How to Stop Facebook Background activity on iPhone

Are you experiencing high background usage of Facebook app activity on your iPhone in spite of turning off the permission in settings? Here’s a helpful troubleshooting guide on how to stop Facebook background activity on iPhone.

Spiking Facebook background activity has become iPhone users talks, both from users running iOS 16 and previous versions, excessive running of Facebook app in background while not using which may lead to quick draining of your iPhone battery.

Facebook app from meta and likely Instagram might be running using extra time due to the activity tracking functions injected in iOS using in app browsers from the social media app according to Mashable report iPhone users are still secretly tracked though it can be denied in permission setting.

How to Stop Facebook Background activity on iPhone

Stopping Facebook background activity totally can be done in four different ways which include; Turning off Facebook app background refresh setting, requesting Facebook app not to track and monitor your activity throughout your browsing session, getting rid of Facebook app entirely and updating your iOS software to the latest released public version. Starting with the first; 

Turn off Background Refresh

Turning off background app refresh settings for Facebook will probably prevent it from auto refreshing while not in use which might reduce its background activity on your iPhone, to do this;

How to stop Facebook background activity on iPhone

  • Navigate to your iPhone Settings >> General >> Background App Refresh
  • Stroll through the list to locate Facebook.
  • Tap on the switch next to Facebook to toggle off the setting. 

Request App Not to Track

Restrict Facebook app from tracking your activity across websites when using the in-app browser, by turning off tracking function settings for Facebook as all tracking requests from the app will be denied automatically by your device as it might likely cause excessive running which spikes the app background activity on your iPhone.

Note that tracking restriction only serves as precaution because it can’t fully protect your activity from being tracked.

How to stop Facebook background activity on iPhone

  • Open your Settings >> Navigate and select Privacy & Security.
  • Tap on Tracking, stroll to locate Facebook or use the search function.
  • Look up the switch next to Facebook, tap to toggle it off if it’s activated.

Delete Facebook App

You can go extremely by deleting Facebook app from your iPhone entirely switching to the web version i.e. integrating Facebook from your Safari browser, to do this; 

  • Launch Safari browser on your iPhone. 
  • Visit and login by imputing your details if you didn’t have your account signed in.
  • On your account profile page, tap the share icon at the browser footer menu. 
  • Tap on Add to Home Screen to create a shortcut on your iPhone i.e. to make Facebook accessible directly from your home page by tapping the icon. 

Update your iOS version

It’s highly recommended to update your iPhone software to the recently released public version “iOS 16 variant” as it has a great impact on bug fixing and security patch update which might likely prevent immoderate tracking and running of Facebook app on your iPhone.

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