Roku’s Global Expansion of “What to Watch” Feature Simplifies Content Discovery

Roku is making strides in enhancing the user experience by globally expanding its “What to Watch” feature.

This update, initially introduced to U.S. customers in October, is designed to assist users in effortlessly discovering TV shows and movies aligned with their preferences.

Roku's Global Expansion of "What to Watch" Feature Simplifies Content Discovery

The “What to Watch” feature analyzes users’ viewing activities across genres and streaming services, intelligently recommending content based on their interests.

For instance, if a viewer frequently watches crime dramas, the feature suggests other crime-related shows they haven’t yet explored.

Notably, the feature identifies the streaming services to which users are subscribed, tailoring recommendations exclusively to those platforms.

Roku's Global Expansion of "What to Watch" Feature Simplifies Content Discovery

This nuanced approach distinguishes Roku from other streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast, where content filtering based on user subscriptions is often absent.

The aim of this update is to streamline the content discovery process in an era saturated with numerous streaming platforms.

In a world where endless scrolling can be overwhelming, Roku’s “What to Watch” feature intends to save users valuable time by understanding their preferences and presenting content tailored to their interests.

Alongside the global rollout of the “What to Watch” update, Roku introduces additional features to further enhance user convenience.

This includes a “Continue Watching” tab, facilitating the seamless resumption of shows or movies, and a “Save List” for easy access to programming at a later time.

While the rollout won’t happen overnight, Roku assures users that the new features will gradually become available.

The streaming player lineup is expected to receive the update over the coming weeks, with Roku-compatible TVs, including those from JVC and TCL, slated to receive the update in the coming months.

As Roku continues to evolve, these enhancements promise to make navigating the vast landscape of streaming content a more personalized and efficient experience for users worldwide.

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