Vodafone Data Bundle Code Ghana [Updated]

Since data and internet bundles give unhindered access while surfing the net. Being a Vodafone new customer or an existing user, are you in search of the current and updated Vodafone data bundle code to enjoy an appealing Vodafone bundle offer? Fret not, as you’ll get to know the updated Vodafone data bundle codes.

Almost all our everyday lives are now entangled with the internet. In order to enjoy limitless access, it’s essential to bundle up your line or dongle with either hour, night, daily, weekly or monthly plans. 

Provision of affordable data plans and bundles has been a trait of the British based multinational telecommunications company, Vodafone since long ago.

To ensure topnotch experience for customers while connecting to the internet, numerous data options were made available to subscribe with validation ranging from hours, daily, weekly, monthly, weekends and also unlimited.

Actually, there are various prepaid bundle options you can subscribe to in a split second using the Vodafone data bundle code, to get access to non-stop experience while still saving a penny. Fortunately, here are important and updated codes to bundle up your device.

Vodafone Data Bundle Codes

To access the data bundle area of your Vodafone line, where you can subscribe to any data bundle of your choice; you’ll have to make use of the current Vodafone data bundle code which is *700# then select “Buy Internet Package” by replying with 1 as your response. Then choose your preferred plan from the option list.

However, you can also employ the alternative methods in activating data bundles on your Vodafone line. This involves dialing *110# on your active Vodafone line or by installing My Vodafone mobile App from your device App Store.

Vodafone Data Bundle Code Ghana

Below is a list of updated Vodafone mobile data bundle offers which includes its term and condition i.e. the unit allocated, bundle price and expiry details.

  • Value Packages
  • 2 Moorch No Expiry
  • 2 Moorch Data
  • Vodafone Cash Special
  • BOSSU Bundles
  • Night King Bundles
  • Monthly Packages
  • Hourly Bundles
  • Red Offers
  • Freedom Offers
  • Vodafone X

Vodafone Value Packages

The Vodafone value package is a high range typical data plan, capped with maximum size of 7.5 gigabytes to serve the function and help customers with heavy download in broad daylight since it’s valid for days. See details;

Data Price Validity Code
1GB GHS3 1 Day *700#
1.1GB GHS5 3 Days *700#
7.5GB GHS20 5 Days *700#
Value Packages

Vodafone 2 Moorch Data Offers

Vodafone 2 Moorch data offers which actually means “too much” data. This provides users with various data options to subscribe at low price and enjoy surfing the internet seamlessly. Basically, the Vodafone 2 moorch data offers consist of two different categories; the one with validity period and the other with no expiry date.

Data Price Validity Code
4GB GHS20 No Expiry *700#
10.2GB GHS50 No Expiry *700#
2 Moorch No Expiry


Data Price Validity Code
1.5GB GHS10 15 Days *700#
4.5GB GHS20 10Days *700#
11GB GHS50 15Days *700#
2 Moorch Data

Vodafone Cash Special

Are you urgently in need of a data bundle in a short period of time? The Vodafone cash special allows customers to subscribe to a limited bundle in case it’s needed urgently. All Vodafone cash special offers are left with a validity period of 1 day, i.e. it can only last for a day before it expires. See details.

Data Price Validity Code
350MB GHS2.25 1Day *110#
450MB GHS2.50 1Day *110#
1.5GB GHS3.5 1Day *110#
Vodafone Cash Special

Vodafone BOSSU Bundles

This is another exceptional data option offered by Vodafone to customers. The Vodafone Bossu bundle is a typical mid-range data bundle made available for all prepaid subscribers. Bossu bundle is well known for its Bossu weekend bundle which opens a brighter weekend to Vodafone customers. Users get to unveil an excellent experience with the affordable 2 days plan.

Data Price Validity Code
GHS0.50 200Min *5588#
104MB GHS2.15 1Day *5588#
5.18GB GHS6 2Days *5588#
3GB GHS10 1Week *5588#
5.5GB GHS15 1Week *5588#
10.35GB GHS43.5 1Week *5588#
BOSSU Bundles

Vodafone Night King Bundles

Specially made for the night surfer, Vodafone night king bundles. Here’s a huge data bundle made specially for night internet surfers trying to save or upload heavy files.

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The Vodafone night king bundles consist of two types, the normal that does expire and the other that doesn’t until it runs out. Both nightlife bundles have a maximum of 9 gigabytes which is the highest option you can go for.

Data Price Validity Code
6GB GHS2 1Day *700#
9GB GHS3 No Expiry *700#
Night King Bundles

Vodafone Monthly Packages

Vodafone Data Bundle Code Ghana

Yet another huge Vodafone data bundle, Vodafone monthly packages. As the name implies, after being categorized as one kind of huge data bundle, it’s also set to be valid for 30 days before it expires. The Vodafone monthly packages consist of 3 types with a maximum of 250 gigabytes which costs GHS400. See the data bundle code below;

Data Price Validity Code
25GB GHS100 1Month *700#
55GB GHS200 1Month *700#
145GB GHS300 1Month *700#
250GB GHS400 1Month *700#
Monthly Packages

Vodafone Hourly Bundles

Having a pleasant experience in your leisure time, the Vodafone hourly bundles fill the void. The hourly based Vodafone data bundle which comes into play for immense activities that require huge data in a short time. Like updating your device operating system IOS, Android or Windows version. See the Vodafone data bundle code to activate hourly bundle below;

Data Price Validity Code
500MB GHS1 1Hour *700#
2GB GHS2 1Hour *700#
Hourly Bundles

Vodafone Red Offer

Here’s a tempting Vodafone data bundle, the Vodafone Red offer. This is an integrated data bundle from Vodafone to the prepaid customers. On subscribing to a plan on Vodafone Red, you’ll be offered some local talk minutes to keep in contact with family and friends, free Vodafone to Vodafone minutes, SMS allowance and some data bundle to browse the internet.

Data Call Allowance Price Validity Code
50MB 95Min GHS1 1Day *200#
100MB 430Min GHS2 3Days *200#
250MB 160Min GHS5 7Days *200#
2800Min GHS10 1Month *200#
700MB 150Min GHS20 1Month *200#
500MB 550Min GHS30 1Month *200#
1GB 1000Min GHS50 1Month *200#
2GB 2100Min GHS100 1Month *200#
Red Validity Based Bundles


Data Call Allowance Price Code
25MB 6Min GHS0.5 *200#
50MB 12Min GHS1 *200#
100MB 30Min GHS2 *200#
250MB 80Min GHS5 *200#
500MB 165Min GHS10 *200#
850MB 330Min GHS20 *200#
1.1GB 400Min GHS30 *200#
Red No Expiry Offers

Vodafone X Offer

The Vodafone X offer is a kind of which consists of a daily, weekly and monthly data bundle. This is allocated alongside free calls to local and Vodafone numbers, normal data bundle and social platform bundle such as WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook (WTF). Check code to activate below;

Data WTF Price Validity Code
52MB 26MB GHS1.6 1Day *5888#
104MB 52MB GHS2.15 1Day *5888#
207MB 52MB GHS3.2 3Days *5888#
311MB 104MB GHS4.3 3Days *5888#
518MB 155MB GHS7 7Days *5888#
673MB 259MB GHS8.6 7Days *5888#
1.24GB 828MB GHS10.75 7Days *5888#
1.24GB 518MB GHS19.25 1Month *5888#
2.07GB 725MB GHS21.5 1Month *5888#
3.11GB 1.55GB GHS32.5 1Month *5888#
4.14GB 2.59GB GHS43 1Month *5888#


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I buy data bundles on Vodafone Ghana?

Actually, there numerous ways to buy data bundle on Vodafone Ghana but the easiest and convenient way is by using the Vodafone data bundle code mentioned above; *700# >> then select 1 from the option list. The other alternative method to purchase data bundle on Vodafone Ghana includes by dialing *110# using My Vodafone mobile App or accessing your Vodafone account on Vodafone Ghana website.

How do I get unlimited bundles on Vodafone?

Basically, the only unlimited bundle offered by Vodafone is the unlimited weekend bundle which is only usable on weekends (Saturday & Sunday). This is a supplementary data bundle that is valid from Saturday 00:01am –Sunday 11:59pm for as low as GHc 30.

The Vodafone weekend bundle is said to be unlimited with a fair usage policy. Having the bundle activated on your line, the unlimited data will be prioritized for usage during this period (weekend) over the core bundle and then any rollover data you might have on your account.

To activate this and enjoy an unlimited browsing experience within the validity period (Saturday & Sunday). Simply grab your phone and dial *900# then choose 1 as your response, followed by 4.


Vodafone Data Bundle Code

Hope you find this guidepost useful. In a simple word, to activate a data bundle on Vodafone Ghana, you’ll have to make use of the Vodafone data bundle code which is *700# then 1 or *700*1# to access the Vodafone data bundle page on your active Vodafone Ghana line. Other substitutes to this include My Vodafone mobile App and Vodafone Ghana website.

Having any issues with steps mentioned above or other relevant suggestions you’d like us to cover in this guidepost? It’s time to hear from you. Communicate that with us using the comment section.

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