WhatsApp Web not Working on Chrome: How to Fix

Are you currently in search of a way to fix WhatsApp web not working on chrome? Unable to scan the WhatsApp web quick response code (QR code) or facing connection error message “Trying to reach Phone, Retrying in_seconds”. Here are potential fixes to work around the issue.

The web based version of the most used cross-platform centralized instant messaging App, “WhatsApp” was brought to live for accessibility of users chats from Android and iOS devices in PCs browser.

However, according to the WhatsApp blog; the web based version of WhatsApp serves as an extension of your smartphone which replicates chats and other media from your device to the PC web browser.

The WhatsApp web client is prone to issues which might render it inactive at your end due to the fact that its flawless operation is determined by many factors like the internet connectivity strength, device security firewall, or browser’s version and compatibility.

Users have been experiencing sorts of issues connecting the WhatsApp web to other devices, which I’m able to replicate on Google support community concerning Chrome for windows. Basically, linking your WhatsApp to another device shouldn’t involve a complex process but sometimes WhatsApp web doesn’t work as expected.

Have you ever asked yourself, What could cause the WhatsApp web not working on chrome or other web browsers on your PC?

Why is WhatsApp web not working on Chrome?

For the effectiveness of WhatsApp web client on any devices, there are tons of factors that serve as add-on and enhance the web client function during the integration process.

Apparently, non-functional modules, or functions serving other purposes than a practical one can lead to the WhatsApp web not working.

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For instance, linking another device with a smartphone using insufficient coverage or slow internet connection. Scanning the quick response code (QR code) with damaged or dirty camera lens.

The device version and compatibility also plays a big role when using the web client extension i.e. overload, outdated and unsupported web browsers can also cause the WhatsApp web malfunctioning.

Luckily, here’s an updated guide post containing detailed potential fixes to workaround WhatsApp web not working on chrome and other web browsers.

How to Fix WhatsApp Web not Working on Chrome

Are you unable to integrate WhatsApp from your smartphone to the PC successfully? Try out the recommended troubleshooting below;

  • Check the PC and Phone internet Connection.
  • Make sure you’re scanning the QR code correctly.
  • Check if WhatsApp is Down.
  • Confirm the Web Browser Compatibility.
  • Clear Browser Cache & Cookies.
  • Tweak or Disable Security Extension.
  • Try Accessing it in Incognito Mode.
  • Check for Browser Update.
  • Toggle OFF Proxy server.
  • Reset Browser to Default.
  • Access WhatsApp by Installing Emulator.

1. Check the PC and Phone internet Connection

Slow internet connection on both devices can cause the WhatsApp web not on chrome and other browsers; check and be sure the PC is properly connected to the internet by inspecting the Ethernet and network cable.

Literally, Ethernet provides the fastest, greater reliability and secured internet connection than Wi-Fi. You can try reconnecting the Ethernet connection by removing the LAN cable and reconnecting it after a split seconds.

In case you think the internet connection provided using Ethernet isn’t strong enough, you can utilize the Wi-Fi function pressing Windows + I key simultaneously to open Settings >> Network & Internet >> WI-FI then connect to your home network or any other secured WLAN in range. 

The same goes for the smartphone, connecting with insufficient coverage can lead to the WhatsApp web not working on chrome. To troubleshoot your smartphone internet coverage on Android or iOS devices; 

  • Swipe down to access the device toolbar.
  • Navigate to locate the Airplane mode icon. 
  • Turn ON the Airplane mode ✈ by tapping the icon.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds and turn it OFF by tapping the activated Airplane mode icon. 
  • In case you’re on iOS, you’ll have to swipe up to access the device control center, then turn ON and Turn OFF the Airplane mode.

2. Be sure you’re Scanning the QR code Correctly

With the web client showing a connection error message or proposing to re-scan the quick response code (QR code), make sure your device camera lens isn’t covered with dirt obstructing the camera from reading the QR code correctly. Damaged camera lens can also hinder the connection and leads to WhatsApp web not working on Chrome.

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To troubleshoot this, you can try cleaning the camera and prepare to scan the QR code while rotating the device camera rather than scanning it in portrait mode. Just turn your phone and hold it horizontally to scan the QR code. This actually works for an individual having issues using the WhatsApp web client on PC.

Clear out dirt covering the camera or change damaged camera lens if that’s what causes the WhatsApp web not working on chrome and other web browsers in your case.

3. Check WhatsApp Status: Is It Down?

Confirm if the issue isn’t from WhatsApp by checking if WhatsApp server isn’t experiencing outage at the moment. If the WhatsApp server is down at the moment, the web client also won’t be effective.

To confirm if it isn’t a global or regional issue; grab your phone with a stable internet connection then try sending a message, if it sent and delivered in case the recipient is online i.e. WhatsApp server is up and running, and the issue is from the PC.

You can also confirm WhatsApp server status using Downdetector website, an online platform that provides users with real-time information about the server status of most used platforms across the globe. 

To confirm WhatsApp status with Downdetector; 

How to Fix WhatsApp Web not Working on Chrome

  • Locate the search icon from the website homepage. 
  • Tap and search WhatsApp. 
  • You’ll be provided with two options; WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. 
  • Tap the one that applies to your case. 

WhatsApp status at Downdetector

  • The status report will be written in bold and graph data will be provided right below it.

However, in case WhatsApp is experiencing a downtime at the moment, wait patiently for full restore of WhatsApp operation then try reconnecting the WhatsApp web. 

4. Confirm Web Browser Compatibility

The WhatsApp web client function also depends on the browsers compatibility.

That is, to access WhatsApp on PC or other devices using WhatsApp web, the browser must be compatible with WhatsApp. Basically, Google Chrome for windows is one of the compatible web browsers for WhatsApp web among others, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

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Is your web browser compatible with WhatsApp? Running WhatsApp web on Internet Explorer or Vivaldi, you might be facing connection issues. It’s highly recommended to switch to compatible browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

Still unable to link your device’s WhatsApp successfully despite using a compatible web browser? Move on to the next fix.

5. Clear Browser Cache & Cookies

Meeting a dead end repeatedly might save the error version of the particular website as it cache to help them open faster during your next visit. Website cache and cookies makes online experience easier by saving browsing data in small blocks of data. Including both website data and users choice.

Clearing your browser cache and cookies might help in fixing WhatsApp web not working on chrome. In case losing all your browsing data and choices in visited websites didn’t sit well with you, then use the filter option to select a closer time range or eventually clear cache and cookies only for the WhatsApp web URL.

To clear the browser cache and cookies on chrome for windows;

  • In your Chrome browser homepage, drag the cursor to the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click the three dot icon to access the option list. 
  • Hover the cursor on More tools from the option list, then click Clear browsing data from the side menu.
  • On the option page, make sure you’re on the Basic side then select a closer time range and tick the data clearing options.

Google Chrome Clear Browsing Data

  • Make sure cookies & other site data and cache images and files are ticked from the list. 
  • Click the clear data button to delete all saved cache and cookies in the selected time range.

6. Tweak or Disable Security Extension

Having security or privacy-centric extensions activated on your chrome web browser might cause the WhatsApp web not working on Chrome. Go through the list of installed extensions on your Chrome browser to fish out the strange one that may be blocking WhatsApp web client.

Disable the extension completely or personalize the settings to non function on WhatsApp web URL.

Having a lot of security and privacy-centric extensions installed without knowing the exact one blocking WhatsApp web client. To avoid turning OFF all your Extensions, you can adopt the next fix; accessing WhatsApp web from incognito mode, since there’s a stand-alone toggle to OFF Extensions function while on incognito mode.

7. Open WhatsApp Web in Incognito Mode

Try accessing the WhatsApp web from the incognito mode in case the issue is from the normal window due to some personalization you may not take note of. Access the Chrome browser settings and turn off Extensions for incognito then; 

  • Click the three dot option icon in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Select New incognito window from the drop down menu. 
  • Input the web link and try the connection if it works. 
  • You can also open a new incognito window by pressing the key combination (Ctrl+Shift+N) from the normal window.

8. Check for Browser Update

Running an outdated browser may resort to the in activeness of the WhatsApp web client since it won’t perform as expected. Users with outdated web browsers are promoted with an error message “WhatsApp works only with Chrome 60+” but that might not be your case since you’re running on earlier versions.

Google Chrome Update

Developers roll out new features, stability, and fixes critical security vulnerabilities with timely updates. That’s why it’s recommended to check for updates and install if available to fix WhatsApp web not working on chrome and any other browser.

9. Toggle OFF Proxy Server

With the proxy server turned on, meaning your IP address is masked. The whole WhatsApp function may be restricted in your camouflaged IP address location.

That’s why it’s recommended to turn OFF proxy server in the PC settings and disconnect any active VPN before retrying the WhatsApp web as it may hinder the function of the WhatsApp web client on your device. To turn OFF proxy server on Windows; 

  • Navigate to Settings by clicking the window icon in the lower right corner of your screen.
  • You can also access it with a shortcut by pressing Windows + I key simultaneously.
  • Click Network & Internet from the options.
  • Locate and click Proxy then toggle OFF the switch right below Use a proxy server.

Make sure to disconnect any active virtual private network (VPN) if you have any connected.

10. Reset Browser To Default

One of the greatest potential fixes for issues related to the Chrome web browser is resetting it back to default, which will wipe out all settings, saved passwords, browsing history, and cookies out of others.

The WhatsApp web not working on chrome issue might likely get fixed by restoring the browser to default as it’ll reverse all your Chrome settings and customizations. To restore your Chrome browser;

  • Open a new tab by clicking the + icon next to the last tab or press Ctrl + t simultaneously.
  • Hover on the address bar and input chrome://settings/ then press enter.
  • You’ll be directed to chrome settings. On the left menu, navigate to locate and click Reset and clean up.
  • Click Reset settings to their original default. 
  • You’ll be prompted with lists of what will be lost during the process. 
  • Read it through and finally click Reset settings to restore your Chrome browser to default.

11. Install Android Emulator

The last recommended solution when WhatsApp web refuses to work as expected on Chrome web browser is to install an android emulator to run WhatsApp apk. Android emulator enables you to run any android programs on your computer by creating virtual Android devices (with software and hardware).

With a free emulator, you can access WhatsApp seamlessly without restriction. All you have to do is to download the free emulator software, install and run the program.

From the emulator homepage, access the Android Play Store and install WhatsApp messenger. Sign in with your phone number and follow the prompt like that of your smartphone. 

Note that accessing your WhatsApp from an Android emulator on PC will probably log you out on your smartphone as it will detect login on another device since the emulator simulates Android devices on your computer. But the best part is that you’ll be operating your WhatsApp on the same interface as that of your smartphone.

Can I use WhatsApp web without scanning QR code?

Apparently, WhatsApp web client function can’t be used without scanning the quick response code (QRcode). However, using an Android emulator on your PC can give you access to your WhatsApp without any connection than signing in with your phone number and doesn’t require activeness of the second device. 


Hope you’ve managed to work around the WhatsApp web not working on chrome issue? In theory, there are reasons surrounding the issue of WhatsApp web client refusing to function as expected, which has been outlined above with potential fixes.

To troubleshoot the WhatsApp web not working on your Chrome browser, you need to adopt any of the solutions mentioned above. Having issues with any affix included in this guidepost, you can write to us in the comment section, or any relevant information regarding fixing WhatsApp web not working on chrome, it’s time to hear from you.

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