Why Does My Vizio TV Look Blue? Answered

You must have gotten your watching experience tampered with blue tint and bluish looks on your Vizio TV. Did your Vizio TV screen suddenly turn blue? After a short period of usage, are you noticing the Vizio TV backlight is On but its bluish which causes a blue tint or make the entire screen turn blue. You must be wondering, why does my Vizio TV look blue?

No need to fret. Luckily we’ve got an answer to your question about why the Vizio display is tinted with blue. Any sudden snag in our home electronics including smartphones might be a bit challenging especially if it happens on a nearly new device. The sudden color error in the TV display that causes the defect might be due to unforeseen scores of reasons.

In this blog post, we’ve prepared an in depth research that may likely cause the bluish screen display on the Vizio TV. Fortunately, you’ll have an answer to your question on why does my Vizio TV screen look blue.

After all, we’ve included a few potential troubleshooting steps you can apply to workaround the blue tint on Vizio TV before visiting any electronics repair shop, Just as well to save some penny Off repair cost.

Why Does My Vizio TV Screen Look Blue

Why Does My Vizio TV Look Blue? Answered

Apparently, there are lots of factors that can be the cause of bluish looks or blue tint on the Vizio TV screen. But the main suspected culprit is the device display settings, which is referred to as picture mode and colour settings.

The Vizio TV screen tends to look blue after a shortcoming in the TV picture settings. Most times, misconfiguration of our devices settings in the name of personalization always causes awful issues which might later require a whole day for fixing it. These may later require consulting an expert at extra charges.

However, any mistake in the TV display color settings can cause the bluish tint unexpectedly. Other comparative causes of the blue screen display on Vizio TV can also be considered as improper HDMI connection, either from the cable or connected device.

Finally, TV faulty backlight strips. Break down backlight strips of your Vizio TV may have caused the blue display on the TV screen which can be replaced easily after you’ve got a fill in.

Now. How to workaround the blue display on Vizio TV screen.

How to Fix Vizio TV Screen Bluish Looks

Are you experiencing the blue tint on your Vizio TV screen? Here are possible potential troubleshooting steps you can utilize in fixing the sudden blue looks on your Vizio TV screen. Troubleshooting an electronic device, there is a certain step you have to take at first to affirm the issue is not from any program or software glitch, which brings about the first affix to troubleshoot Vizio TV screen bluish display.

Power Cycle the TV

Just as simple as that, power cycle your Vizio TV. Restarting an electronic device always gets it fixed 9 out of 10 times if the issue is software or program glitch as a result of an overworked processing system. Therefore, there’s a high potential that restarting your Vizio TV will get the blue screen issue fixed in no time.

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Basically, restarting electronic devices involves turning it Off and On after a couple of seconds. Here is an effective way to power cycle your Vizio TV. Firstly disconnect every connected cable to the TV, Turn it Off with the remote control, and unplug the power cable from the power outlet.

While it is still plugged out, press the TV power button and hold for up-to like half a minute (30 seconds) to power drain the TV, since it houses a capacitor; a circuit component that temporarily stores electrical energy through distributing charged particles on (generally two) plates to create a potential difference.

Hold for several seconds and plug in the power cable then turn on the TV in which the blue screen must have been fixed. In case the issue persists, try out the other fixes below.

Check HDMI Connection

Having a bad input connection to your Vizio TV can result in a blue screen whether you’re connecting to an HDMI device directly or establishing a connection using an HDMI cable.

Any loose connection of the Vizio TV input device can prevent the TV from rendering appropriate display resolution especially when using digital media players like Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick that are connected to the TV directly.

However, take some minutes to inspect each and every connected device to your Vizio TV either you’re establishing a connection through HDMI, USB or an Audio and Video cable (AV).

Try disconnecting the HDMI device by removing it completely and refit it to its specific port, in case you’re connecting only one device and the first input (HDMI 1) is free and working, it’s recommended to fill in the first slot before using the second.

Assuming you’re connecting with an HDMI cable. In cases like this, the cable might have worn down without you knowing. Remove the cable to check for any damage, plug back the cable if everything is okay with it or replace it if you notice any damage during inspection. After all, check the input section of your Vizio TV to ensure you’re loading the appropriate input port.

Adjust TV Picture & Color Settings

Why Does My Vizio TV Look Blue? Answered

With the default picture settings that come with your Vizio TV, you may not find it usual which can make you grab the TV remote control and start the personalization to twist the TV picture mode to your taste. Any misconfiguration in TV picture settings can make the TV screen display sorts of blue tint.

You can easily run a TV picture check on your Vizio TV if your model has the option to do so, you can check it by navigating to your TV Settings >> All Settings >> Support >> Screen Self-Diagnose. However, resetting the picture settings is also recommended to clear out any defect made to the color settings.

To reset your Vizio TV picture settings. Open the TV settings with the remote control, then navigate to Picture >> More >> Reset picture mode. In case you can’t find the reset option in the directed place, you can stroll down on the Picture settings till you reach the last option which reads Reset to Default.

And also, altering the picture settings to some extent, according to a guide initiated by a particular user facing the same issue, which helps in fixing the blue screen problem. You can also adjust your Vizio TV picture settings to the settings below, if that may also work for you.

Hue: No Changes 0 on all colors.

Saturation: Red 10, Green 10, Blue 10, Cyan 10, Magenta 0, & Yellow 10.

Brightness: Red 10, Green 10, Blue 10, Cyan 10, Magenta 0, & Yellow 15.

Offset: Red 10, Green -15, & Blue -50.

Gain: No changes 0 on all colors.

I then went back to Menu, Picture, and creative a “Custom” setting as follows:

Backlit 70

Brightness 46

Contrast 50

Color 70

Tint -1

Sharpness 35


Color Temperature: Normal

Black Detail: High

Active Full Array: On

Clear Action: Off

Reduce Noise: (Enter this menu) Both settings set to High

Game Liw Latency: Off

FilmMode: On

Color Space: Auto

Gamma: 2.1


Check for Software & Firmware Update

Why Does My Vizio TV Look Blue? Answered

Sometimes, outdated software and firmware might cause a hitch in the device operation. It’s recommended to check and update your Vizio TV software or Firmware if any is available for your TV. How to update your Vizio TV software or Firmware.

Automatically, smart TVs are programmed to receive and install updates occasionally once connected to the internet, you might actually miss this if your TV isn’t connected to the internet regularly.

On such occasions, you’ll need to check for updates and install it manually. To do this; Click the Menu icon on your TV remote to access the TV Menu >> System >> Check for Updates. If any software or Firmware update is available for your TV, it will then prompt to install and restart automatically afterward.

Restore Factory Settings

After a series of trials, you can resort to restoring the TV factory settings to default, which may likely have the issue fixed. Be aware that restoring the TV factory settings will clear out all personalization and settings like saved Wi-Fi passwords and devices. You can put down your Wi-Fi passwords in a safe place before restoring the factory settings.

Then navigate to your TV setting and look for something like Reset and Restore, Reset or Reset TV to Factory and click, you’ll be prompted to input the TV password which is four zeros (0000) if you haven’t changed it to something else. The TV will then reboot and restore to factory settings.

Replace the TV Backlight Strips

Are you still unable to fix the Vizio TV blue screen issue after restoring the factory settings? In case the issue persists despite restoring your Vizio TV. This indicates that the issue is with the TV backlight strips; an actual LED used for the screen backlighting.

This may require you to test the TV display with a TV LED backlight tester before visiting a local electronic repair store for fixing. Or order bars of backlight strip to get it fixed in case you have mechanical experience.

Wrapping Up

Hope you find this post helpful. I believe you’ve been able to solve your Vizio TV with bluish tint? In a simple word, your Vizio TV screen might turn blue as a result of several reasons, in which the significant issue is pointed at the TV picture settings, seeing that a little misconduct on the TV picture or color settings may cause a lot of damage than expected.

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With a lot of troubleshooting above, are you still unable to fix the Vizio TV blue screen issue? It’s time to keep in contact with the customer support system. Whether you’re in on a call, mail, or physical contact. Try to explain in detail concerning the screen issue for them to be certain about the cause of the issue, to provide you with an appropriate solution.

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