Samsung TV Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi [How to Fix]

So you’re trying to connect your Samsung TV to a Wi-Fi network as it refuses to connect and keeps disconnecting after a while.

You must be wondering, what can actually be the cause of the issue and asking yourself; why does my Samsung TV keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi. Worry not, we’ve got your back on this.

Owning a smart TV with no internet access definitely makes it bootless since it now becomes standard model TV automatically. The advent and integration of internet services in modern TVs serves as the biggest revolution to electronic television in human history, as it enhances users accessibility and experience.

Streaming of contents such as movies, music, live shows, and games on a larger screen has now been made possible with a smart TV. Also, installation of applications and surfing the internet with a few clicks on the TV remote.

After all, despite ensuring your Samsung TV supports internet services, are you still having issues securing stable connection with your Wi-Fi network, either your home router or modem. Being a big player in the manufacturing field doesn’t exempt their products from acting up.

Fortunately, we’ve been able to replicate this issue around the webspace in which we’ve provided you with every piece of details you wouldn’t like to miss out about your Samsung TV keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi network i.e the likely cause of the issue as well as the potential fixes you can adopt to workaround the issue and get your Samsung TV connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Why does my Samsung TV keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi

Sudden Wi-Fi disconnection and the Samsung TV internet cutting out can be caused by several factors on both the router and the Samsung TV.

This involves overloaded processing units, misconfigured Wi-Fi networks, distance barrier, overcrowded network, bugs which regular firmware or software update can get fixed, and unstable internet connection e.t.c.

However, the approach to take when troubleshooting this issue actually depends on the cause of the problem, try out the outlined possible fixes right below to troubleshoot Samsung TV keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi repeatedly.

Apparently, as the Wi-Fi network refuses to connect to your Samsung TV, you might have noticed some error code on your screen notifying that something has gone wrong in the program. Something like Error Code 0-1, 001, 012, 102, 105, 107, 7-1, Samsung TV Error 107, Samsung TV Error 13, and Message code: 0.

In this case, follow the fixes below. Hopefully it will work in solving the problem of Samsung TV Wi-Fi keep disconnecting.

How to fix Samsung TV keeps Disconnecting from Wi-Fi

Restart the Samsung TV

To begin with, restarting any electronics devices that act up is the first best approach you must take when fixing, as a weary processing system can prevent the Samsung TV from maintaining a stable connection with the Wi-Fi network. In case you’ve forgotten to do that, simply restart your Samsung smart TV by giving it a power cycle i.e turning it off and on after several seconds.

To restart the Samsung TV;

  • Make sure TV is currently on.
  • Power it off either using the remote or the power button on the TV. 
  • After it shuts down completely, unplug the wire from the power outlet.
  • Then hold the power button on the TV as it’s unplugged to completely drain out its remaining power.
  • Wait for a minute then plug the TV back and power it on.

Which will enable you to maintain a stable connection of your Samsung TV to the Wi-Fi network, if the issue occurs due to the TV overloaded processing unit. In case the issue persists, try out fixes below.

Ensure proper Wi-Fi connection

Make sure you’re connecting the Samsung TV with the Wi-Fi network appropriately by navigating to your TV settings and selecting the nearby available Wi-Fi network. To connect your Samsung TV with a wireless network;

  • Ensure the router is active 
  • Grab your Samsung TV remote then navigate to the Settings.
  • Choose General then stroll to select Network from the options.
  • Select Open Network Settings and you’ll be provided with available nearby Wi-Fi networks. 
  • Choose your Wi-Fi network from the list and connect. 
  • Input the correct password if prompted and finally press done to connect.

Samsung TV keeps Disconnecting from Wi-Fi

Additionally, change the Samsung TV internet protocol (IP) settings to “obtain automatically” for it to automatically obtain your IP address when trying to connect to the internet.

This is recommended rather than setting to obtain manually that requires you to input your IP address manually whenever you’re connecting to the Internet. To switch this; 

  • Navigate to the TV Settings.
  • Select General and then choose Network.
  • Then click Network Status.
  • Select Internet Protocol (IP).
  • Ensure your TV is set to obtain automatically. If not, navigate with the remote to click obtain IP address automatically.

Ensure the Samsung TV is connected to 5GHz

Switching to the 5GHz Wi-Fi band is the best option to avoid Samsung TV keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi due to various interference from your home devices that drag down the connection signal to the TV.

Seeing that almost all latest routers now possess dual-band radio signals that enable you to connect to either 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz network.

Apparently, lots of intercession between the Samsung TV and the router connection can probably lead to sudden disconnection of the Wi-Fi network and persistent cutting out.

Wireless network speed test

The 5GHz network band is recommended as it is less prone to electromagnetic interference and best for streaming high definition (HD) content at faster speeds and higher performances.

Actually, the 2.4GHz is the best option when looking at a long range connection but at a lower speed, while 5GHz offers the fastest speeds at a shorter range.

To ensure faster network speeds and higher performances on your Samsung TV, make sure you’re on the 5GHz Wi-Fi band and get your router closer to the TV.

Check the TV signal strength

Connection signal strength or bar gives active information and details on how relevant the connection is currently at. Inspecting your Samsung TV network signal strength lets you determine if the disconnection is caused by an unstable network or network outage. To check your TV signal strength; 

  • Open the Samsung TV Settings.
  • Click General
  • Stroll to select Network
  • Then choose Open Network Settings from the list. 
  • And finally click Wireless to see the current signal strength of your connected network.

Having a full network bar, that is the TV is receiving the full signal and the issue is probably from something else.

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However, in case you can only identify two or three weak network bars and you’ve confirmed your current internet service provider (ISP) isn’t experiencing a downtime, i.e there are interference between both devices (Samsung TV and the router) that prevent it from serving TV with maximum bandwidth.

This brings about the next potential affix.

Move the router closer to the TV

Having the router or your modem placed far away from your Samsung TV might cause the Wi-Fi network to suddenly disconnect due to interference from walls, obstacles, and other home gadgets that use Wi-Fi networks like your Alexa.

Due to the fact that Wi-Fi frequencies can’t stay intact for more than 300 feet from the Wi-Fi transmitter, ensure closer contact of your Samsung TV with the router as it also enhance your Wi-Fi connection by serving the TV at maximum rate.

Having the router placed far away, you can get it closer or utilize router extensions to expand its range throughout your home.

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Additionally, placing the router in a higher place spreads down the coverage i.e it’s recommended to place your home router in a higher place to experience unhindered access to the Wi-Fi network from any of your home devices.

After all, ensure the router isn’t placed in between other home gadgets that use Wi-Fi networks, as it might cause interference and constrain the connection between the router and the Samsung TV.

Avoid connection to overcrowded Network

Connecting your Samsung TV to an overrun Wi-Fi network may lead to Wi-Fi sudden disconnection and cutting out frequently.

All routers including modem have connection limit. Apparently most modern routers can connect up to 255 devices simultaneously from a single access point on your Wi-Fi network, but older ones don’t reach that. Likewise pocket Wi-Fi (Portable wireless modem) that only supports up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices at once.

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Having many devices connected to your network will probably choke the Wi-Fi network and siphon the bandwidth which will leave only little to nothing for the Samsung TV to feed on.

It’s recommended to disconnect devices currently not in use to relieve some traffic and try reconnecting your Samsung TV which will definitely work out well if it’s cutting out due to network congestion.

Check your Wi-Fi password

Typing the wrong Wi-Fi password can resort to connection encroaching or showing sorts of connection errors. Since you’re using the on-screen keyboard and navigating with the Samsung TV remote, you’re liable to make mistakes either a typo or literal error in the password.

Checking out the saved Wi-Fi password to confirm you’ve input the correct one could make the difference. To check and re-enter the Wi-Fi password on your Samsung TV; 

  • Open the TV Settings with the remote.
  • Stroll to select General.
  • Choose Network >> Open Network Settings >> Wireless.
  • Click the Wi-Fi you’re connecting to, then input the correct password before clicking connect.

In addition, you can easily confirm what you’ve input by clicking the show password option to make the password visible and confirm if there is no mistake and omission. Then finally click done and connect.

Reset TV’s network settings

Misconfigured network settings on your Samsung TV can stand as hindrance between the TV and the Wi-Fi network by not discovering or won’t search for available nearby wireless fidelity.

Having the network settings personalized for a particular network in the past may probably require refresh before it works with the new connection you’re establishing with your home router.

How to reset your Samsung TV network settings; 

  • Grab your Samsung TV remote and navigate to Settings.
  • Stroll to choose General.
  • Select Network from the option list.

Reset Samsung TV network settings

  • Stroll to locate and select Reset Network
  • Navigate and click Yes to finally reset your Samsung TV network settings. 

Afterward, power off and power on your TV to refresh the option and try reconnecting the Wi-Fi network, hopefully it works. If not, there are more fixes to try out below.

Reboot Router

Restarting your network source is also a significant potential affix to try out in this case, since overworked routers or modem can cause the Wi-Fi wave interruption. In case the issue is from the network source, it’s recommended to restart your home router. To do this easily;

  • Remove the router power cable.
  • Leave it powered off for up-to like 10 minutes.
  • Connect the power cable and power it on. 
  • Wait for several seconds for it to completely boot down.
  • Then reconnect the Samsung TV by navigating to the TV Settings.
  • Choose General >> Network

Samsung TV keeps Disconnecting from Wi-Fi

  • Then click Open Network Settings >> Wireless
  • Now select the Wi-Fi network name to connect, input the password if prompted and finally click connect.

In case you’re on modem. To restart a pocket Wi-Fi (Portable wireless modem). Firstly disconnect every connected power cable then locate the power button and long press till it shuts down.

If the battery is in reach, you can simply put out the battery leaving it disconnected. After several minutes, put back the battery and power it On by long pressing the power button till it blinks the active light. 

Disable guest networking

Apparently, getting your Samsung TV connected to the guest version of your home router can cause sudden disconnection and untimely cutting out.

Seeing that this only portion secures part of the wireless network to the TV, just to ensure other connected devices are protected from malware infection and compromisation.

The option guest network protects your connected devices from devices on guest version of the wireless network, by restricting what your guests can do with the connected wireless network for protection against various wireless fidelity attacks.

However, the best option to workaround Samsung TV keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi due to guest network protection is by switching from guest network to the legitimate wireless network.

To do this; Navigate to the TV Settings >> General >> Network >> Open Network Settings >> Wireless then select your wireless network name, not the guest version and connect to see how it works out. 

Update Samsung TV’s software

Timely firmware and software updates are released day-by-day by manufacturers for enhancing their devices features and functions, as well ensuring its error free from malware, bugs or program crash.

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Leaving your Samsung TV without internet connection for some period of time might let it miss out on a series of software and firmware updates, which may later result in the TV function acting up, likely what you’re currently facing.

It’s recommended to check and update your Samsung TV if you’ve missed any updates. Since you’re unable to connect the TV wireless network, resorting to manual updates is the best option to utilize in this case.

Mind you, this involves downloading the updated file to a USB drive from the Samsung download center page, then importing the file to your TV by inserting the drive to the TV and selecting USB as your update option rather than choosing wireless update.

This can be done on your PC or if you’re holding a high-end smartphone, you can get the USB drive connected to the phone using OTG connector cable.

How to update your Samsung TV manually;

  • Navigate to Samsung Download Center Page on your device web browser.
  • Stroll through the list to locate your device model or use the search option by inputting your Samsung TV model number.

Samsung Firmware download

  • Locate and click the Download button to save the file to your local storage. 
  • Navigate to your device local storage and unzip the downloaded fine, then move to the USB drive.
  • Note: Don’t place the file inside any folder.
  • Power off your Samsung TV and plug in the USB drive.
  • Power it On then navigate to the TV Settings.
  • Then click Support >> Software Update then finally click Update Now.
  • You’ll be provided with an update option (Wireless & USB), choose USB and click Yes to check for updates on the connected USB drive.

Wait patiently for the TV to install the update and restart automatically. Now try reconnecting the Wi-Fi network, which might have got fixed after the firmware update.

Try wired connection (Ethernet)

After a series of trials, you may want to confirm if your Samsung TV internet service is still intact. The best option to adopt is by trying wired network connection between your home router and the Samsung TV using the Ethernet cable.

Ethernet cable connection

Actually, wanting to experience the faster network connection in short range, wired internet connection is the best option. Connecting your Samsung TV with your router with an Ethernet cable isn’t a complex task and can be done easily by placing both devices near each other, grab any working Ethernet cable and fit it into the network port on both devices.

If it transmits and works properly i.e. your Samsung TV internet service is still intact which serves as a beam of hope that your Samsung TV can still secure a stable connection with your wireless fidelity network.

Try connection to other Network

As simple as it sounds, find an alternative wireless network apart from the one you’ve been trying out, like your smartphone wireless network to check if it works well with other networks.

In case it connects without cutting out or sudden disconnection, meaning the issue is from the previously connected router. If the issue persists despite connecting to different networks, that is your Samsung TV is the cause of the issue. 

Manually set the DNS (Domain Name System)

By default, every internet service device automatically resolves the DNS (Domain name system) address via the IP to regain internet access.

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Although we’ve previously changed the Samsung TV internet protocol (IP) settings to obtain it automatically, for one reason or another your Samsung TV might be unable to generate the DNS server address automatically which will require you to input this manually before you can regain full internet access.

How to set your Samsung TV DNS manually;

  • Open the TV Settings using the remote control.
  • Navigate to click General >> Network
  • Select Network Status and cancel the automatic network test.
  • Then click IP Settings.
  • Stroll to DNS Settings and switch the option to Enter Manually.
  • Then input “” or “” in the provided DNS server space and press OK to save.

Turn Off Ipv6

Based on users’ report on Samsung TV community, it was made known widely that the newly introduced Internet Protocol version 6 has been causing sudden disconnection of Wi-Fi network on most Samsung TVs.

Apparently, the latest internet Protocol version 6 (Ipv6) is the most recent version of the Internet Protocol, which enables more unique TCP/IP address identifiers to be created without mixed up, as it introduced innovation to the Internet of Things (IoT) in terms of security, scalability, and connectability.

However it’s recommended to turn off the Ipv6 option in your Samsung TV to see how things work out. To turn off Ipv6 setting on Samsung TV; Navigate to your TV Settings >> Network >> Expert or Advanced Settings then locate Ipv6 and turn it Off.

Unblock Your TV’s MAC Address

You might have the internet service access stripped off your Samsung TV if your MAC (Media Access Control) address is blocked by your internet service provider (ISP) i.e. you can’t access the internet even if your TV is connected to a wireless network.

However, If you notice your device MAC address is blocked, you can easily workaround this by getting your TV MAC address and get in touch with your internet service provider to get it unlocked for you.

To get your Samsung TV MAC address; Navigate to the TV Settings >> Support and click About This TV to find out the MAC address of your TV.

After all, contact your internet service provider and provide them with your Samsung TV MAC address to have it unlocked and include it in the whitelist addresses.

Factory reset the Samsung TV

The last option you can resort to in fixing Samsung TV keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi is by restoring the factory settings i.e reverting all personalization and configuration to that of factory. Note this will cost you all your installed app and settings which might require you to redo the process once restoration is complete.

How to factory reset your Samsung TV;

  • Grab the TV remote and navigate to the TV Settings.
  • Select General and locate to click Reset.
  • You’ll be asked to input the TV password to confirm your decision.
  • Input your set password or use the default PIN which is 0000 in case you haven’t set any passcode.
  • Then wait patiently till it successfully deletes all data on the TV and reboot automatically.

Bottom Line

Hope you find this post helpful. In theory, being the most used electronics brands in the world doesn’t guarantee their products are immune to errors due to software or hardware malfunction.

Your Samsung TV that keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi or cutting out unexpectedly can be for numerous reasons either with the TV itself or your wireless network device (router or portable wireless modem).

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I believe you’ve been able to workaround your Samsung TV keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi continually. Having other related and possible affixes you’d like us to mention in this guidepost, you can communicate that with us in the comment section.

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