How To Copy Text From Image On Your Android Phone

Here is a full guide on how to copy text from image on your Android phone, this one of the greatest feature that’s air on the newer iOS version of Apple operating system “Live Text” feature which enable users to extract text from image and screenshots is now possible on any Android phone with the help of third-party application for free which doesn’t require data connection.

Some information in form of text on your saved image and screenshots might seem useful sometimes, this how-to guide comes in handy in other to save the stress of looking the image before you can type what you needed correctly.

You can make use of any text on a photo you take with your phone camera, downloaded image and your screen snap by following the below procedures using the third-party application while you’re offline as it didn’t require data connection to work.

The copy text on screen application likely serves the function of Apple inbuilt “Live Text” feature that was just air during the release of Apple iOS 15. Read on to the every end to learn about using the profuse feature of copy text on screen which support almost every Android phone once it’s Android 4 and later.

How To Copy Text From Image On Your Android Phone

As it was mentioned earlier, you can perform this function using any Android phone once it’s running Android 4 operating system and newer versions, and it requires no data connection to complete the text extraction process unless the small data install the App from Play Store. Below are the basic requirement for copying text from image on any Android phone.

  • Android phone with Android OS 4 or newer.
  • Valid Sim card with a little data for App installation.
  • Copy Text On Screen Application (search “Copy Text On Screen” on Playstore to install)
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How To Copy Text From Image On Your Android Phone
After you’ve successfully installed the App follow the below procedures to get any text extracted from your image in few easy steps. You can turn off your data once you’ve installed the App as the process doesn’t require internet connectivity.

How To Copy Text From Image On Your Android Phone

  • Launch the installed application.
  • Click the gallery icon at the lower right side of your screen to select image from your gallery.
  • On selecting the image you will be provided with option to crop the image in other to focus the function on the text part of the image.
  • Click the big green button to save your changes and start the extraction process.
  • Wait for few seconds while it process your text.
  • Once it’s done click the image and press the copy icon to copy the extracted text to your phone clipboard or share icon to share directly to your phone app while you can also perform Translate function by clicking the provided translate button.
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The other great feature on this particular App is the camera feature which allow you to copy text from live image you take with the inbuilt camera in the application.

To use that, tap the camera icon at the App homepage to take live picture. Once you’ve capture the photo, you can edit by cropping or rotating till it meet your taste. Then click the big green button to save your changes and start the text extraction process.

I think with this little guidepost you’ve already known how to copy text from image on any Android phone without data connection.

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