Fashion Sale Flyer Design Concept On Smartphone Using Pixellab

Hi there. Welcome to another series of smartphone editing concept that was personally brought up by ReviewGuide which involve sharing newly developed smartphone editing concepts with everyone interested in smartphone graphics design, as it facilitate easy and effective work on the Go because it’s accessible anywhere, anyplace and anytime.

Today I’m presenting you a fashion sale flyer design concept on smartphone using Pixellab application software. The new smartphone design concept can be done using either Android or iOS device once you’ve got Pixellab install on it. Designing a fashion sale flyer entails bringing a stylish fashion social media banner into reality for advertisement purpose i.e catching consumer view to boost sales.

Quick Preview:

Fashion Sale Flyer Design Concept

Fashion Sale Flyer Design Concept On Smartphone Using Pixellab

Here is a complete and detail guidepost on how to make a fashion sale flyer design concept using one of the highly demanded free photo editor application software “Pixellab” which is popular in smartphone world.

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This post contains every detail and steps you need in creating a fashion sale flyer design concept right on your smartphone within few minutes and create a space for concept scope widening, including required documents link which is embed right below this section. Thinking if it’s possible to bags graphics designer contract without a degree.

Our smartphone editing concepts are always prepared with a free tutorial video to back up the written aspect and clear understanding of the concept. The video was uploaded online on our YouTube channel which made it available anytime you need to watch, all what you have to do is to subscribe and turn on the notification bell to support us and keep receiving update anytime new detail video is dropped.

Requirement For Fashion Sale Flyer Design Concept On Smartphone Using Pixellab

These are the required application and image resources you need to complete the fashion sale flyer design concept on your smartphone. To save the application, tap on download to install automatically from Playstore and for other image resources, tap the download button to save from our drive folder.

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Image Resources

Key Takeaway In Fashion Sale Flyer Design Concept On Smartphone Using Pixellab

1. Download and Install Pixellab latest apk from Playstore by clicking the above download link.

2. Lunch Pixellab, delete the default text and head to the background section to tweak the background colour.

3. Add new shape in blue colour to separate the whole background. Add new triangle shape at the lower part of the editing screen and make the stylish effect.

4. Import the girl image and position it in the right place, add the round shape for the discount text, position the logo, add the contact info, add Fashion sale text, write-up and the social media icon.

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5. Finally export out your work by clicking the drive icon at the upper part of your screen to make it accessible in your phone gallery. Note:- Always export out image in ultra format to avoid auto dimension which might reduce your work image quality.

Detail Video

This is the detail video which cover every aspect in designing a fashion sale flyer design concept. Watch to the very end to avoid missing any steps.


Finally, I hope you’ve learnt one or two things reading this publication. Finding any steps mentioned above difficult, kindly let us know using the comment section and always support us by sharing using any of the provided share icon below.

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