Find out now: Where is the Action Button on Echo Show?

With the action button on Amazon Echo’s, users can have access to various commands by pressing this stand-alone button. The action button serves as multi function control for Echo users, as it helps out with several activities which includes waking up your device, snoozing set alarm or timer, adjusting light brightness and more.

You must just be detecting none of the Echo Show models feature an action button? Whatever Echo Show model you own, whether it’s Echo Show 5, Echo Show 8, or Echo Show 10, you must be wondering which button serves the purpose of the action button in your Echo Show button lineup.

Fortunately, in this article, we’ve prepared all you need to know about Echo Show action button. Amazon Echo Show is a voice-activated smart speaker with a touchscreen feature, which is designed around Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa.

The Echo Show model’s screen helps in displaying visual information to conduct the virtual assistant responses. Playing video and music, as well as full playback control. And also, the Echo Show touchscreen display can be used for initiating video calls with other Echo Show and Skype users.

However, the Amazon smart speaker serves as one of a kind home smart device for listening to quality sound, which gives room for voice control directly to the smart speaker within your home, to get a lot of activities done easily with voice command. All these are possible since the device is designed around Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa.

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Actually, a lot of queries about Echo Show action button have been recorded online since past years. Amazon Echo device adaptors have been asking a lot of questions about where the action button is located on the Echo Show model’s. According to a Redditor query a while ago;

“How do i find the action button on my echo show, all i can see are the mute button and the volume button. Thank you”

After going through a series of questions about where to find the action button on Echo Show, we’ve probably come up with the best tip to get your question answered in no time. But firstly, are you aware of all the functions of action button on older Echo’s? Without further ado, let’s quickly review a few purposes of the action button on Amazon Echo earlier model’s.

What’s the Function of Alexa’s Action Button

Where is the Action Button on Echo Show

You can access several important assistant features by pressing the Action button on any Alexa Echo speaker, which can be found on most of them, older model’s to be precise. As stated earlier, the action button serves a greater purpose. For instance, it provides a way for you to reset the device and allows you to call the speaker when you’d like to wake it up to receive a command.

So, in this section, we define this button and describe its functions as well as when and how to use it. Let’s walk through some of the functions of Alexa’s action button:

  • Use the Action Button to Catch Alexa’s Attention

Instead of speaking Alexa’s name aloud, quickly press and then let go of the Action button. When you need to maintain silence or are in noisy environments where she could have problems hearing you utter her wake word, raise her in this manner. Be aware that hitting this button briefly has no impact if the microphone is off.

And also, the Alexa’s action button always comes to rescue when the Alexa refuses to respond to a command due to one reason or another. You can easily troubleshoot by mashing the action button then say your command if it’ll respond.

But keep in mind that long pressing the button will put the speaker into Setup mode whether the microphone is ON or OFF. Naturally, after that has occurred, you will have to repeat the setup process in order to utilize the speaker again. 

  • Stop Alexa’s Timers and Alarms from Ringing 
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Some sort of alarm sound plays as a timer expires or a predetermined alarm time approaches. You can ask Alexa to turn off this sound by calling out to her. Alternatively, if you’re right next to the speaker, you can swiftly press and release the Action button by reaching over.

Imagine you’re in a noisy environment or you need to maintain silence, and save stress by calling up to her saying “Alexa, stop” before she mute the alarm sound. In such occasions, you can easily stop the Alexa’s timers and alarms from ringing by pressing the action button when the alarm sound is active.

  • Utilize the Action Button to reset Alexa

By gently pushing and holding this button, you can also restore the factory default settings and condition of your Alexa speakers. Usually, five to seven seconds later, reset starts.

This works wonders when troubleshooting sudden hiccups that tend to come up after a glitch in the device program, software or Firmware. Apparently, the Echo action button serves as an important part of many troubleshooting and how-to guides for Echo users when it starts acting bad.

  • The Action Button Also Modifies Alexa Lights’ Brightness

Underneath the white dot on this triple-duty button lies a light sensor. This speaker’s “electronic eye” detects the surrounding light and modifies the intensity of its LEDs accordingly. The speaker shines brighter whenever it is turned on the brighter the ambient light is. The shine of the light gets dimmer the darker the area.

Where is the Action Button on Echo Show

Actually, the Amazon Echo Show model doesn’t feature an action button because the touchscreen is the action button. Unlike other previous models of Amazon Alexa device, the Echo Show has a touchscreen display which serves as a mini display unit for your home digital assistant, and also works as an action button for non action button Amazon Echo’s.

Basically, with the absence of the action button on Amazon Echo Show, users find it difficult to carry out some function that’s believed can only be done by pressing the action button.

However, Amazon makes the Echo Show model’s as a superior to previous Echos from the past, as it has an additional feature of touchscreen display which can be used for all sorts of functions the action button on earlier models does.

There’s no need for a stand-alone push button, instead, you’ll use the screen to perform resets and stop timers. This works for all Echo action button tasks except waking Alexa which still requires you to call up to Alexa with your set wake word.

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Getting to know your Amazon Echo Show smart device, we’ve outlined a few essential actions you may find difficult taking on your Echo Show, seeing that the device didn’t feature the most adapted button which is used on other models of Amazon home smart speaker.

Such action includes snoozing Alexa alarms and timers when it elapses, resting the smart speaker, and putting the device in setup mode to make it ready for connection.

  • Turning Off Alexa Alarm and Timer on Echo Show

Are you in search of the action button on your Echo Show to shut Alexa alarms and timers when it goes off? That doesn’t matter anymore. Snoozing elasps alarm and timer when it goes off doesn’t require an action button, since the device has a built-in display system with touch function. You can easily turn it off by tapping the Snooze or Dismiss button on your screen when the alarm goes off. That seems comfortable, isn’t it?

  • Resetting Amazon Echo Show
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When troubleshooting your Amazon Echo Show or having a used Echo Show transferred from another user, the need to reset the Echo Show to factory settings will probably arise.

In order to clear out previously connected devices and give room for pairing with a new device, which is yours. Trying to reset your Echo Show to factory settings. You must be wondering, where’s the reset button on the Echo Show.

Basically, resetting Echo and Echo dot seems undemanding since it only requires you to long press the action button for several seconds till the light ring pulses orange and turns off. Unlike others, the Echo Show didn’t have any action button. Therefore, there’s a built-in separate option to reset your Echo Show to factory settings. To find the reset button on Echo Show; 

  • Swipe down from the top part to access the device menu bar. 
  • From the menu bar options, locate and click the Settings icon. 
  • Swipe up to navigate and locate the Device Options from the list.
  • Locate and click the Reset to Factory Defaults option to clear off the device settings.
  • Finally, confirm your action by clicking Reset once again.

The device will reboot automatically once it’s done, and power on as a setup ready Echo Show. Since its previous settings have been relieved, you’ll need to start up your home smart speaker once again.

  • How to Put Your Echo Show in Setup Mode

The Amazon Echo’s setup mode leaves the device in ready to connect stage. Having wireless connection issues between the speaker and the connected device, you might want to refresh the connection during the troubleshooting procedure, which may involve resetting the device and turning on the setup mode to make it ready for connection. And also, such cases may likely arise when the Echo Show is transferred from another user.

Substantially, switching Echo to set-up mode on some models of Echo devices only involves pressing the action button on top of the smart speaker till it reset successfully and switching to set-up mode automatically.

With the Echo Show that doesn’t have an action button, to turn on setup mode; you’ll have reset the device manually using the touchscreen, as stated above. Then the Echo Show will be ready for connection and setup.

What Are the Buttons on Top of Echo Show

Where is the Action Button on Echo Show

Just like other Amazon Echo’s, the Echo Show model’s also feature some buttons on its body. Three buttons and one slider switch to be accurate, while none can serve the purpose of the action button. Located at the upper part of the Echo Show, the volume button (both volume + and volume -), the mute option, and the camera privacy slide switch.

Mute Button

The mute button on Echo Show can be used whenever you’d like to prevent the speaker from listening to your command. By pressing the mute button, the device microphone function will be disabled so far the option is active.

This prevents the virtual assistant from being attentive to anything you say. With the mute option active, you’ll notice a red bar along the bottom of the screen and the mute icon in the upper right of the device screen. And also, when the mode is active, press the button once again to turn off the function.

Volume Buttons

Echo show also houses the volume buttons, which are the volume + and the volume – option, used for adjusting speaker volume of the Echo Show. The button location on the right side on the Echo Show which has a + icon is the volume + button, which increases the speaker volume of the device, while the next button to the right with a – icon is the volume – button, which is used for decreasing the Echo show speaker volume.

Camera Switch

The slide switch located far right on top of the Echo Show is the camera privacy switch. This can be used to cover the Echo Show camera in order to prevent it from seeing the surroundings, as it utilizes a physical lid to cover the Echo Show’s camera from the inside. On sliding the camera switch, you’ll be notified with the device camera status, either is On or Off when slide to left or right.

Wrapping Up

Hope you found this post helpful. Apparently, sudden changes that were brought to the Amazon Echo Show model’s distinguish it from other Echo line of products, although people find it a bit challenging to utilize the screen-based actions, since the device features a touchscreen display.

I believe you’ve gotten an answer to your question about where the action button is located on Echo Show.

In a nutshell, the Amazon home smart speaker Echo Show didn’t feature an action button. That is, none of the Amazon Echo Show models have an action button. Instead, you can only utilize the touchscreen display to perform resets and stop timers. This works for all Echo action button tasks except waking Alexa.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the Action Button on Echo Show

Where is the Action Button on My Echo Show 5 and 8?

Seeing that none of the Echo Show models have an action button, you can only use the touchscreen display on your Echo Show 5 or 8 for performing any task the action button does, such as resetting the smart speaker, snoozing Alexa alarm and timer or switching the device to setup mode.

Not only that, Echo Show models feature some buttons (Mute, Volume, and Camera button) which are located on the device body for quick access.

What is the Button on Top Right of Echo Show?

The slide switch in the top right corner of the Echo Show serves as the video toggle switch for the camera. Switching the slider switch to the right hand side will have the camera covered while displaying sorts information on the device screen.

This actually prevents the camera from seeing outside, whether you make a video call or receive the signal, you’ll be able to see the other party while they won’t be able to see you not until you slide the switch back to the left, it will then pop a notification that the camera is On.

How Do I Put My Echo Show in Pairing Mode?

Switching your Amazon Echo Show device into pairing mode is quite easy since you’re accessing the device with a touchscreen. Unlike previous models of Echo that require long pressing the action button before it switches to pairing mode.

To put your Echo Show into pairing mode when trying to link another device with your smart speaker; you can easily call on Alexa to turn on pairing mode by saying “Alexa, enter pairing”

In case the device is passed down from another user, you might need to re-setup the Echo Show and have it connected to your smartphone or computer, to actually do this; Navigate to the Echo Show Settings >> Device Options then click Reset To Factory Defaults. After it reset successfully, the Echo Show will be in pairing mode i.e. ready for setup automatically.

And also, you may be in troubleshooting process in case your Echo Show refuses to respond. To put the Echo Show in setup mode when the device refuses to respond; Try holding down the mute and volume – (down) buttons at the same time for about 15 seconds. That will probably trigger the reset option and allows you to re-connect the Echo Show with your smartphone or computer.

How Do I Reset My Echo Show?

You can easily reset the Echo Show from the device settings. Swipe down from the device home screen to access the menu bar, click Settings >> Device Options >> Reset To Factory Defaults then finally tap Rest to confirm your option and wait for like 2 to 3 minutes for the Echo Show to reset successfully.

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