Short Code To Check MTN Data Balance (Working)

Racking your mind on what could be the working code to check MTN data balance? As tracking your limited subscribed plan is essential, are you still facing a setback checking your MTN data balance in Nigeria?

Luckily, here’s an updated guidepost based on code to check MTN data balance especially for Nigerians. 

Did you know that unforeseen exhaustion of one’s subscribed data plan will probably bring about sudden suspension of your line internet access?

This action can cause interruptions in your current activity on the internet and might lead to progress or file loss in case you’re working on an interface with Autosave turned off. 

However, to avoid this mix-up. Inspecting your data balance is the only way to restrain the worst.

Especially if you’re on a limited plan, it isn’t advisable to lose track of your subscribed data information ranging from the data balance, allocation details and expiry date.

Thinking of how to keep track of your subscribed bundle? Examine the working short code to check MTN data balance on your device below.

Code To Check MTN Data Balance

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The easiest way to get details of your active data bundle nowadays is by using a quick unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) code, a communications protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the mobile network operator’s.

Checking your active data bundle using an MTN code to check data balance is straightforward and easy to perform, as it only requires dialing some specific code in your device dialer app to have your active MTN data bundles details at hand.

What is the code to check MTN data balance?

How To Check MTN Data Balance Nigeria

Actually there are numerous ways to have access to your MTN data bundle details on the MTN line, but the fastest and easiest of all is the USSD method which provides you with an instant card that contains every detail about your active data bundles. To get it done, follow the outlined steps; 

Using USSD Code to Check MTN Data Balance

  • Navigate and Launch your device dialer App either on Android, iPhone or other OS. 
  • Input *131# and dial with your MTN line.

Short Code To Check MTN Data Balance

  • On the result page, reply or respond with option 3 which reads Balance check.
  • By choosing option 3, a flash message with your active data balance will show up on your screen while you’ll also receive your data balance as Messages from 131.

The USSD method wasn’t limited to that command mentioned above.

You can also check your MTN data bundle balance by dialing *131*4# or *559# on your device dialer App with MTN line active.

Using SMS Code to Check MTN Data Balance

  • With your MTN line active on your device. Launch your phone Messages app.
  • Create a new message and text BALANCE or Status or 2 to the respective handler which is 131.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds and you’ll receive a response message containing your active MTN data balance details. 

Using MTN App to Check MTN Data Balance

The MTN Mobile App function isn’t limited to accessing your active Data balance from the App dashboard as users can also activate data bundles, enjoy exciting offers, track data usage, buy airtime, share data, and stay up to date with lifestyle content. Steps to check MTN data balance on My MTN App.

  • Install My MTN App from your device App store. 
  • After installation, sign in with your line number. As a first timer, you might be required to set your password or login details. 
  • A one time password will be sent to the provided number to actually confirm the sign in or sign up is from you.

On signing in, you’ll automatically be on the App homepage, where you’ll get to see lots of information about your account like your current tariff plan, airtime balance, and of course, your active data plans and bundle balances.

Using MTN Chat Bot – Zigi

MTN Zigi is a personal assistant chatbot brought to life to answer questions, assist with products, services, and activations.

However, with MTN Zigi you can perform all sorts of operations like checking airtime balance, airtime purchase, bundle purchase, NIN registration and NIN status checking, payment for products and services directly from the bank using debit cards. To check Data Balance using Zigi Chatbot; 

  • Visit MTN official website for Nigerians MTN.NG.
  • Tap the Contact Us floating icon at the lower right side of your screen.

MTN Chat Bot Zigi Chat Page

  • Click on Start a New Conversation to chat with Zigi right on the web or click on any preferred social media icon to where you’d like to chat with the personal assistant.

MTN Chat Bot Zigi Chat Page

  • You’ll be provided with an option to Submit your MTN line number or continue as Guest. Since you’re checking your data balance, input your number and tap Submit.
  • Accept the proposed terms and input the received OTP to confirm your identity. 
  • Select the Services option from the list then tap Check Balance.
  • All your account balance will be displayed as a reply from the personal assistant chatbot. 

How to Check MTN SME Data Balance

As a different kind of MTN data bundle which is designed as a prepaid service that supports sharing among friends and family or workers in case of business owners,

Checking its active balance is entirely different from that of normal data balance. To check SME on your MTN line; Simply dial *461# then select option 4 which reads Data Balance to check the current SME data balance on your MTN line.

Folks believed that SMS data isn’t as strong as a normal data plan. Is that really true?

What’s your point of view? Drop that in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I Check my MTN Data Expiry Date?

Using any of the above method to check your MTN Data bundle balance, which the fastest one is by dialing *131*4# on your device. The result will always include necessary information like your current plan balance, expiry date, plan identification if its normal data, bonus data, corporate gift or social bundle e.t.c.

How do I Check my MTN MiFi Data Balance in Nigeria?

You can check your MTN MiFi Data Balance in an easy way by Visiting MTN MiFi portal created specifically for MiFi users to access and gain confidence over their MiFi management.

With the MiFi portal you can purchase a plan directly without removing your line, checking the current data bundle balance and expiry date.

To access MTN MiFi portal, kindly visit the MiFi portal then sign in with the branded password that’s shipped with the new MiFi.

How do I Check my Data Balance on myMTN Modem?

With the MTN Modem connected to a PC or laptop, navigate and open the installed modem software application, using the dialer function; simply dial *131*4# to check your current data balance or text 2 to 131 using the messages function. 


Always try to keep track of your data usage using the most convenient method for you; hope you’ve learned that above? as it’s foremost in order to avoid sudden disconnection and determine what plan is best for you.

Is there another method you know about to check MTN data balance that I haven’t mentioned in this post? It’s time to hear from you. Keep us updated in the comment section.

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