How to Use Chrome Extensions on Android Mobile Browsers

Are you asking yourself, can I install chrome extensions on android mobile? Where can I find chrome extensions on my android device?

It’s time to sit back and grab a coffee as I reveal to you, all you need to know on how to use chrome extensions on android mobile browsers.

Since long ago, web browser extension has served internet users with easy and relaxing purposes as it adds features and functions to a web browser.

Browser extension is well known as a small software module, installed on a web browser for customization and enhancement such as display personalization, cookie management, and ad blocking out of others.

Basically, Google only allows installation of add-ons (extensions) to its Chrome desktop version. In spite of the fact that Chrome mobile for Android also has desktop mode, this only changes site display as it reveals hidden elements and menus on the mobile version by shrinking the font size and elements.

However, with the refinement and functionality that Chrome extensions added to our daily activities after adding it to a web browser on PC. Are you thinking if it’s possible to use Chrome extensions on your smartphones either Android or iOS?

Actually, having a multifunctional extension installed on your smartphone to crack your complex daily routine may be more appealing than it sounds.

Latterly, the Cupertino based multinational technology company Apple has introduced an extension feature to its smartphone, whereas iPhone users running iOS15 and earlier can now customize and modify their default web browser (Safari) on iPhone.

Unfortunately, none of Android based smartphones is enabled to install web browser extensions on Chrome mobile web browser. But no need to fret, there’s a workaround to it which I am revealing in this guidepost.

Luckily, there are tons of third-party Chromium-based web browsers which function exactly like Google Chrome with extra features, since it also hinges on open-source Chromium.

However, here’s everything you need to know on how to use chrome extensions on Android mobile browsers which includes how to activate, disable or remove Chrome extensions on Android and best Chrome extensions for Android mobile browsers.

How to Use Chrome Extensions on Android

To enjoy chrome extensions functions on your Android device, you’ll have to run a third-party web browser application. There’s no need to worry about the interface or accessibility, as the picks is also a Chromium codebase i.e it works exactly like Google Chrome but with exhilarating features.

Web browsers Included are:

  • Kiwi Browser 
  • Yandex Browser 
  • Firefox Browser 
  • Vivaldi Browser


How to Use Chrome Extensions on Android using Kiwi Browser

How to Use Chrome Extensions on Android Mobile Browsers

Kiwi web browser, this is a fast and easy to use browser on Android which supports installation of add-ons (extension) easily from the browser developer mode. Kiwi browser features amazing functions such as Chromium codebase, incredible page load speed and super strong inbuilt Ad pop-ups blocker that really works on any website. 

To use Chrome extensions on Kiwi Browser;

  • Navigate to your device’s Play Store and install updated Kiwi Browser.
  • In case the latest version isn’t available for your device yet or the whole App doesn’t install from Play Store, you can easily sideload by downloading the APK file.
  • Launch Kiwi Browser and set up the basics settings, set to default browser if prompted.

How to Use Chrome Extensions on Android

  • Tap the three dot option icon in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Stroll to locate Extensions and tap.
  • Firstly toggle ON the Developer mode then visit Chrome Web Store to search and install your desired Chrome extensions. 
  • Use the search feature to look out for the extension and finally tap Install or Add to Chrome button next to the extension.
  • Follow the on screen prompt to successfully install chrome extensions on the kiwi browser.

For timely inspection of your installed extension, you can manage (activate, disable, delete or tweak) installed extensions on the Kiwi browser, tap the tree dot option icon then tap Extensions to access a catalog of installed extensions.

How to Use Chrome Extensions on Android using Yandex Browser

The Yandex Browser with Protect is a stylish and secure web browser application for Android phones which is published by Intertech Services AG. Yandex is well known for its DNS spoofing protection that scans files and websites for viruses with over 100M+ download on Play Store.

Yandex web browser also offers users access to numbers inbuilt web browser add-ons extensions on your mobile phone, and also ability to install from Chrome Web Store. To use Chrome extensions on Yandex browser;

  • Open your device Play Store and install Yandex Browser.
  • Launch the App, follow the on screen prompt to or skip till later time.
  • Tap the option button located in the upper right of your screen.
  • Navigate to locate and tap Extensions.
  • You’ll be provided with available inbuilt web browser add-ons with option to activate and disable

Install Extension on Yandex Browser

  • Visit Chrome Web Store then search and install your favorite extension.
  • Click Add to Chrome button to finally install Chrome extensions on your Android mobile web browser.

How to Use Chrome Extensions on Android using Firefox Browser

Firefox fast and private browser is a non-profit backed web browser with inbuilt AD blocker developed by Mozilla Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the not-for-profit Mozilla Foundation.

As Firefox isn’t based on Chromium, it only uses an open source browser project at the core of Google Chrome. The Firefox web browser is well known for its sleek and smooth interface including faster download speeds and limited web browser add-ons, which really makes Firefox up this list. To use Chrome extensions on Firefox browser; 

  • Install the latest Firefox web browser from your device Play Store or Mozilla websites
  • After successful installation, launch the App and set up the prompt settings. 
  • Open the Extensions section by tapping the three dot option button. 
  • Locate and tap Add-ons from the option list. 
  • You’ll be provided with a list of inbuilt extensions that can be added to your web browser.
  • Firefox browser add-ons can be activated easily as it only has a + sign next to extensions name.

How to Use Chrome Extensions on Android using Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi Browser is a supercharged private web browser which offers users swift and smart interface, epic tab feature and Ad blocking option. The Vivaldi technologies web browser application also enables users to activate any chrome extensions of their choice as it is also built using Chromium, but slightly different from Google Chrome.

To use Chrome extensions on Vivaldi Browser;

  • Install Vivaldi Browser from the device Play Store.
  • Tap the option button to access the extensions. 
  • Navigate to locate Extension or Add-ons from the option list.
  • Stroll through the list and activate any web browser extension you thought it’ll serve you.

Best Chrome Extensions For Android Mobile Browsers

Here are few must have and easy to use Chrome extensions for your Android mobile web browser to enhance our day-to-day operation.

1. Schedule Email by cloudHQ. This is a Chrome web browser application or plugin that allows you to schedule emails to be sent at a later date. This gives room to schedule Email. That is, you can set a specific time and moment to send your Email automatically even when you’re not active.

2. Evernote Web Clipper. This is a multifunctional Chrome extension and a great way to capture web pages, which enables users to save web content to their Evernote account. With Evernote web clipper, you can make use of the Evernote account for saving captured ideas, articles, web pages and likely screen munch.

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3. Meeting Scheduler for Gmail. Yet another versatile Chrome Extensions which must be present in our web browser. The meeting scheduler for Gmail takes care of meeting schedule and invitation which supports Google email and works on Gmail interface.

4. Honey: Automatic Coupons & Rewards. One of the essential extension add-ons lovers must have installed on their web browser.

How to Use Chrome Extensions on Android

Honey: automatic coupons and rewards offer users an available and valid coupon for products on the website you’re viewing. Honey also pinpoint and conclude on the cheapest seller for a particular product and tracks price drops to keep you updated on the best time to buy

5. LastPass: Free Password Manager. Wave goodbye to incorrect password days with LastPass: free password manager. This is a free password manager as the name implies. LastPass offers users full access to their social life by allowing saving and syncing of passwords across devices which is accessible only with the master password.

With the LastPass master password in place, you can get access to tons of saved passwords and fill them in place automatically with password autofill.


Hope you found this guidepost helpful? In a nutshell, to use chrome extensions on android mobile browsers, you’ll have to run a third-party application software that also depends on Chromium codebase as Google Chrome mobile application doesn’t support chrome extensions.

Such Chromium based alternative web browsers includes; Kiwi Browser, Yandex Browser, or Vivaldi Browser out of others. Having issues or difficulty following any steps mentioned above? We love hearing from our readers. Let’s hear it out in the comment section.


    • Hi Mike,
      It works best on Kiwi browser most times, you can resort to this option. Visit the Google Play Store and install Kiwi Browser, then follow the appropriate steps (mentioned in the post) to install and activate Google Chrome Extensions on your device.

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