How to Solve Nest Doorbell Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Has your Google Nest doorbell stopped connecting to Wi-Fi? Following weeks of usage, did your Nest hello doorbell refuse to connect to Wi-Fi, in spite of taking every basic step for establishing a secure connection with App, did Google’s camera-equipped smart device (Nest) refuse to connect with your home wireless network? Worry not you’re not alone on this. 

Whether you’re in search of in depth information concerning the reason why your Google Nest camera or doorbell refuses to connect to Wi-Fi, or looking for potential troubleshooting steps to keep your Google Nest back online.

We can offer a hand. In this post, we’ve prepared a tested and working potential affix to solve Nest doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi issue you might be facing.

Searching for both convenience and security, Google Nest camera or doorbell serves the purpose to lovers of smart home devices.

An automated smart device that detects usual activity in the home and gets the owner notified with substantial information. Like the real live video which was transmitted from the standalone device and received by the connected App on your smartphone or computer.

How to Solve Nest Doorbell Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

The wireless fidelity network (Wi-Fi) on the Google Nest (both wired and battery models) enables it to transmit live recorded video to your connected devices as well as sensitive notification in real time.

Having a disabled or non-functional Google Nest Wi-Fi network may be so frustrating and demanding after a series of trials to keep it online, since offline Google Nest can be considered as an expensive doorbell that can only chime when pressed.

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Recently, the Google Nest connectivity issues report on the internet has spiked to extremity in a trice, both on Google Nest community and smart home devices forums. Users complaining about a severed wireless network after a short period of usage, in which the Nest can definitely refuse to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

According to a user’s report which we’ve been able to replicate on Google Nest community;

“I’ve had the Nest Doorbell (battery) for a few months with no issues. This week, the doorbell lost its connection and I thought it was a battery issue since it was reported at 10%, although I thought it was weird that I did not receive a notification. I then tried to reconnect the doorbell and it didn’t work”……(source)

Apparently, the sudden drawback in the Google Nest doorbell wireless connection that renders it offline might be a bit unclear. Since the issue can either be a result of a connection hitch, specific settings, or a faulty unit. Having a question like; Why won’t my Google Nest doorbell connect to Wi-Fi? Get an answer to that right below.

  1. Why Won't Google Nest Doorbell Connect to Wi-Fi
  2. How to Solve Nest Doorbell Not Connecting to Wi-Fi
  3. Wrapping Up
  4. Frequently Asked Questions:
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Why Won’t Google Nest Doorbell Connect to Wi-Fi

Are you wondering why your Google Nest doorbell or camera went offline after receiving an App notification or mail concerning the connection intrusion. Actually there are a number of reasons why your Google Nest doorbell disconnects from Wi-Fi and refuses to connect easily.

However, the main culprit that may likely be the cause of this issue is network congestion, which will perhaps bring about Wi-Fi interference, a weak connection, or not enough upload speed due to low bandwidth allocation. Other few possible reasons why your Google Nest doorbell refuses to connect to Wi-Fi includes;

Wi-Fi Network Frequency Band Type

Almost every smart home device and electronics manufacturer prefers and recommends 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi frequency band for efficient connection. Seeing that it works well on a long distance with minimal speed unlike the 5Ghz band that renders great speed in short range. Unknowingly establishing a connection to a 5Ghz wireless network can prevent it from connecting.

Rebut Wireless Network Password

Did you change your router password recently? Changing the wireless network password leaves the already saved one on your device incorrect that may cause Wi-Fi disconnection and unable to connect as a result of the contradict password.

Device Placed Farther From the Network Source

Range plays a big role in any wireless technology device. Having your Google Nest doorbell in a longer distance from the wireless network source may result in a Wi-Fi connection issue, that may leave the Google Nest doorbell offline and make it refuse to connect.

Wireless Network Interference

With a lot of devices connected to your wireless network source. Either you’re on the router, Mifi or pocket Wi-Fi, these devices have their connected device limit before it waves become unstable. Connecting more devices than what your wireless network source can handle may likely result in interference and cause unstable Wi-Fi connection.

Incompatible Wi-Fi Extender

Using a Wi-Fi extender for rebroadcasting waves from your wireless network source, this may be hindering the Google Nest connection. And also trying to establish a connection to an incompatible frequency. Turning off Wi-Fi extenders for troubleshooting this is also recommended.

Over tasked Google Nest or Network Source; Due for Restart

Overworked devices may result in Wi-Fi network connection issues. Smart home devices are automated electronics that carry out operations based on command and some program computation. Any glitch in the program due to over tasking can prevent some function from performing as expected. Not until you restart the device, the same applies to your network source.

How to Solve Nest Doorbell Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

How to Solve Nest Doorbell Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Troubleshooting your Google Nest doorbell. In case you’re already experiencing the Wi-Fi connection issue, as your Google Nest doorbell or camera refuses to connect to a wireless network. After receiving sorts of disconnection notification either from the App or at your mail, you can try out below affixes to workaround your Google Nest doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi.

Check the Device Power

To begin with, low power or no power on the Nest doorbell tends to prevent it from connecting to Wi-Fi networks, since the device may be preserving the battery for longer usage. It’s advisable to check on your device power whether you’re on the battery or wired version.

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Check and ensure the battery is charged, in case you detected that your Nest is low on power, plug it to a working power outlet and try reconnecting the wireless fidelity network.

Inspect the Wi-Fi Network

Conducting a thorough check on the Wi-Fi network you’re establishing a connection with is essential, and also serves as the other best approach in fixing the issue of Google Nest doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi. Concerning the Wi-Fi band, the 2.4Ghz is considered as the best in order to avoid tottering Wi-Fi networks.

Unknowingly, your network source may be a dual-band supportive device that features the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. By default only the 5Ghz will be made available for connection.

To actually workaround this, ensure you’re connecting to the 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi frequency band. To avoid any kind of interference before the Nest establishes a standard Wi-Fi network. And also, you can try out the Wi-Fi network by connecting it with your smartphone or other devices if it works perfectly.

Move the Device Closer to Each Other

Apparently, the wireless network transmitted from the Wi-Fi router has its maximum range, whereas placing the both devices farther away may cause the Wi-Fi network not connecting issue, due to interference between both devices either from walls or other wireless supported smart devices in your home.

It’s recommended to simply bring the device closer to each other and try reconnecting the Wi-Fi if it’ll connect to the Wi-Fi network easily. In case your router can’t be moved easily, you can unmount the Google Nest and place it nearer the wireless network source and try reconnecting if that solves the issue.

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Power Cycle Google Nest and Network Source

Just a power cycle might save you from frustrating electronics when not overlooked. Restarting the Google Nest, as well as the network source (router or mifi) tends to fix any sudden glitch in the program as it refreshes the whole system and connection.

In case your Nest doorbell is reacting due to abruptly snagging which prevents the Wi-Fi from connecting, it’s recommended to take some minutes to reboot the Nest doorbell and the network source, if that can get the connection issue solved.

To restart your Google Nest doorbell; Press the power button to turn it Off, Unplug any connected power cable. Wait for several seconds then turn the device On.

The same applies to your Wi-Fi router, turn the router Off then turn it back On after some seconds. Now try re-establishing the wireless connection if your Google Nest doorbell Wi-Fi access has been restored.

Free Congested Wi-Fi Network

To prevent wireless connection interference due to a congested Wi-Fi network. It’s advisable to disconnect some unused devices that were connected to your wireless network source that may likely clog the network and cause a weak connection, or not enough upload speed.

Take a moment to go through your Wi-Fi network connection list, in order to inspect data consumption of each and every connected device, you can simply get rid of less important ones to try out if that solves the issue in your case.

After all, you can try connecting the Google Nest doorbell to a different wireless network source, like your smartphone Wi-Fi hotspot or other options you can resort to.

Update Google Nest or Home App

Using an outdated application can also be the cause of the issue of Google Nest doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi. You can simply visit your device App store or Play Store in case you’re on Android then update the Nest or Google Home application to see how things play out.

Disconnect Wi-Fi Extender

The network frequency band your Wi-Fi extender is based on may not be compatible with the Google Nest doorbell, or the doorbell is out of the extender range.

It’s advisable to move the Wi-Fi extender closer to the Nest doorbell and try it out. In case the issue persists, you can disconnect the Wi-Fi extender and try establishing a connection with the Wi-Fi network source directly. Hopefully it works. 

Wrapping Up

How to Solve Nest Doorbell Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Hope you found this post helpful. I believe you’ve been able to solve the issue of Google Nest doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi with the appropriate affixes provided in this post.

In a simple word, your Google Nest doorbell may be offline due to some sudden hitch that requires some seconds for inspection to keep it back online. Before utilizing your 2 year warranty by ordering for replacement, you can simply try out the above steps to see if it’s able to keep your Google Nest doorbell back on track or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I force Nest Wi-Fi to 2.4 GHz?

Check the available Wi-Fi network you’ll be connecting to in order to be sure if it’s a 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz. You can rename both bands separately yourself to know the exact frequency band type you’ll be connecting to or contact your router manufacturer to do the personalization for you.

How do I manually reset my Nest Wi-Fi?

Resetting the Google Nest doorbell Wi-Fi deletes and forgets every previously connected device which will require you to reconnect with your home wireless network. To reset a Nest Wi-Fi network;

  • Disconnect every cable from Nest doorbell, including the power cable..
  • Press and hold the orange reset button on the back of the doorbell for up-to like 10 seconds.
  • Connect the power cable to the Nest device and wait for a couple of seconds till it boots down.
  • After it successfully boots down with the Wi-Fi light signaling, this means the Wi-Fi network settings has been reset and it’s ready for connection.

Does Nest doorbell work with 5GHz Wi-Fi?

No. The Google Nest doorbell or camera works perfectly on 2.4Ghz since it constitutes stable wireless connection in long distance, unlike the 5Ghz that hardly performs well in a long range and tends to be disturbed with interference.

How do I reconnect my Nest doorbell to Wi-Fi?

Firstly disconnect the previously connected device and reset your Google Nest doorbell Wi-Fi settings if required, then establish a new connection with the available Wi-Fi network. You can learn more on how to connect Google Nest devices to a new Wi-Fi network here.

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