How Verizon Could Become Your Go-To for Various Subscriptions

In an era where we juggle countless subscriptions for streaming, fitness, and gaming, telecom giants like Verizon are stepping up to simplify our lives.

The buzzword is “super bundles,” and it’s reshaping the way we interact with our wireless carriers.

Verizon’s +Play marketplace is a prime example, offering a spectrum of subscriptions—from Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to Peloton—bundled seamlessly with their wireless plans.

How Verizon Could Become Your Go-To for Various Subscriptions

This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg in what could redefine our relationship with telecom companies.

Enter the concept of the “super bundle.” This innovative approach involves a single company providing multiple services under one roof.

Amazon, with its Prime Channels program, bundles Prime Video with services like Paramount+, Max, and Crunchyroll.

Apple is transforming its TV app into a hub for various streaming services, while Comcast and Charter’s Spectrum are exploring similar avenues with their Xumo platform.

Why are telecom companies diving into this trend? It boils down to existing billing relationships.

These companies believe that customers would prefer managing all subscriptions through one provider, eliminating the hassle of multiple accounts and logins.

How Verizon Could Become Your Go-To for Various Subscriptions

“People are overwhelmed with the number of subscriptions; they’re losing control,”

says Giles Tongue, vice president of marketing for Bango, a company facilitating subscription program sharing.

Simplifying this process gives customers better control over their household income.

The benefits aren’t one-sided. Super bundling enhances customer loyalty by tying multiple subscriptions to one carrier account.

The convenience of having four or five services linked to your Verizon account reduces the likelihood of switching providers.

Moreover, these telecom giants stand to profit by taking a cut of the subscription fees.

A survey by Bango indicates that 81% of executives from music, video, and multi-service content providers see bundling as the future, with 69% considering cross-industry bundling.

This shift towards bundling may seem abrupt for wireless customers.

Previously, carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon offered streaming services as perks, such as Verizon providing Disney+ and T-Mobile bundling Netflix.

Now, these services are being sold as add-ons to the core wireless offerings.

Verizon, in particular, has transitioned from providing freebies to marketing these services as valuable additions.

While some are offered at a discount or in a bundle, others are sold at full price.

The variety, from YouTube TV to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, aims to position Verizon as the go-to hub for diverse services.

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