MTN Social Bundle Code: How to Activate (Updated)

Are you in search of a code to buy social bundle on MTN and surf the social media flawlessly while still saving a penny?

Surprisingly, I have put up an updated guide on MTN social bundle code.

Did you know with the MTN social media bundle, you can get rid of the habit of spending more than the budget amount for the internet, as it offers users unhindered access to social media with low cost.

Thinking of how to get it done? I got you covered.

I’ll reveal to you in this blog post, the latest MTN social media bundle code that’s still active and working in the current year.

Firstly what does MTN social bundle entails?

What is a Social Bundle on MTN

As the name implies “Social bundle” this particular plan doesn’t serve the purpose of normal data plan, as it only gives users access to numbered social media apps with low cost. Whereas voice and video calls functions can’t be powered with it.

MTN social bundle code How to Activate

With the MTN social bundle which is officially refers to as GoodyBag Bundles, you can easily subscribe a plan for popular social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram, Ayoba, WeChat, 2GO, Vskit, and Eskimi with a starting price of N25 daily, N55 weekly and N150 monthly.

The GoodyBag package also offers users with an option to subscribe to all social media at once.

That is, by selecting a one time plan which is all social media bundle, you’ll be granted access to all social media for as low as N55 daily, N100 weekly and N250 monthly.

Including the streaming plan for photo and video sharing social media like YouTube, Instagram & TikTok, as well as the social mega bundles for prepaid users, sold at low rates of N220 for 750MB and N330 for 1GB.

Note that all social bundles are capped to a certain limit according to what you subscribed to.

You’d like to know about the MTN social bundle code? Sit back and read on.

Code to Buy Social Bundle on MTN

As MTN made the GoodyBag social available for all MTN users, you can get the MTN social bundles activated on your line within some minutes and surf the social world nonstop using the MTN social bundle code.

For activating MTN social bundle using USSD code on your device either Android, iPhone, or other OS.

MTN social bundle list

With your SIM active, simply dial *131*3# then follow the prompt by selecting social media of your choice from the list; Facebook, Ayoba, Eskimi, WeChat, 2GO, Vskit, WhatsApp, YouTube, TikTok, Opera Mini & News, and Instagram.

Furthermore, you can decide to go for MTN all social media bundle for access to all social media at once using a one time plan.

To get this up and running, you can either activate it using the MTN social media bundle code or by sending command of your preferred all social bundle to 131.

  • Activating using MTN social media bundle code
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To activate MTN all social bundles using USSD code on your device. Simply dial *131*3*6# then follow the prompt message to select the validity period of your choice, either daily, weekly or monthly.

  • Activating using SMS command

For activating MTN all social bundles using SMS command, Navigate to your device messages app and text AS + the appropriate validity period you wish to subscribe for to the handler which is 131. See example below;

All Social Bundle for Daily

Text “ASD” to 131 which cost N55

All Social Bundle for Weekly

Text “ASW” to 131 which cost N110

All Social Bundle for Monthly

Text “ASM” to 131 which cost N250

How to check Social Bundle Balance on MTN

It’s essential to keep track of your daily bundle usage in order to be aware of how consuming your activity is, what’s left of your bundle and your bundle expiry date. 

There are several ways to check your MTN social bundle balance which include using the USSD method and SMS method.

Checking MTN social bundle balance using USSD. Simply open Phone app on your device and dial *131*4# or *559# to get the full details of your active social bundle or other plans you subscribed.

Trying to use the SMS method, here’s how to; Open Messages app on your device whether you’re on Android, iPhone or other OS. Text either BALANCE, STATUS or 403 to 131 to get the full details of your active MTN social bundle.

With the message, “You don’t have any active data balance” this implies that you’re currently not on any data subscription. 

MTN Monthly Social Bundle Code

Here is the useful-shortlisted code to subscribe to the MTN monthly social bundle for any of your favorite social media platforms.

This can be activated using the MTN monthly social bundle code or the SMS method i.e. sending the command to 131.

Activating WhatsApp Monthly

Dial *131*3*1*3# or Text WAM to 131

Activating Facebook Monthly

Dial *131*3*2*3# or Text FBM to 131

Activating Ayoba Monthly

Dial *131*3*5*3# or Text ABM to 131

Activating Wechat Monthly

Dial *131*3*11*3# or Text WCM to 131

Activating Eskimi Monthly

Dial *131*3*12*3# or Text ESKM to 131

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To subscribe to all social media at once, simply dial *131*6# on your dialer and choose your preferred plan either daily, weekly or monthly. 

MTN Unlimited Social Bundle Code

All MTN social bundles are capped to a certain limit based on what you subscribed to.

None of MTN social bundles is unlimited but you can subscribe to a huge plan which is social mega bundles.

However, by subscribing to this particular plan; you’ll be granted access to enjoy video streaming or download Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

You can activate MTN social mega bundles for as low as N220 for 750MB with a 3 days validity period or N330 for 1GB for 7 days validity period. 

How To Buy MTN WhatsApp Data only

As MTN WhatsApp plan is designated to work only on WhatsApp, subscribing to WhatsApp bundle permits only WhatsApp internet connectivity with voice and video call function disabled.

Basically, MTN WhatsApp bundle consists of three sorts of plans including the daily of N25, weekly of N55 and monthly which is N150.

Here’s how to buy MTN WhatsApp data only;

Activating WhatsApp Daily N25

Dial *131*3*1*1# or Text WAD to 131

Activating WhatsApp Weekly N55

Dial *131*3*1*2# or Text WAW to 131

Activating WhatsApp Monthly N150

Dial *131*3*1*3# or Text WAM to 131

How To Use WTF On MTN

WTF on MTN is an abbreviation of WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook social plan.

This particular plan is activated to have access to only the listed social media i.e. it can only be used on WhatsApp, Facebook and likely on Twitter.

However, the MTN WTF social bundle is said to be available for BetaTalk users only. As a BetaTalk user, you can make a purchase of one time plan to power your WhatsApp and Facebook at a time.

For activation;

Text WFD to 131 – Daily Plan – 100MB

Text WFW to 131 – Weekly Plan – 200MB

Text WFM to 131 – Monthly Plan – 500MB

MTN Social Bundle Cost

Check out the recent MTN GoodyBag social (social bundle) subscription cost for all kinds of offers MTN made available for users.

MTN Social Bundle (GoodyBag bundles):

Daily plan – N25

Weekly plan – N55

Monthly plan – N150

MTN All Social Bundles:

Daily plan – N55

Weekly plan – N110

Monthly plan – N250

MTN Streaming Bundle:

Daily plan – N110

MTN WhatsApp & Facebook Bundle (WTF):

Only for BetaTalk users 

Daily plan – N25

Weekly plan – N55

Monthly plan – N110

MTN Social Mega Bundle:

3 Days plan – N220

Weekly plan – N330

How to Opt-out of Social Bundle Automatic renewal

Every social bundle you subscribed to is deemed to auto-renew on the day of expiry as long as the social bundle automatic renewal is active and you’re having enough airtime.

Though you’ll get notified before renewal and after renewal.

But still the plan didn’t sit well with you or you’d like to switch between plans? Here’s how to opt-out.

  • Launch your phone dialer app with your MTN line active and dial *131#.
  • On the response page, reply and choose option 1 which is Data Plans.
  • On getting to the Data Plans response page, reply with option 99 which reads Next to show the remaining options or just reply with option 11 to quick the process.
  • By inputting 11 as your reply that means you’ve chosen the Manage Data option from the previous page and you’ll be directed to where you’ll get to manage your current plans.

Managing MTN Data Bundle

  • Here, choose the Cancel Auto Renewal (option 3) to cancel all your current data plans on Auto renewal purchase.

Did you know you can fast the whole process by combining the commands into a single USSD? To do this, simply dial *131*1*11*3# Ta-da! Goal achieved. 

There are numerous methods to opt-out of data bundle auto-renewal on MTN, you can check out our full guide on quick steps to stop auto-renewal on MTN.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is MTN Social Bundle Used For?

The MTN social bundle is purposely introduced to enjoy boundless access to your favorite social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Eskimi, 2GO, and WeChat. All at affordable rates while Voice and Video calls function isn’t accessible with the MTN social bundles.

How Many Mb is MTN All Social Bundle?

MTN all social bundles are capped respectively according to the validity period which brings about the difference in price. Here’s the analysis of how many megabytes is allocated to each of MTN all social bundle plans.

MTN all social bundle package

Daily plan – N55 =>> 150MB

Weekly plan – N110 =>> 350MB

Monthly plan – N250 =>> 1GB

Can I Download with Social Bundle?

No. MTN social bundles can’t be used to download like normal data subscription. Though there’s a special streaming plan for the purpose of photos and video streaming only on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok as other applications aren’t involved. 

Does Social Data Work on YouTube?

Yes. Once you’re on MTN special social bundle designated for streaming only on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Subscribing to this specific one, you’ll be granted streaming access to stream YouTube as you please.

To subscribe, simply dial *131*3*7# on your device and follow the prompt or Text YIB to 131 to activate the N110 daily plan which is capped at 350MB.


Getting to activate any MTN social bundle plans on your device isn’t as hard as it seems, especially when trying to get it done using the MTN social bundle code.

Hope you’ve managed to learn about all important MTN social media bundle code including the activating process and opting out procedure? Now it’s time to hear from you.

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