.

If the issue persists, change the clock mode settings back to manual, then set the date and time manually, including your device time zone. In due course, retry the Paramount Plus installation on your Samsung TV, which will probably work if the issue is with the device date and time. 

10. Restore Samsung Smart Hub to Default

Lastly, restoring Samsung smart hub to factory settings. With some personalization made on your Samsung TV in the past. Perhaps, your past actions might be the cause of the Paramount Plus installation error on your Samsung TV.

Restoring the Samsung smart hub settings to default will only delete smart hub data i.e. it only deletes changes made to smart hub but not the whole TV.

How to Restore Samsung Smart Hub

  • Press Home on the TV remote control. 
  • Click on the Settings icon. 
  • Stroll down to locate and click Support
  • Then click Self Diagnosis.
  • Stroll down to click the last option Reset Smart Hub.
  • Once it completely reset, restart your TV afterwards.
  • After it boots down, navigate to the App section on the TV home screen.
  • You’ll be prompted with a T&C agreement card, tick the options and continue with the Smart hub setup.

Restoring the whole TV to factory settings also works great in fixing any software or firmware related issue on Samsung TV. In case you consider restoring the TV for rectifying the Paramount Plus installation issue, we’ve included a step-by-step guide for resetting your Samsung TV right below.

But always be aware that the restoration process will reinstate the TV to its original form (just as a newly shipped TV). It’ll require first setup once again after you’re done restoring it to factory settings. To reset your Samsung TV; Navigate to Settings >> General >> Self Diagnosis >> Reset then input your TV passcode which is 0000 by default and press done.

Wrapping Up

I hope you found this post helpful. Facing Paramount Plus installation issue on your Samsung TV, I believe you’ve been able to troubleshoot the issue with the proven potential fixes provided above. In theory, as our home equipment is getting smarter every day, this gives room for setbacks, seeing that the more complex a system gets the more prone it becomes to errors.

The Paramount Plus installation issue on your Samsung TV can’t be a serious problem, once your TV operating system is compatible with Paramount Plus application software. You can restart your TV to fix the issue. If that doesn’t help, you can inspect your network source in case the issue is caused by low coverage or network congestion. If not, take those troubleshooting actions above to resolve the problem.

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Supposing none of the proposed steps works in your case, you can get in touch with either Paramount Plus or Samsung customer service for proper lookout and support on the issue.

With the existence of streaming devices, Paramount Plus binging sessions on non-supported Samsung TVs is now possible, even on non-smart Led TV. You can resort to various streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, Google Chromecast or Apple TV to enjoy unlimited smart experience on your non-smart Led TV. Isn’t that cool?

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