RAW City Image Outlook Retouching Concept Using Snapseed

Here is a complete guide on how to edit and retouch a RAW image literally “RAW City Image Outlook Retouching Concept” using an Android phone or iOS device.

The city image outlook retouching concept using smartphone is what was personal brought up by Reviewguide with the help of free complete and professional photo editor software developed by Google for both Android and iOS devices.

The city image retouching concept involve a RAW city image file with zero colour before changing the whole outlook to something great.

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RAW City Image Outlook Retouching Concept

RAW City Image Outlook Retouching Concept Using Snapseed

This is a full tutorial on how to use your smartphone either Android or iPhone to edit and retouch a RAW city image outlook within a few minutes. The full procedure to do this will be explain in details in this guide and was also available on our YouTube channel which will be embedded later in this post.

This post includes necessary link to download Snapseed for Android and iOS devices, as well the RAW image used in city image outlook retouching concept.

Requirement For City Image Outlook Retouching Concept

Below are the free required resources to try out the exact concept as mine on your smartphone within few minutes and implementing in another developed editing concept of yours, go ahead and install Snapseed for your preferred device and download the RAW image.

Snapseed For Android


Snapseed For iOS


RAW Image Resources (Copyright Phototraces)


Key Takeaway In City Image Outlook Retouching Smartphone Concept

1. Download and install the necessary and required resources which include the Snapseed and the RAW image file.

2. Locate the downloaded RAW image in your Phone files as it will be saved with (.dng) extension in Download folder which might not be visible in your Photo library or Photo Gallery.

3. Lunch the Snapseed, import the RAW city image, kick start the retouching process and export out your work once the desired objective as been achieved.

Steps To Make City Image Outlook Retouching Concept Using Snapseed

Lunch the installed Snapseed software on your phone either Android or iOS version (Same steps apply).

Tap anywhere on Snapseed home screen which display “+” icon to add image from your phone library.

Navigate through your file manager to locate and select the RAW city image file you download earlier.

On importing a RAW file, Snapseed will automatically direct you to separate develop RAW editing features in which you can tweak the RAW image Exposure, Shadows, Highlights, Contrast, Structure, Saturation, Temperature and Tint.

Now decrease Exposure -0.25 by dragging your finger either to left(-) or right(+) part of your screen then increase Highlights +35, Shadows +82 and Contrast +70 then press the icon to save the changes.

Tap “Tools” at the lower part of your screen, click selective filters to get more details in separate areas selected from the raw image. To select, click the “+” icon then tap the building area and adjust the center size by dragging in or out with two fingers.

Now adjust the building colour details by selecting the left side with a center size of +50 then increase the Brightness to +80, Contrast +61, Saturation +11 and Structure +7. Do the same for the other part of the building.

Adjust the river colour by selecting the center part of it and adjust the center size to +36, Brightness +31, Contracts +36, Saturation +70 and Structure +15.

To get more details in the clouds click the “+” icon and select the middle part of the sky with center size of +52, Brightness -7, Contrasts +13, Saturation +76 and Structure +49. Which will finally look like the above image.

Now to create a light source on the raw image. Head to the “Tools” and select Curves. Tap on the icon refers to in the above image to select colour, firstly select the RGB and drag to the upper part and then RED. Select the Green colour while that will maintain the position lastly tap the Blue colour and drag a little bit to the downside of the curve which will be probably look as shown above.

Then apply the light source to the sky by using the curve masking editing by following the process shown in the image above.

Make sure the curves masking is 100 by adjusting using the arrow down-and-up provided in the lower part of screen and tap the upper part of the building to create the light source while the low curves masking button is used to clean up where the curve effect is not useful.

Head back to the Curves to brightens the light by selecting the RGB and dragging it to the top and also the Red and green while only the blue will go down as shown in the image. Apply the curves effect using the masking of the curve in which you will find in view edits.

Add some red colour to the highlights and give some colour to the bright light source created on the image using once again by tweaking the Red and Blue curve line as shown in the above image.

Create a darken part of the raw image with Curve by darkening the whole image to get some shadow by dragging the RGB line down as shown in the image above and brighten preferred part by using masking.

Add warm tune to the river based on the artificial light created in the sky. To do this head to the Tune Image and increase the brightness and warmth then apply to where it’s to affect using making to select the river part.

Apply a little contrast on the building using Curve feature, tweaking as outline above and select the building using masking.

Click the White Balance in “Tools” For adding additional hot temperature to the white source of light created in the sky and apply it using masking feature.

Add vintage filter to the city image outlook for it to be realistic and dramatic by clicking the Vintage filter in the “Tools” as guided above and use masking feature in applying it.

Finally this the last process which is the exporting process i.e. to export out your image in large format without being compress or originality reduction. Click the Export option at the footer of the screen then tap the Save to create a copy of your photo in your device.

Watch video

Below is the detail video on how to edit a raw city image file which involves the retouching process using Snapseed software on both Android and iOS. Kindly watch, like and subscribe for more informative content.


By now you could have learn and able to retouch any Raw image file using Snapseed software on any smartphone. Finding this detail guidepost useful kindly support by sharing using any of the share icon provided below as well as dropping us your feedback in the comment section.

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