What is Basic Daydreams on Android? Answered

Seeing an Android basic daydreams application on your smartphone for the first time, you must be wondering what this means. Did you belong to the group of people that doesn’t know the function of basic daydreams on Android phones? Worry not, you’re not alone.

Android developers embellish the platform with their renovative mind of solving users problems with a series of instructions, or a set of modules and procedures. This is written in a programming language that the machine understands and encases as an android application package (apk), which are preloaded on our smartphones and easily installed from the device App Store.

Apparently, the android basic daydream is yet another useful android application package that triggered the android inbuilt daydream mode probably when the device is docked or charging.

The daydream mode will keep the screen on and get you updated with real-time information and other things it was written to function as.

Luckily, we’ve put up an updated tip guide on everything you know about what android basic daydreams entails, which includes the activation and deactivation process, and most queries on basic daydreams android app.

Sit back and read on. 

What is Basic Daydreams on Android Phone

Daydream on Android practically refers to a screensaver, a set of programs typically set to blank the display screen or fills it with moving images, patterns, and weather forecast if the smartphone is capable of doing so.

This is an inbuilt interactive screensaver mode which activates automatically whenever the smartphone is docked, not in use, or charging. The android basic daydreams mode can be accompanied by dash clock, photos, quotes, Flipboard, up-to minute weather forecast out of others.

With the basic daydream mode activated on your smartphone, your device screen will always stay active displaying personalized daydream widget instead of it turning off while charging, docked or put to sleep.

However, as mentioned earlier, android developers around the globe also give room for improvement since the instruction of the daydreams mode alongside Android 4.2. Developers now create their own Daydream apps, with astonishing options using the inbuilt daydream service on Android.

You can firmly enjoy a top-notch experience by activating daydreams on your device when it sleeps. Install a third-party daydreams application and have the best experience with mind-blowing options like webpage daydream, forecast daydream and twitter daydream that shows snippets of your account feed on the phone screen. Sounds so cool, isn’t it?

How to Activate Daydream Mode

Basically, since its debut on Android 4.2, the basic daydreams mode feature isn’t enabled by default. You’ll have to enable the feature manually before it functions on your smartphone.

Latterly, it was widely reported by beta testers, that Android is slowly taking away basic daydreams from its OS by stripping off the basic daydreams settings in recent Android versions.

You might have come across the basic daydreams program in the app list of your latest android device, the program was left there for third-party integration, in case you downloaded a daydream app.

What is Basic Daydreams on Android

Still in possession of a phone that runs old android OS, you can easily enable the basic daydreams mode from the phone settings. To enable it, open Android’s Settings app, locate Display and tap, then tap Daydream. Select from the two provided options when your device should daydream, when charging or when docked.

Select your choice by tapping one of the two then you’re good to go.

Alternatively, if you’re running the latest android operating system, you either resort to a third-party daydreams application or use the Ambient Mode in Google Assistant settings.

This mode enables you to access the Google Assistant when your device is locked and charging. Besides, you can easily access your device notification, get up-to minute info, control your device media, and more from the darker screen while your device is charging.

Google Assistant Ambient mode replicates the basic daydreams on older OS, and can be activated in the Google Assistant settings of your device. To do this;

  • Launch the Google app on your device. 
  • Tap the profile photo in the upper right corner of your screen.

Ambient Mode Settings

  • Tap on Settings from the list. 
  • Tap Google Assistant to access its accessories.

What is Basic Daydreams on Android

  • Swipe up to locate Ambient Mode and tap.
  • Toggle on the button that is adjacent to Ambient Mode.
  • In addition, you can toggle on the option next in line to select couples of photos to be displayed when the device is plugged in.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a basic daydream app on tablets?

The basic daydreams app on tablets serves the same function (interactive screensaver) as that of mobile phones, as it changes the device settings once activated and keeps the screen on with notifications and other sort of enticing contents.

How do I turn off Daydream on my Android?

Daydream function can be turned off easily in the android display settings. To turn off basic daydreams on older android mobile; Navigate to the Android Settings screen, tap Display, then tap Daydream. At the upper part of your screen, tap the switch to toggle it off.

What is Basic Daydreams on Android

Trying to turn off Google Assistant Ambient mode; Open the Google application on your device. Tap the profile icon in the upper right corner of your screen, tap Settings, select Google Assistant then swipe up to locate Ambient mode from the options, Toggle off the switch next to Ambient Mode to finally turn off daydream.

Can I disable & Uninstall the Daydreams App?

Yes, the basic daydreams app can be uninstalled completely from your device if you have it installed. To uninstall the daydreams app on your phone; Access the phone Settings, navigate to locate installed applications, fish out the actual one you’d like to uninstall and confirm the warning card. 

In case you’re having the basic daydreams service app on your phone, you won’t be able to uninstall this program because it’s pre-installed and protected by administrator privileges, even if you factory reset your phone, the app will remain.

You can check if it can be uninstalled or disable by navigating to your phone Settings >> Apps >> Device Apps, tap basic daydreams to check if either the uninstallation or disable button is clickable.

Is basic daydreams a Virus or Spyware?

No, android basic daydream is not a virus or spyware on your phone. It’s a preload application package on android phones i.e. having the program on your phone and using its features can’t cause you any damage since it’s signed and licensed by Google. Resorting to third-party daydreams applications, make sure to check the app usage policy as well as users review before installing.

Does disabling apps free up space on Android?

Yes, disabling an android app will delete any updates you have installed, freeing up valuable space. This will probably relieve your device storage if the app uses a significant percentage of your storage size.

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It’s advisable to inspect and disable any unused system app to prevent them from siphoning the phone’s storage and resources to update or run in the background. Besides disabling the app only won’t clear out the app saved data and files, this can be done by clearing the app cache and data from the app settings.

Wrapping Up

I hope you found this piece helpful. In conclusion, the android basic daydreams mode on android phone is a typical android program (interactive screensaver mode) written to automatically activate and function as given command either while charging, or when the device is docked.

This will keep the screen on and show some set information like photos, quotes, Flipboard, or a dash clock.

With nowadays versions, you can activate daydreams for your android device while charging using the Google Assistant Ambient made. Hope you’ve got your questions answered with this resource? Having any issues or other related details you’d like to share with us. Keep in touch using the comment box.

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