The Barker Era Channel Introduces 60 Fresh Episodes Which Kicks Off Already

Pluto TV’s The Price Is Right: The Barker Era channel is set to delight fans with a nostalgic trip down memory lane as it introduces 60 “new” episodes from the first season of the iconic game show.

Starting from November 27 and running through January 7, viewers can catch the classic episodes hosted by the legendary Bob Barker, who helmed the show since its debut in 1972.

The episodes, ranging from 0012 to 0465, promise a glimpse into the early days of the longest-running game show in the U.S. TV history.

The Barker Era Channel Introduces 60 Fresh Episodes Which Kicks Off Already

However, some episodes featuring furs or facing source footage issues will be skipped, as clarified by the channel on Facebook.

Nightly entertainment is guaranteed, with two episodes airing on most evenings.

Additionally, select nights will feature The Price Is Right: A Tribute to Bob Barker special, hosted by Drew Carey and directed by Adam Sandler.

This special program adds a unique touch to the lineup, providing viewers with a comprehensive experience of the show’s history.

Pluto TV and Fremantle initially launched the 24/7 free channel dedicated to The Price Is Right on December 2020.

The channel, designed for fans of the 1980s show, expanded its offerings over the years.

The recent inclusion of episodes from the Barker era provides an extended opportunity for fans to enjoy the beloved host’s charismatic presence.

Bob Barker, a cultural icon who hosted the show for an impressive 35 years, passed away on August 26 at the age of 99.

Beyond his role as a game show host, Barker was a passionate animal rights activist, collaborating with organizations such as the United Activists for Animal Rights, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

For those eager to relive the excitement of The Price Is Right with Bob Barker, the channel is accessible on Pluto TV, The Roku Channel, and Sling Free Stream, offering a convenient way to experience the magic of this television classic.

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