How to Solve Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging [9 Easy Fixes]

You must be here as your Shark robot vacuum refuses to charge. Automatic vacuum cleaner RoboVacs serves as predominant over smart home devices so far it helps with floor cleaning, the knotty household chore.

Moreover, aside from setting up your RoboVac to its auto-empty station every one, two, or three cleaning sessions, the autonomous robot cleaner saves users a great effort and time with its independent cleaning system. Integrate with lots of functions such as sensors, robotic drives, and programmable controllers which perform exactly as given cleaning routines.

Whether you possess a Shark Ion, IQ, or AI robot vacuum, recharging the device battery is inevitable after using it for up-to 90 minutes. Considering you’re unable to charge your Shark Robot vacuum, you must be in search of a way to solve Shark Robot vacuum not charging.

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Lucky you, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ve prepared a few proven fixes for troubleshooting the Shark Robot vacuum not charging issue, as well as other necessary details you wouldn’t like to miss out. First off, have you ever wondered why the Shark Robot vacuum refuses to charge? 

With a lot of theories and possible cause of action, before anything else, you can have a glimpse of the reasons why Shark Robot vacuum refuses to charge when docked at its charging station.

Why Won’t My Shark Robot Charge

How to Solve Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

Just as it’s considered an easy problem to solve in no time, factors lurking around the Shark Robot vacuum issue appear as insignificant grounds in which you might have least expected. Above all, most can be fastened with little to no effort.

Apparently, recharging the Shark Robot vacuum may seem stressing out mostimes when there is an issue with the Robot vacuum charging station, as a result of a dirty charging pad, faulty power outlet it’s plugged into, or dead charging pad in case it stopped working completely.

Seeing that Shark Robot vacuum features one of easiest electronics charging mode conductive charging for recharging the Robot vacuum battery after use. With a thick of grime on the Shark Robot vacuum charging connector, the flow of current may likely be hindered from transferring from the pad to Robovac. Which is considered the main culprit of the issue.

Besides, the Shark Robot vacuum has infrared lights and proximity sensors which serves the purpose of detecting the existence and alignment of the Robovac on its charging station, and makes it charging ready. Inactiveness of the proposed sensor in case it’s covered with gunk or dust can also make the Shark Robot vacuum refuse to charge. 

Check the list of other possible reasons why the Shark Robot vacuum is not charging;

  • Powered Off Shark Robot vacuum.
  • Bad Shark Robot vacuum charging pad.
  • Unstable power outlet.
  • Shark Robot vacuum auto docking issue.
  • Damaged Shark Robot vacuum battery.

How to Solve Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

Starting off from the most inconsiderable aspect, which are also the simplest to start off with when troubleshooting your Shark Robot vacuum not charging. As aforesaid above Shark Robot vacuum charging issue is caused mostimes by less significant snag that just requires some of your time for observation.

Follow the below outlined fixes to have your Shark Robot vacuum charging issue solved in a trice; 

Ensure the Shark Robot Vacuum is Powered On

Shark Robot vacuums are considered an automated device that can be controlled wirelessly. For one reason or another, the Robovac features a power button to turn off its whole function when user doesn’t have any cleaning scheduled for the meantime.

Apparently, the power button on the Shark Robot vacuum tends to turn off its automated functions when not in use, for safeguarding its battery life. As per the fact that turning off the Robovac leaves the device in sleep state. Receiving signals, commands from the connected device, as well as charging it isn’t possible while the Shark Robovac is powered off.

You might meet your Robovac halfway to its charging station when you return home after a long day at work. Having in mind that the Robovacs tends to stop working when it’s low on power, without considering any other factor; you might have docked it expecting it to be fully charged before the next morning.

Possibly, the Robovac might have stopped working as the power switch flipped to the opposite side (Off Option) when it bumps into furniture or trying to escape enclosed space. Without turning On the power switch, the Robovac won’t identify any incoming energy talk less of recharging its battery power when placed on its charging station.

Check the power button and ensure the Shark Robot vacuum is powered On before placing it back on its charging station. Put in the Robot vacuum and turn on the power outlet to see how things work out. I hope it works. In case it’s the other way round, then move to the next fix.

Check Out the Power Outlet for Unstable Voltage

Just as the title implies, inspect the power outlet your Shark Robovac charging station is plugged into. Checking out the wall outlet is one of the most important troubleshooting steps that came first while fixing your Shark Robot vacuum not charging issue. In order to avoid the most insignificant cause of the problem.

Having that long old power outlet that does come on and off after some time. Apparently, you can test out the wall outlet with an outlet tester for detecting some types of wiring errors that may cause unstable voltage or sorts.

Before that, get closer to the Robovac charging station plugged into the outlet to notice the indicator light that will signify whether it’s receiving electrical power. In case you’re only seeing a faint, unstable, or non active light on the charging station, then proceed with the testing.

And also, you can use a light plug or other electronics with an indicator to determine if the wall outlet is still working. Besides, in case you own a surge protector, you can plug it in to check if the outlet output is capable of powering any electronics.

Try plugging the charging station to another power outlet in case the issue is with the previous outlet. Given that every test on the outlet comes with a pleasing result, while the charging station indicator didn’t come up when plugged in, that means the issue is with either the charging adapter or the charging station itself.

Examine the Robovac Charging Station

Robovac charging station houses the Roomba everytime after a long work. Docking at the same location automatically for a long period of time, the charging station might look untidy with dust, dirt, or mire. Unknowingly, this might have covered some sensors implanted round the charging station. Am sure you don’t realise that.

Pick up the charging station and wipe clean the whole charger to avoid being troubled due to dust covering some dominant part of the Robovac charging station. Besides, damaged charging dock might be the cause of your Shark Robot vacuum not charging issue.

Take some time to examine the Robovac charging station for any physical damage; though internal ones can’t be noticed by mere looking, you can consider going for a replacement rather than fixing which might cost more than a new Robovac charging station. In case you’ve used the device for years, purchasing a new charging station for replacement is the best option you can resort to.

Clean Off the Device Charging Contacts

For the Shark Robot vacuum to charge whenever it’s placed on its charging station, both devices have a metal pin which serves as the contact point for charging the Robovac.

It’s designed to fit against each other when placed on top of its charging dock. Considering that Robovacs uses conductive mode of charging, a physical and clean contact is required before it charges flawlessly.

As for the metals on both the Shark Robot vacuum and the charging station, there are lots of reasons that may cause hindrance while the device is placed down for charging. Cleaning the charging contacts of both devices is recommended for troubleshooting the charging issue.

Grab a dry wipe to clean the two contacts on the charging station, as well as the Robovac. Turn the Roomba over to locate the charging contacts beneath the robot, wipe it clean and take a closer look for corrosion, as that may also prevent the Shark Robot vacuum from charging as a result of unstable energy, due to unclean charging contacts connection.

And also, check out the infrared lights and proximity sensors which do the alignment and placement of the device during the automatic docking process. The sensors are located at the front bumper of your Robovac. Take a closer look and wipe it clean with a soft microfiber cloth or flannel.

Duck the Shark Robot Vacuum Manually

How to Solve Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

Due to the fact that Robovacs may not find its way to its charging station if it is low on power. Sometimes, the Roomba may even ride to the charging station but unable to dock properly as it shuts down on the spot. On such occasions, ducking your Shark Robovac manually is the best measure you can apply to see how things play out. 

Simply take the Roomba and place it on the charging station, ensuring its alignment with the charging dock to make sure the charging pins on the Robovac are in contact with that of the charging station. Now wait for a couple of minutes to see if the charging signal will come up as it powers up gradually.

Mostly, Robot vacuum takes up-to 4 hours before it’s fully charged. After docking your Shark Robot vacuum manually, you’ll have to wait for several hours to fully recharge the battery before it’s ready for use. The Robovac features an indicator that signals the Roomba status as well as its charging report.

Flashing a blue light when it’s docked means charging in progress, while constant blue light indicates the Robot vacuum is fully charged and ready to use. Then you can schedule the Roomba for some cleaning task using your smartphone while you sit back.

Examine the Charging Contact Springs

The charging pins on Shark Robot vacuum charging station has a contact springs which supplement the charging connection of both the Robot vacuum and its charging station. Seeing that the device uses a conductive charging mode, a strong and steady charging connection is required before it charge. 

Slack or inactive charging contact springs may prevent your Shark Robot vacuum from charging, either its dock automatically or it is placed on the charging station manually. There won’t be a strong contact between the Robovac and the two metal pins on the charging dock.

To ensure you’re not experiencing the charging issue due to slack charging contact springs, take the Roomba off its charging station and examine the two charging pins on the charging dock by pressing the metal pins with your finger.

If they refuse to spring back into place, that means the charging contact springs have slack, and also can’t maintain appropriate practice of connecting to connectors on the vacuum. You can either consider fixing at any local technical store or you’ll need to replace your charging dock.

Reconnect the Shark Robot Vacuum Battery

Sometimes, rechargeable devices tend to act bad when their battery isn’t properly connected. There are chances that your Shark Robot vacuum charging is not activated as a result of disconnected battery.

Take some minutes to check the battery compartment. Try to unplug and reconnect the battery as that also serves as means of rebooting the Roomba, in case the charging issue is caused by sudden glitch in the device program.

To access your Shark Robot vacuum battery; flip the Roomba over to see the other side which houses the battery compartment, roller brush, and the charging contacts. Unscrew the battery bay cover with a Philip head screwdriver, pull off the cover to expose the battery. Gently remove the battery then unplug it from the connector.

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Wait for a couple seconds then reconnect the battery to its connector and place it back to its section. Ensure you’ve completely screwed back the battery cover to avoid electrical injury before testing it out.

Apparently, using the Roomba for a long period of time might have worn its battery and prevented it from charging. In such cases, you can consider replacing your Shark Robot vacuum battery.

Replace Worn Shark Robovac Battery

On getting a replacement for the worn Roomba battery, turn it over and open the battery cover following the steps mentioned in the above affix. Take out the old battery, then disconnect the battery from the battery connector by removing the battery wire from the Roomba motherboard.

Now install the new battery by attaching the battery wire to the battery connector on the device motherboard, then install the battery back to the battery compartment and screw back the compartment cover. Dock the Roomba manually by placing it on its charging station to see if you’ve managed to troubleshoot and solve Shark Robot vacuum charging issue.

Update Robovac Firmware

On rare occasions, your Shark Robot vacuum may be acting bad as a result of outdated firmware or software. As aforesaid above, every measure and precaution must be applied to solve the Shark Robot vacuum not charging issue. Navigate to device settings on the smartphone your Shark Robot vacuum was connected to. Check for updates and install if any is available.

Reset the Robovac Settings to Default

Most times, restarting electronic devices always works wonders when fixing any glitch in its function, especially smart home devices. In case you’re still having a little power on your Roomba as it refuses to charge, try accessing its settings on the connected device and reset every personalization to factory default if it’ll help in fixing the charging issue.

Final Thought

How to Solve Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

Hope you find this post helpful. Having issues recharging your Shark Robot vacuum may be challenging after trying out sorts of tricks you could use for troubleshooting the problem. Oftentimes, the Shark Robot vacuum charging issue is caused by a negligible factor which can be fixed in no time following the proven potential affixes provided above. 

In rare cases that you’re unable to solve the charging problem of your Shark Robot vacuum with any of the troubleshooting steps provided, you can contact Shark Robovac customer system for appropriate support on the problem, or consider going for a replacement if your device warranty is still valid.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does Shark robot battery last?

Basically, the Shark Robot vacuum is expected to last for 90-minutes as anticipated of its battery life on a single charge. The Roomba is expected to be fully charged in around 3 hours, while it tends to return to the charging station if it’s about to run out of battery juice or the dust bin fills up during cleaning to empty its storage can.

How do I know if my Shark vacuum is charging?

Apparently, Shark Robot vacuum has a light indicator that interprets the device status whether its power on or off, connected for charging, or when the device is fully charged. When the Shark Robot vacuum is charging, the blue indicator light will fade in and out. When the vacuum is fully charged, the indicator light will turn a static blue light at the upper part of the robot.

Should I leave my robot vacuum plugged in all the time?

Though overcharging the battery may likely shorten the battery life as it gradually causes damage when excessive current flows through the cell. At high rates of overcharge, a battery will progressively heat up. As it gets hotter it will accept more current, heating up even further. This is called thermal runaway and it can destroy a battery in as little as a few hours.

It is suggested to keep the machine on the dock once fully charged to ensure a sufficient charge for the next cleaning. It is not necessary to power off the machine, unless you didn’t have a plan of using it for more than a few weeks, it’s advisable to place the Shark Robot vacuum in ship mode.

How do you charge a dead Shark robot vacuum?

Dock the Shark Robot vacuum manually and ensure the charging pins on both the Roomba and the charging station are aligned and properly connected, then wait for several minutes for the device to register it charging by blinking the blue light. 

Is there a reset button on Shark robot vacuum?

Eventually, Shark Robot vacuum didn’t have a separate reset button to power cycle or restore your Roomba. You can utilize the robot power button for a sort of function, to do this; Turn your machine upside down and find the power switch. Press it for 10 seconds, which triggers the factory reset process. Wait a few seconds before turning your Shark Robot vacuum again.

Can you replace Shark robot battery?

Yes, replacing worn Shark Robot vacuum battery is possible once you’ve got a replacement ready. To do this; Flip the Robovac over and locate the battery compartment.

Grab a Philip head screwdriver to remove the battery cover, in order to get access to the battery. Pull out the battery and disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard, replace the old battery with the new one, put in the battery connector, put back the battery, and cover the compartment.

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