How To Fix And Remove Contact Lens [Complete Guide]

How To Fix And Remove Contact Lens [Complete Guide]
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Having difficulties fixing your contact lens? There is no need to fret because that’s what this guidepost is all about. I’m going to reveal everything you need to know about fixing and removing your contact lenses without any hazard of wearing.
Contact lenses. This is thin lenses placed on the eye directly just as the name implies contact. It’s worn for mainly two reasons either for medication which is to control vision. Or cosmetic which is for fashion and personal liking.
People get exited when they finally order their first contact lens case as it’s the best eye correction solution which is easy to carry around than wearing glasses. Contact lens is easy to use when traveling, jogging and doing all sorts of exercise you can’t wear your glasses with. At the same time soft contact lens serve the purpose of improving vision, especially colored one’s which changes and enhance eye colour.
Some people get depressed and exhausted when it comes to fixing their contact lenses and removing it for the first time without being tutored. Taking precautions when handling your contact lens is very essential as it concerns your organ of sight which is your eye. Making mistakes when handling the lens by not following the precautions and safety measure can lead to contact lens discomfort and hazard which includes;
  • Eye pain and discomfort.
  • Excessive eye tearing.
  • Unnecessary eye redness.
  • High sensitive to light.
  • Low sharpness of vision. etc
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If you notice any of the above symptoms when you have your contact lens on. Remove the lenses and check if it’s damage already. If the lenses are still okay you can rinse the lenses with provided solution and if it’s already damaged never wear it again. All the listed symptoms always occur when you didn’t take note of the contact lens safety measure like;
  • By not cleaning your lens and it cases regularly.
  • By having your contact lens on while sleeping.
  • By not following the replacement guideline.
  • By handling the lenses with unclean hand.
  • By exposing your contact lens to water instead of provided solution.
For efficient fixing and removing contact lenses let now move on to how to fix and remove contact lens. This guide involves your contact lens full kit which include your provided solution, eye drop, plastic insertion and remover picker. Using the provided tools is safer that using bare hands for fixing the lenses

How To Fix And Remove Contact Lens

There are things to take note before embarking on fixing and removing your contact lenses. Make sure your hands are washed with soap and dry with clean towel before touching the contact lenses. Free your contact lenses from dust and dirt from previous use by rinsing with provided solution in the contact lens kit, while solution must be change on every use. Don’t use it twice to avoid defecting. Contact lenses must be pick up for fixing and removing with the provided plastic tool. Take the below steps to fix and remove your contact lenses.
  • Pick up the provided plastic insertion tool from the contact lens kit.
  • Trace out and lift the lenses from the case to pick it one by one.
  • Widely open your eye with your fingers.
  • Carefully pick the left (anyone which comes first for you) and place it on your eye.
  • Same thing apply to the second eye also.
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How to remove your contact lenses from your eye. Pick the plastic remover tool provided in the kit to trace out the lenses from your eye and carefully place the lenses in the provided case for rinsing with solution.


Who Cannot wear contact lenses?

Some people may find it difficult to use contact lens or didn’t belong to contact lens category at all because of their disorder which include people suffering from keratoconus, astigmatism, pellucid marginal degeneration and giant papillary conjunctivitis. People with dry eyes and refractive surgery patient are also not advisable to use contact lens.

Is contact lens good for eyes?

Contact lenses are good for eye as it serves as eye corrector which is easy to carry around than using glasses. As long as the precautions and guideline are follow, contact lens is extremely safe to use.

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