Why is My iPhone 13 Getting Hot? Easy Tips to Fix

Basically, warming up of any electronics device is an instinctive conduct expected to happen. So far it does the basic computer operation cycle, to receive, process and export out meaningful results as anticipated. This applies to every device including your smartphone, gadgets and other smart home devices.

At the same time having its temperature way high, immoderately might be sensing and signaling something else from the device. Which is likely to be a sudden momentary malfunction or error in the device software or hardware components, and most times can be fastened easily by oneself.

Is your iPhone 13 heating up unexpectedly? Heating up and getting warm while plugged in a charger is deemed normal, but when it reaches some high extent considered as overheating shouldn’t be overlooked.

Lately, iPhone 13 users have kept complaining about the excessive heat generated by the device while in use or plugged in for charging.

Apparently, this may likely be caused by your personal usage as a result of loading high-end games with your device processing system, application background process and sometimes malfunctioning software.

Is your iPhone 13 getting hot absurdly? Using the iPhone 13 pro or the iPhone 13 pro max, did it heat up often even while not in use?

Worry not, you’re not alone on this. Fortunately we’ve been able to replicate the issue from iPhone 13 users report on webspace; according to iPhone users on Apple discussion platform.

A user wrote;

“I barely used my new iphone which I got last Monday night 2 nights ago. I noticed overheating while I was transferring files from my old phone and while it is connected with charger.”

Another complain about overheating even while not plugged in for charging;

“I have noticed for past week my iPhone 13 pro overheats as well and not during charging, just regular scrolling through Fb or some activity at amazon or eBay.”

Unfortunately, the Cupertino based American multinational technology company, Apple is yet to take any actual step in fixing the iPhone 13 overheating issue.

Despite the fact that people consider this a trivial fall over in the fifteenth generation of the Apple smartphone, which can be fixed easily with software update.

Wondering what can actually make your iPhone get heated up constantly. And is there any possible fix to workaround this issue yourself.

Luckily, we’ve come with updated and working potential fixes to easily troubleshoot your iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max overheating issue.

This includes every other related piece concerning the iPhone 13 excessive heating, as well as answer to your question; why is my iPhone 13 getting hot.

Why is My iPhone 13 Getting Hot

Wondering why your iPhone 13 is getting hot. Basically, your iPhone 13 may produce less heat while charging or running some programs on the device as previously stated.

The smartphone processing system tends to warm up after performing some task, but excessive heating is likely to be caused when memory-intensive tasks overwhelm the processor.

Overworked Processing unit due to Excessive usage

To begin with, your iPhone 13 may get hot due to extreme heat from the smartphone processor, the chipset that works alongside the phone processor and other components on your device motherboard.

An overloaded or overclocking iPhone processor may likely heat up the smartphone as a result of overuse. Due to multitasking or having too many active apps running in your iPhone background.

This may bottleneck your smartphone processor and perhaps demand enormous real-time processing that will probably heat up the iPhone.

However, folks believes charging an iPhone 13 with unsupported charging accessories or a bad one can cause overheating while charging.

Although, this may transfer high wattage than the expected to your device. At the same time, it output might not be up-to the required wattage to charge your phone which can take forever to add significant percentage. 

After all, it’s advisable to use the original charger packed with the iPhone or Apple certified charging accessories. To avoid further issue from charging your device with third-party accessories and prevent wearing down your iPhone battery in short term.

Bugs, Software and Malware Issue

Software error and Malware shouldn’t be ignored. Apparently, these may actually be the cause of your iPhone overheating. Software errors and bugs sometimes result in application malfunctioning; causing the App to be stuck in a loop that takes up more of your iPhone processor and memory to keep it back on track.

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Running an outdated software due for upgrading, as well as installing unsupported software version will perhaps make the iPhone act bad and siphon your device dedicated resources, which may probably leads to overheating as a result of excessive memory consumption caused by software bugs and malware.

In such situation, it’s advisable to ensure timely updates of your iPhone software, check the device compatibility for the latest software version; if your device is listed, will it support and run it efficiently. After all, avoid installing application programs from unlicensed sources.

Exposing your iPhone to intense temperatures

Exposing your iPhone 13 to high degree temperature can heat up the device on a vast scale. Basically all Apple’s iOS and iPadOS have a high and low temperature limit before things become chaotic.

An iPhone can probably withstand up-to 95º F. Using your iPhone in high temperature environs, this may result in overheating and perhaps wear down your battery.

In an extreme low temperature, the iPhone can only work perfectly for as low as 32º F before it starts acting up and acting unusual to stabilize its temperature automatically. And also, storing iOS and iPadOS; it’s recommended to keep it where the temperature is between -20º and 45ºC (-4º to 113ºF).

The temperature warning screen (Temperature iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it) may be triggered unexpectedly which renders the iPhone worthless till it cools down on its own. This may come up due to heat from the device itself or its surroundings.

Why is my iPhone 13 Getting Hot

In situations like this, the best measure to take is ensuring the temperature is cooled down to regain access to your iPhone. Read on to the very end to learn how to fix the iPhone 13 overheating issue in a quick and easy way.

Having the GPS service turned On

Seeing that Apple features various GPS system services on its smartphone iPhone, which includes the US GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, and BeiDou systems.

The inbuilt GPS chip on the iPhone that works alongside the cellphone towers and Wi-Fi networks to determine the current device location, with the process known as AGPS (Assistant global positioning system).

The iPhone 13 may likely overheat for having GPS services turned on for several hours. Actually, the global positioning system (GPS) on the iPhone serves a greater purpose, since it determines your geographical position using a global positioning system. 

For integration and enhancement of app features. The information about your location can be used by a number of apps on your iPhone, such as navigation, and the search function or weather forecast. 

How to Fix iPhone 13 Overheating issue

Experiencing excessive heat on your iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max, here are a few possible workarounds you can adopt for cooling down your device before any internal damage is caused as a result of high temperature.

Noticing the rise in temperature of your iPhone 13 while charging or not, it’s recommended to take the precaution measures listed below, in order to cool it down easily in no time, without getting in touch with an expert or the customer support.

This works well for most users with the iPhone 13 overheating issue. In such occasion;

Close Background and Foreground Apps

At first, avoiding a strained processing system can probably prevent your iPhone 13 from overheating due to the excessive heat from the device motherboard.

Leaving multiple apps optimized in your background by jumping to another without closing the previous app. Though modern smartphones are designed for multitasking.

Apparently, lots of loads than what it seems capable of can congest the processing system and require it to work at max limit, which will produce more heat than usual.

However, it’s recommended to close all running background and foreground programs to cool down your phone in no time. You can easily do this by accessing your iPhone recent app page, then clear out all minimized apps by swiping it up till you reach the last very end.

Additionally, having the background app refresh feature turn on can cause the overheating from usual operation in your iPhone background, it’s advisable to keep it turned off whenever your iPhone 13 is extremely hot and overheating. To turn off background app refresh option on your iPhone 13;

  • Navigate to the iPhone Setting.
  • Locate and tap General
  • Then Background App Refresh.
  • Choose Off as the preferred option to make it inactive.

Reduce screen brightness

Having the maximum brightness of your iPhone 13 on all time can probably make the iPhone heat up, and may likely lead to the device high temperature while charging or using in a heated environment.

Leaving your iPhone 13 brightness at minimal level can extend its battery life as the phone requires more power to keep the brightness lit.

On such occasions, turning your iPhone 13 brightness level to half or using the auto-brightness is advisable. An adaptive brightness function that helps your device to learn your preferred screen brightness in different lighting. This will automatically set brightness level, as well as considering your device battery health.

To turn on Auto-Brightness function on your iPhone;

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Why is my iPhone 13 Getting Hot

  • Open the iPhone Settings.
  • Swipe up to locate and click Accessibility
  • At the VISION part, tap Display & Text Size.
  • Scroll way down to locate Auto-Brightness.
  • Toggle on the switch that adjacent it.

Turn on Airplane mode

With your iPhone overheating due superfluous wireless communication frequencies from all connected devices. Seeing that almost all wireless functions on the iPhone are based on radio frequency for transmitting and receiving signals.

Turning On your iPhone Airplane mode will definitely relieve the iPhone from heating up. As this one click will automatically disable all radios on the device such as cellular, WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth.

However, you can personalize the Airplane mode by overriding and turning on some certain functions except the mobile network, like the device Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This enables you to continue using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in Airplane mode.

Turning on your device Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while in Airplane mode saves the action and leaves your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth unbothered when next you turn on your iPhone Airplane mode. To activate Airplane mode on your iPhone;

  • Access the control center on your iPhone by swiping down from the top-right edge of your screen. 
  • Locate and tap the Airplane ✈ icon.
  • This will turn on the Airplane mode.

And finally, you can also resort to low power mode for cooling down your overheating iPhone 13. This reduces power and battery consumption by disabling and limits some high performance features on your iPhone.

With the iPhone default settings, low power mode will turn off automatically once charged over 80%, in which you can keep it activated even after exceeding the threshold by turning it on manually. To do this;

  • Open iPhone Settings.
  • Click Battery
  • Then toggle on the switch that adjacent Low Power Mode.
  • The battery colour in the status will then change to yellow instead of green for normal mode.

Close the Internet when not in use

Keeping your internet connection off also has a great impact in cooling down your overheating iPhone 13. On noticing your iPhone is producing more heat than usual, leave out the internet connection when not in use, or resort to Wi-Fi networks to avoid over processing due to unstable network signals.

Turn off Location services

Setting your iPhone location service option on every app to minimal settings is the best option to avoid battery draining from the location services, which may likely cause the iPhone overheating issue. Turning off the location service on your iPhone doesn’t permanently disable the service but only keeps it off until it is requested by certain apps that require your device location.

To turn off location services on your iPhone;

Why is my iPhone 13 Getting Hot

  • Open the iPhone Settings.
  • Stroll down and tap Privacy
  • Then tap Location Services.
  • Finally toggle Off the switch option. 

More often than not, when the location service was requested from an installed application, you can either choose from three options; to never allow it, ask next time, or while using the App.

Never: This definitely restricts the App from accessing and utilizing your iPhone location services.

Ask Next Time: This will permit the App to use your iPhone location services and makes it ask when next you’re using the application.

While using the App: This constrains the App to only use the Location services only when you’re currently on the operation that requires the service. 

Restart the iPhone 13

Rebooting every electronic device refreshes its main brain, and frees it from unusual behavior due to excessive usage and overworked components. This same applies to your iPhone as well as other gadgets and home devices.

You can easily relieve your iPhone 13 from excessive heat by restarting the device. You must be wondering, just an ordinary restart. Yes, this may perhaps be the solution to solve your iPhone 13 overheating immensely.

However, you can either choose to restart your iPhone in the normal actual way, by turning it off with the iPhone side button and turn it on after several minutes.

Or choose to hard restart your iPhone by pressing and releasing the volume up button, then the volume down and finally press and hold the side button until the Apple logo displays on the screen.

Update latest iOS version

As stated earlier, running older versions with lots of bugs, malware or software glitch tends to cause the iPhone 13 overheating issue.

Navigate to your iPhone settings to check for any available updates you’re missing out. Check the version device compatibility and update after ensuring a proper check.

To check for updates on your iPhone;

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Why is my iPhone 13 Getting Hot

  • Open the iPhone Settings
  • Select General from the list. 
  • Then click Software Update

If there’s any compatible updates available for your iPhone, you’ll be provided with an option to Download and Install the update immediately on the spot.

Restore to factory Settings

Finally, after trying out various possible affixes, restoring the default factory settings may be a great save in your case, as it also works well for significant users with the iPhone 13 overheating issue.

Apparently, unnecessary modifications sometimes can cause unforeseen damage to our devices and appliances.

The iPhone may likely be acting up as a result of modifications made in the iPhone Settings. Mind you, restoring the factory won’t wipe your iPhone data as it only clears the moderation made to the iPhone settings. And may include the network data such as your connected Wi-Fi list and passwords.

Restoring your iPhone setting to default doesn’t require performing a full backup of your data and files, but it’s advisable to keep note of your Wi-Fi passwords before resetting all your iPhone settings to the factory version.

To reset your iPhone Settings to factory version;

  • Navigate to your iPhone Settings.
  • Stroll down to locate and tap General.
  • Then stroll all the way down and tap Reset.
  • Choose Reset All Settings as your reset option.
  • Enter your passwords if prompted.
  • Then finally tap Confirm to reset all settings on your iPhone to default.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you get to know why your iPhone 13 is overheating excessively while charging or not. In theory, there are numerous causes of action that may lead to the iPhone generating immoderate heat.

But the most considered threat to the iPhone temperature is extreme usage of the device that has a significant impact on the processing system and battery which are the core of such problems.

In many instances, the iPhone 13 overheating issue is caused by users activities and operation on the device, which can easily be troubleshooting following any of the provided affixes above.

Having it fixed yourself might be a bit challenging if you’re trying sorts for the first time. In cases like this, you can get in touch with Apple’s customer support for a full diagnosis of your iPhone. Either you schedule a visit, send in for repair or schedule onsite service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do iPhones overheat so easily?

An iPhone tends to overheat when used in a high temperature environment. Assuming using the iPhone in direct sunlight or in the car with no proper circulation of air, chances are that it may start heating up.

Running processor-intensive software applications and functions such as gaming, streaming HD video, or using GPS navigation can also result in the iPhone overheating.

How do I stop my iPhone from getting hot?

The quickest steps you can take for fixing iPhone excessive heating is to restart the iPhone, close all running applications, reduce the screen brightness level, use airplane mode, turn off background refresh, turn off location services, update OS, or restore the factory settings.

In case none of this got your iPhone fixed, you can contact the Apples customer support for appropriate check-up of your iPhone issue.

Is it normal for a new iPhone 13 to heat up?

Apparently, it’s quite normal for your newly bought iPhone to heat up when you’re setting it up for the first time, or restoring backup on your iPhone.

Other activities that may likely heat up your iPhone include using graphics-intensive or processor-intensive apps, games, or features, including augmented-reality apps, streaming high-quality video and charging the iPhone wirelessly.

How long is the iPhone 13 expected to last?

The iPhone 13 battery is rated to last for 19 hours after a full charge of 100%, which is expected to charge up-to 50% charge in 30 minutes using the recommended 20W charging accessory.

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