How to Turn Off Language Filter on Alexa

Explicit language filter or profanity filter can be regarded as software, or algorithm from a software implemented on modern devices ranging from our smartphones to virtual assistants. This clearly censors swear words and other sensitive content entirely.

As an Alexa user, if you own any model of the Echo speaker, you may have noticed that sometimes, the language filter can be a bit of a nuisance which leaves you searching for how to turn off the language filter on Alexa.

Apparently, it’s designed to prevent Alexa from responding to certain words or phrases that might be considered offensive or inappropriate.

But after all, the experience of having your favorite music bleeping out because of explicit words and phrases can be so unwelcoming, not if Alexa refuses to play the music at all after it has been censored with a profanity filter.

Most often, many users have has a dissatisfying experience using the Amazon virtual assistant with language filter turned on, which can prevent the device from understanding or responding to certain words or phrases.

Are you searching for a way to turn off language filter on your Alexa? 

Fortunately, there’s a solution to that which I have provided in this post.

In this post, I’ll show you a full procedure on how to turn off language filter on Alexa in two different ways. The whole process is a direct one and can easily be done with few taps.

So if you’ve been wanting to listen to your playlist without bleeping out or skipping some music entirely.

Sit back and continue to learn how to turn off language filter on Alexa in two different and easy methods, this guide will walk you through the process step-by-step.

How to Turn Off Language Filter on Alexa (Turn Off Explicit Filter)

How to Turn Off Language Filter on Alexa

Turn It Off With Voice Commands – If Voice Deactivation is Active

Starting from the simplest one, you can easily turn off Alexa’s language filter by saying some command words to the virtual assistant in which she’ll carry out the operation and put off the explicit filter by herself.

By default the language filter on your Amazon Echo speakers might be turned on and keep the function action since purchase.

No any relative action performed can affect and deactivate the language filter if you didn’t head straight to the option.

This option has an add-on, a relatively advanced setting for configuring the device language or explicit filter. Once this setting is active, you can easily turn off and turn on Alexa’s language filter with a voice command.

However, before you can be able to configure your Alexa language filter you must ensure the voice deactivation option of the explicit filter is turned on.

This will definitely allow you to control the Alexa language filter with voice commands whenever you want to turn it off or on.

In such instances, you can say the command “Alexa, turn off the explicit filter” to see if she’ll respond after identifying the command, that is if the explicit filter voice deactivation option is turned on.

However, if the situation is reversed as the voice deactivation option is turned off, you’ll need to access the explicit filter settings and turn it off manually.

From there, you can easily turn off the Alexa language filter to refrain it from censoring some words or phrases she perceives as sensitive content.

And also, for easy access the next time you’ll need to change the language filter settings, you can simply turn on the voice deactivation option so that it can be controlled easily by just saying some commands to the virtual assistant.

Turn It Off Manually From the Alexa Mobile App

After you’re unable to turn off language filter on Alexa with voice commands, you’ll need to access the explicit filter settings manually from the device mobile application and turn off the settings, where you can access the voice deactivation option as well.

There isn’t a shortcut to this than installing the Alexa mobile application and integrating your device in order to access its settings from your smartphone.

In case you’ve already had the Alexa mobile App set up on your smartphone beforehand, that’s a win for you. You can jump right into the procedure.

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Alexa mobile application function isn’t limited to accessing it in depth settings, it serves incredible purpose in terms of accessibility and personalization.

You can simply access the texting section of the virtual assistant where you input and communicate with the device, as well as tidying things up by creating a routine and setting some strings.

Here’s how to straighten out the situation and turn off language filter on Alexa manually with the Amazon Alexa mobile application. 

  • Open your device App Store whether you’re on Android, iPhone, or iPad.
  • Search Amazon Alexa and tap on Download or Install to have it installed on your device.
  • After installation, do the needful by integrating your smart speaker into the App to access its function and settings.
  • Once you’re done, tap the More option far right in the footer menu.
  • Tap on Settings option from the list and then Music & Podcasts
  • From the first section at the top of the page, tap on Explicit Language Filter.
  • Tap on the switch button that is opposite the Explicit Filter to toggle it on or off. 
  • Locate the Voice Deactivation option right below the Explicit Filter.
  • Tap on the button switch as well to change the function status either to turn it on or off. 
  • Now you’re done.

What to Do if Alexa Explicit Filter Isn’t Turning Off

The Alexa explicit language filter is a separate option made available specifically for users personalization whether you’re okay to turn it on or keep it off as it is defaultly.

If the option isn’t working as it seems unresponsive, that means there is something somewhere else that requires your attention.

In your case, did you notice the Explicit Filter option has grayed out as the button isn’t responding after tapping many times?

In spite of turning on the voice deactivation option for explicit language filter, are you still unable to disable the restriction function?

Here are some things you can try out if your Amazon Alexa explicit language filter is not turning on in the appropriate manner.

These are included as an addition to the query of how to turn off language filter on Alexa since the deactivate process can easily be hindered by some hitch and requires some fixes.

Toggle Off and Toggle On Voice Deactivation Option

How to Turn Off Language Filter on Alexa

When the explicit language filter option refuses to turn off after much effort of putting it out, you might need to troubleshoot the explicit language filter voice deactivation option since it can be affected by program glitch and causes the sudden unresponsiveness of the Explicit Filter option switch.

Access the explicit language filter settings from the Alexa mobile application; Open the App and tap on More >> Settings >> Music & Podcasts >> Explicit Language Filter.

From the settings page, tap on the button switch that is opposite the Voice Deactivation. Tap on it again to troubleshoot that function all alone.

Put Out and Power Cycle Your Alexa

The whole Alexa’s system may be currently experiencing some hitch that make the explicit language filter option unresponsive at the time, as result of reaction to some unforeseen reasons.

When there’s a glitch as your device becomes buggy all of a sudden, some function may begin to act up on their own.

There are chances that some other functions of the Alexa are also affected as well but you only noticed the explicit language filter since it’s the only one you’re trying to access at the current time. This means your smart speaker is probably due for a restart.

Get closer to your device and perform an effective restart by power cycling it.

To do this; Detach the power cable from the device if it’s detachable and unplug the other end from the power outlet. Wait for a couple of seconds or minutes before plugging back the power cable.

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In case you own a model that does run on rechargeable batteries, you’ll need to access the battery compartment, disconnect and reconnect the battery again after a while.

Once your device fully powers on, retry the appropriate steps to deactivate the explicit language filter if the issue has been resolved.

Check for App and Operating System Update

Outdated software and firmware can cause greater damage to a device even more than what you would have imagined.

Running a late version can probably host a software bug and likely leads to program glitch or sorts in unknown times.

There are chances that your Alexa explicit language filter that refuses to turn off is affected by outdated programmes.

When the Alexa explicit language filter refuses to turn off after countless times, you may need to check on your device firmware and software version while checking for any recent updates you missed.

On the other hand, using popular music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, or SoundCloud, it’s possible that the version you have installed on your device is quite late with two or more stages to the current version since App updates are released periodically.

Take some moment to navigate to your Alexa device settings and check for any available software or firmware updates. Moreover, you can easily command the Amazon virtual assistant to check and update itself if there is any by saying “Alexa, check for software updates”.

The voice command may not seem effective on older models, depending on how recent your device is.

And also, if your device happens to possess a touch screen interface, you can simply access the device settings from there and update your Alexa device to the latest software.

Final Thought

I believe you’ve been able to turn off your Alexa’s language filter successfully with the provided methods in this post. In conclusion, turning off the Alexa language filter is a simple process that can greatly enhance your smart home experience.

Apparently, this can be done easily through a voice command or the Amazon Alexa app. However, if you encounter any issues, there are several fixes you can try, such as power cycling your Alexa, turning off and on the voice deactivation option, and checking for updates.

With these steps, you can enjoy uninterrupted music streaming without any interruptions from the explicit language filter.

Amazon Echo speakers like every other technological device, they are not immune to errors and glitches that can disrupt their functionality.

Therefore, it’s important to stay up-to-date with maintenance and troubleshooting tips to keep them running smoothly. In case you have an issue linking Hue with your Alexa, check here to learn how to fix this in a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Turn Off Language Filter on Alexa

Why is my Alexa playing in a different language?

The Amazon virtual assistant is programmed with numerous languages to serve customers from different regions better with their native language.

It is quite possible for your Amazon Alexa smart speaker to interact with a different language apart from your native language.

This tends to happen if other languages were selected deliberately or unknowingly.

In such situations when you notice your device language has been swapped from the one you set, there is need to worry since you can easily edit and change this back to normal using the Amazon Alexa App.

To do this; Install the Amazon Alexa App if you don’t have it on your smartphone, set up the Alexa device and navigate to it Setting >> Device.

Select your Alexa device and tap on the General option, select the language preferences option. Choose your preferred language and save the changes.

How do I change my Alexa voice to celebrity?

To change your Amazon Alexa voice and make it sound like your preferred celebrity, you will have to command the virtual assistant with voice control or do this manually in the device settings from Amazon Alexa application software on your smartphone.

When using voice commands, simply say “Alexa introduce me to [name of celebrity]” while it will respond with the celebrity voice and walk you through how to get the voice skill to have it permanently on your device.

Using the Amazon Alexa App, you will need to have the App installed on your smartphone.

From the App home page, tap on Echo & Alexa option. Select the particular device you’d wish to change its voice.

Tap on the gear icon to access the device settings. Scroll way down to locate and tap Alexa’s voice. Select the voice you preferred or follow the prompt if it requires to set your preferred option.

How do I get Alexa to speak normally?

For better user experience, there is now an option for users to adjust the speed of Alexa’s speech.

You can easily adjust your Amazon Alexa speech speed to make it speak normal by saying “Alexa, speak slower,” or “Alexa, speak faster” while it responds to your command by adjusting its speech speed.

In case you’ve messed with the settings and like to reset the Amazon Alexa’s speaking rate, you can easily do this simply saying “Alexa, speak at your default rate.” This will reset the set value to the default settings which make it speak at the normal speed rate.

How do I set up Alexa in two languages?

Setting up your virtual assistant Alexa in two different languages is a straightforward process that can be done with a few taps in the Amazon Alexa application.

In case you’ve get the Alexa App installed on your smartphone, access the App and tap on Device Settings from the App homepage.

Choose your Amazon smart speaker from the device list to access its settings. Tap on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen to access the device settings.

Scroll way down to locate and tap on the Language option. From the list, tap on the option that carries two languages.

How do I change the language on Alexa without the app?

You can simply use the command of your virtual assistant Alexa to do the switching or if you own the Echo Show speaker that possesses a screen, you can easily access the device settings and switch it language without the Amazon Alexa application.

Here’s how to get your Amazon Alexa to change it language automatically by saying that appropriate voice command;

  • Turn on your Alexa device and wait for it to fully load.
  • Say “Alexa, what languages are supported?” to hear the list of supported languages.
  • Say “Alexa, change the language to [language name]” to change the language.
  • Wait for some time for the device to download and pack the new language.

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