Man Photo Manipulation Editing Concept Using Smartphone

Thinking if it’s possible to manipulate image on your smartphone likely to Adobe Photoshop image manipulation? Sure, that’s possible using some newly developed Android software.

Here is a full guide on how to make man photo manipulation editing concept using smartphone in which you can implement in any relevant aspect of your smartphone design.

Designing and manipulating of image or Photograph comes as modern means of decorative pattern i.e. tweaking produced to show the look and function or workings of an image, building, garment, or other object before it even exist.

Image manipulation process made easy and possible with the use of the most popular raster graphics editor software named Adobe Photoshop created for Windows and Mac since 1988. Using Adobe Photoshop Light Room and some retouching features on Windows and Mac makes Android users a superior in terms of modern design method.

Due to increase In growth rate of technology now than before, some Adobe Photoshop features which are only available on limited platforms has now been tip off to Android device which now makes image manipulation possible.

Man Photo Manipulation Editing Concept Using Smartphone

In this guidepost I’m going to show you how to make man walking photo manipulation on any Android phone with Operating system of 5.0 or newer, included a detail video of the tutorial.

Read to the very end in other to avoid missing any steps involved in this editing concept. Below are the required applications, pictures and background you need before proceeding with the guide.

Key Takeaway:

1. Cut out the image perfectly in PNG format using PhotoRoom Apk and Export out to your phone storage (internal/external).

2. Import the cut-out image (PNG) to the background you just downloaded using PS touch do some modifications like contract tweaking and more, then export it and save.

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3. Rounding up the process by adding some glamouring effect using Lightroom.

Steps To Make Man Photo Manipulation

Lunch the PhotoRoom APK (it requires Data to work). Click “Start from photo” button to select the preferred image you wish to manipulate from your phone storage.

Wait for few seconds while it process your image as shown in the image above.

Tap on the image to access the editing page and click “Background”, tap Erase to remove the background from the image and back it.

Locate and click the export icon at the upper right side of your screen then tap the “Export” button to save the cut-out image to your phone gallery.

After you’ve successfully saved and locate the PNG image in your phone gallery then move on to the next series of editing in which you will make use of Photoshop Touch you installed.

Lunch the Pstouch, import the background image from your photo library by clicking the “frame+” icon at the lower part of your screen.

Tap “layer+” icon as shown in the image below to add the cut-out image (PNG).

Once you’ve located and select the cut-out image in your phone library, center it in position by stretching and reducing the size then press the button to add.

Click the “layer+” icon and Add Empty layer right below the cut-out image layer. Then click the cut-out image layer in the layer section to make sure the white hover is on it i.e. you’re making changes to the cut-out image only and proceed as seen in the below image to add shadow to your editing.

Add new empty layout below the cut-out layer and hover on the cut-out later as shown in the image above. Click the selection option and tap select pixels.

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Go back to layer section and hover on the new empty layer as shown above and click “&” option then tap the “Fill & Stroke” settings to fill the cut-out with black colour by selecting black as shown in the image above.

Head back to the selection settings to deselect and make sure the white hover is on the new empty layer.

Click the “&” option >> Transform to change the dimension of the added black shadow while it also included a pixel nudge in navigating the shadow in other to twerk it as you like.

Save the Transform settings after making some changes and tap the wrap settings to change the size of the shadow.

Add a blurish effect to the shadow by clicking the “FX” icon at the upper side of your screen and select “Gaussian blur”

Click the layer section, make sure the white hover is on the shadow layer and edit the layer opacity.

Add a new empty layer right below the cut out image and above the body shadow layer as indicate in the image and draw out below the image surface with Black colour and brush.

Tap the layer section and add a new empty layer above the background image as shown in the image and make sure the white hover is on it. Click the “&” section to add a Gradient effect to the background only and press once you’re done.

Click on the cut-out later, tap the selection section to tap “Select Pixels” and go back to add a new empty layer.

Head to the & section >> Gradient to edit only the cut-out image Gradient, go back to the selection option to deselect and press Done to save your work.

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Click on the share icon at the lower part of the screen, select save to gallery from the option and choose the image you want to export out then OK.

Now that we’ve successfully place our image to the background and the shadow has been added with some twerk, the next and the last step is to add some brightness and tuning effect using Lightroom software. Now lunch the Lightroom APK and proceed as stated in the images below.

Click on the “Gallery+” icon to import the saved image from your phone library. Tap the light option from the tools to light tuning to the picture. The colour option to gain access to every colour effect on your image where by you can increases or decrease the hue, temperature and more.

Navigate through the other provided settings in the app provided to tune your image completely. After full editing click on the share icon at the upper side of the screen and tap “Save to Device” to export your photo to your photo Library or Gallery.

Man Photo Manipulation Editing Concept Using Smartphone

Detail video

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All photo manipulation concept on smartphone applies the same as those mentioned above in any editing concept you want to make into reality as it serves as standard alternative to Adobe Photoshop window and Mac software.

Finding this guidepost useful and helpful do so and share using any of the provided share icon below and share us your feedback using the provided comment box.

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