Media Companies Target 5 Million IPTV and Pirate Sites on Google

In a relentless battle against online piracy, media companies have set their sights on Google, requesting the removal of URLs from a whopping 5 million unique domains.

Media Companies Target 5 Million IPTV and Pirate Sites on Google

This milestone underscores the scale of the issue, with over seven billion copyright-infringing URLs reported to Google.

The search giant was once dismantling nearly three million links daily, highlighting the sheer magnitude of the problem.

Media companies are waging war on IPTV and pirate websites, aiming to either shut them down or make them harder to find on Google’s search engine.

However, combating piracy is akin to fighting a hydra, as shutting down one site often leads to the emergence of three more.

Cybercriminals behind these illegal operations exacerbate the challenge by frequently switching to new domain names, attempting to evade removal from search results.

Media Companies Target 5 Million IPTV and Pirate Sites on Google

A noteworthy observation is that a small fraction of domains causes the majority of issues, emphasizing the concentrated nature of the problem.

Torrent Freak’s report highlights that even seemingly legitimate sites, such as Disney+ and Netflix, sometimes get caught in the crossfire, questioning the accuracy of the flagging system.

The crackdown extends beyond Google, with government officials, agencies, and entertainment companies engaged in an ongoing battle against illegal IPTV providers.

Despite the illegality, IPTV services operate with a business mindset based on supply and demand.

The surge in legitimate streaming services, from mainstream platforms to niche apps, indicates a shifting landscape away from traditional cable TV.

As the fight against piracy intensifies, the 5 million targeted pirate sites on Google may only be the beginning.

Media companies have spent years ramping up efforts to curtail IPTV services and pirate websites, recognizing the challenges posed by the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The prevalence of online piracy persists, presenting a complex challenge in an era where streaming continues to dominate the entertainment industry.

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