How to Check Vodafone Broadband Balance [Updated]

The British based multinational telecommunications company, Vodafone has been keeping their customers closer to unlimited internet experience since long ago with high speed internet access called fixed broadband (FBB) service.

A wide bandwidth data transmission service, either cabling or wireless with high speed internet access which transports multiple signals at a wide range of frequencies.

Being on Vodafone broadband service, or smart surf wireless broadband router, you can enjoy up-to 12 megabits per second internet speed while on super-fast broadband plan and 50 megabits per second with ultrafast broadband plan.

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Getting to know Vodafone broadband or an existing user with no knowledge of checking Vodafone broadband balance. Here’s everything you need to know on how to check Vodafone broadband balance.

Actually, checking your active subscribed broadband balance is essential since it gives detailed information on your remaining data bundle. In order to avoid sudden disconnection due to your plan exhaustion, you have to keep track of the broadband bundle by checking it validity period and remaining unit.

Fortunately, I’ve prepared an up-to date guide which covers everything you need to know on how to check Vodafone broadband balance.

This includes every alternative methods to check your broadband balance easily on your device irrespective of it operating system, either Android, iOS, Windows or Macintosh out of others. 

How to Check Vodafone Broadband Balance

Basically, there are four different quick and easy methods to check Vodafone broadband balance. This includes using the short USSD code, sending short SMS command, using Vodafone mobile App and Vodafone’s website. Let’s get started; 

How to Check Vodafone Broadband Balance Using USSD Code

This involves checking active broadband balance from your smartphone by dialing short USSD code from the phone dialer. To do this; Grab your smartphone and open the device dialer App, simply dial *900# and choose option 1 as your response from the option list. Follow the on screen prompt to finally see your current broadband bundle on your seen.

However, the broadband balance details may be forwarded to your line as an SMS to keep for record proposes. Being in different region or having issue checking your broadband balance with the code mentioned above, you can also try out *111*2*2# or adopt the next method below. 

How to Check Vodafone Broadband Balance Using SMS Command

With the short SMS command, you can check your Vodafone broadband balance easily from your smartphone while receiving it as an SMS reply from your network operator. To use this method; Open your device Messages App and create a new message. Text DATA BAL to 144 or BAL to 777 depending on your zone.

You’ll then receive an SMS reply after a split seconds, containing all necessary details concerning active data bundles on the Vodafone line or mobile.

How to Check Vodafone Broadband Balance on Vodafone Mobile App

Checking Vodafone broadband balance is also possible using the Vodafone mobile application which is available on both Android and iOS. In addition, the Vodafone mobile App function isn’t limited to this, as customers can also foot their bills and track spending with a sleek and user-friendly interface.

How to check Vodafone broadband balance on Vodafone mobile App; 

  • Open your device App store on the iPhone and Play Store for Android. 
  • Search and install My Vodafone App.
  • Launch the App then sign in with your Vodafone mobile number and your secure password.
  • Tap the signup button to create a new account in case you’re using it for the first time. 
  • On the App homepage, you’ll see some information concerning the Vodafone line which the active Vodafone broadband balance will be included. 
  • In case the account details aren’t displayed on the App homepage, navigate to locate My Account to view your account details on the App.

How to Check Vodafone Broadband Balance on Vodafone Website

Lastly, you can get access to the Vodafone broadband data usage and remaining balance on the Vodafone website which is accessible easily on smartphone and personal computers. To check Vodafone broadband balance on Vodafone website;

  • Open a web browser on your device, either Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac).
  • Visit Vodafone website @

How to Check Vodafone Broadband Balance (Updated)

  • Tap the globe 🌐 icon in the upper right corner of the website homepage. 
  • Select your region by tapping the region name.
  • Tap your country from the drop down list to access your country’s version of Vodafone website. 

How to Check Vodafone Broadband Balance

  • On the homepage, tap the profile icon and sign in with your number and password. 
  • Signup if you’re accessing it for the first time. Note: you can access both Vodafone App and Website with the same number and password.
  • Click My Account or My Data to finally get details of your Vodafone broadband bundle.

In addition, you can also contact Vodafone customer support agent and request to check your Vodafone broadband balance which is toll-free on Vodafone line or Vodafone handset. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I recharge my Vodafone broadband?

Recharging Vodafone broadband has now been made easier than before. Vodafone now provides multiple payment options that offer customers flexibility and convenience, which includes online payment, using recharge cards, Vodafone Cash, Express Pay and e-tranzact.

Using the online payment when recharging your Vodafone broadband; grab your device then visit Vodafone fixed broadband portal Input the required details like the broadband user ID or Account number then proceed according to the on screen prompt.

While using the recharge card method to top up your Vodafone broadband; Open your device dialer App and dial *900#. Select option “1” to choose Fixed Broadband as your reply, then select option “2” ADSL Bill Payment and input your Fixed Broadband User ID or Account number. On the next screen, input the recharge card (voucher pin) and press done.

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To recharge your Vodafone broadband using Vodafone cash; With your Vodafone cash in place, simply dial *110# select Pay Bill my choosing option 5 as your reply, on the next screen select option 1 (Vodafone) >> select option 3 (Fixed Broadband) >> select option 3 (Bill Payment) then input the account number and the pin to finally top up your Vodafone broadband using the Vodafone cash.

In addition, Vodafone Ghana has provided customers with an option to recharge Vodafone broadband at any Vodafone partner banks. Below are list of banks you can walk in to recharge your Vodafone broadband easily;

  • United Bank of Africa
  • First Capital Plus
  • First Atlantic Bank
  • Bank of Africa
  • Access Bank
  • Zenith Bank
  • Barclays Bank
  • GT Bank
  • UT Bank

Does Vodafone broadband expire?

Basically, a subscribed Vodafone broadband bundle will probably expire ones it exceeds it validity period likewise other Vodafone data plans.

Vodafone fixed broadband is set to automatically rollover when service is renewed before expiry date, while other subscribed data on the line or handset will not be roll over alongside fixed broadband. Vodafone will always keep customers updated with flash message whenever a package is renewed or roll over.

There’s also an option to purchase other plans as supplement to the broadband bundle such as Mini bundles, Unlimited Weekend Bundle, Showtime Bundle and SOS.

How do I find my Vodafone broadband account number?

You can easily check your Vodafone broadband account number on the Vodafone App. Navigate to My Account area to see the account details which includes the broadband account number. In case you can’t use the app, log in to your My Vodafone account online at

How fast is Vodafone 4G broadband?

According to Opensignal data from September 2021, Vodafone’s average 4G download speed is 21.6Mbps, putting it behind EE which is 44Mbps, and Three of 25.2Mbps but ahead of O2. Its 7.4Mbps upload speed which superseded Three upload speed. 

The Vodafone 4G latency is better than Three’s but can’t stand head to head with EE and O2′ as its average 4G latency (based on data from April 2020) is said to be 39.0ms. That’s the measure of how long the network takes to respond to a request, which is vital for things like online gaming.

How do I check my Vodafone broadband speed? The easiest way to check your Vodafone broadband speed is by using the Vodafone mobile App.


I hope you found this post helpful. In theory, you can check your Vodafone broadband balance in four different ways which include using the short USSD code, sending SMS command, using Vodafone mobile App and Vodafone’s website.

With those methods mentioned above to check a Vodafone broadband balance, you can employ any to easily find out about your Vodafone broadband balance.

Facing issue while checking your broadband balance or having other related stuff you like us to cover in this post, you can communicate that with us in the comment section.

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