How to Install iOS 16 for Free to Score every new Feature and Update

As Apple now makes the latest version of its operating system iOS 16 available for users by rolling out the full version as stipulated on supported devices, Learn how to install iOS 16 for free on any supported iPhone.

What should be expected from iOS 16 public version according to beta tester include astonishing feature to edit and unsend already sent iMessage without restriction, a personalized lock screen appearance, the intelligent cropping feature for photos and the classic display of battery percentage returning to the status bar.

How to Install iOS 16

What to take note before installing iOS 16

There are some factors to be consider before installing the latest iOS 16 operating system which include;

Compatibility – Is my device compatible, Will it receive this update? As it’s known that not all Apple smartphone will receive the newly released operating system, Apple made an announcement that at least iPhone 8 which make up the 11th generation of the iPhone and released back in 2017 is needed to run iOS 16 or newer version including iPhone X series, iPhone 11, 12, 13  iPhone SE (second generation and up) and the new iPhone 14.

Required Storage – Installation size of iOS 16 update requires up-to like 5GB of your device memory i.e. you have to make sure you’re having more than the required installation space to avoid error while installing the update.

Manage your device memory by navigating to Settings > General > iPhone Storage to check or delete large files and apps if needed. 

After confirming your device compatibility and available storage to receive the update, you have to make sure and it’s advisable your device is connected to a power outlet while you update your operating system as you won’t be able to download iOS 16 if you’re under 50% battery.

Make sure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network as iOS 16 installation won’t work using device cellular network that’s why stable Wi-Fi connection is required.

How to Install iOS 16 on any Supported iPhone

Firstly you have to backup your iPhone as a precaution measure for emergence, you may not feel well with or find your way around the new iOS 16 as result of some bugs or software error which you can downgrade back to your previous version without losing your data, and that requires you to back up your iPhone before you update.

There are two different ways to backup your iPhone, the first is iCloud backup which you can get done right on your device while the second is via Finder on your Mac.

To do that you can simply connect your device to your computer, open Finder, choose your device and then create a backup.

How to Install iOS 16
Screenshot by Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Automatically iPhone do backup by default when connected to power and Wi-Fi during your regular sleep hours or else the setting is disabled, to switch on the setting, navigate to your phone settings Settings > Your Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup and switch on Backup This iPhone option then tap Back Up Now to backup your device immediately.

iOS 16 Installation Process

Navigate to your device Settings > General > Software Update, wait a few seconds (or minutes) for the update to appear then download by tapping the Download and Install option right below the update information.

Not receiving update in a while, on the software update page you might see an option to Download and Install iOS 15.7 or iOS 16

How to Install iOS 16
Tara Brown and Nelson Aguilar/CNET

instead, hit the Upgrade to iOS 16 button at the bottom of the page and then hit Download and Install for iOS 16 which will require your passcode or biometrics authentication to start the installation process.

Once the estimated time runs out you can reboot your device and kick start to your adventure to iOS 16. Voila!!! 

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