How to Turn Off Dolby Vision on Vizio TV

Dolby Vision is a great feature that enhances the picture quality of your Vizio TV. However, there might be situations where you need to turn it off.

Perhaps you’re experiencing issues with the picture quality or you simply prefer the default settings.

Whatever the reason, turning off Dolby Vision on your Vizio TV is a straightforward process.

Why You Might Want to Turn off Dolby Vision

If you have a Vizio TV and are wondering whether to turn off Dolby Vision or any other advanced display features, there are a few reasons why you might want to do so.

Here are some of the most common reasons:

Picture Quality Issues

While Dolby Vision is designed to improve picture quality, it doesn’t always work as intended.

Some users have reported issues with color accuracy, brightness, and contrast when using Dolby Vision.

If you notice any picture quality issues with Dolby Vision enabled, you might want to turn it off and see if the issue is resolved.

Limited Content Availability

Not all content is available in Dolby Vision, which means that you might not be able to take full advantage of the feature.

If you find that you’re not able to watch most of your favorite shows or movies in Dolby Vision, you might want to turn it off and stick to regular HDR.

Compatibility Issues

Dolby Vision requires both your TV and content source to be compatible in order to work properly.

If you’re experiencing compatibility issues with Dolby Vision, you might want to turn it off and stick to regular picture quality.

How to Turn Off Dolby Vision on Vizio TV

To turn off Dolby Vision and all advanced picture settings on your Vizio TV, these are the simple steps you can follow:

Accessing Vizio TV Settings

First, you need to access the settings menu on your Vizio TV. You can do this by pressing the “Menu” button on your Vizio remote.

Once you’re in the settings menu, navigate to the “Picture” settings.

This will allow you to adjust the picture settings on your TV, access the advanced settings including turning off Dolby Vision and changing the input picture settings.

Turning Off Advance Display Features

In the “Picture” settings menu, now navigate through the available options and do the following:

  • Go to the Advanced Picture option. 

How to Turn Off Dolby Vision on Vizio TV

  • Scroll down to the ProGaming Engine option.
  • Hover on the Game HDR and press the arrow left or right to turn it off.
  • Adjusting this option is quite important especially if you’re having issues while a gaming console is connected to your TV. 
  • Return back to the Picture settings menu.
  • Scroll down to the click on the  option that reads Input Picture Settings.

How to Turn Off Dolby Vision on Vizio TV

  • From the options, clock on HDMI Mode and select 1.4.
  • In case you don’t want a drop in input picture quality, you can simply opt for the Auto option.

Doing this will ensure that every signal sent from external devices to your TV is displayed optimally, avoiding any display problems due to unsupported formats or content.

If you’re encountering display issues with your Xbox connected to the Vizio TV, it’s recommended to deactivate certain advanced display settings for the gaming console as well.

This includes the HDR10 and Dolby Vision features on your console.

Here’s how to do that on your Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

  • On the Xbox, navigate to Settings.
  • Then proceed to the General.
  • From there, access TV & Display Options.

How to Turn Off Dolby Vision on Vizio TV

  • Scroll through the available choices and select Video modes.
  • Here, you can disable Dolby Vision for your Xbox, along with other options like HDR and HDR10.

How to Turn Off Dolby Vision on Vizio TV

The same steps apply if you’re looking to optimize both your Vizio TV and Xbox for the ultimate picture settings.

People Also Ask

What does Dolby Vision do on my TV?

Dolby Vision is a type of High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology that enhances the color and contrast of your TV’s picture.

It works by adjusting the brightness and darkness levels of individual scenes in a movie or TV show, making them more vivid and lifelike.

Do Vizio TVs have Dolby Vision?

Yes, many Vizio TVs come with Dolby Vision technology built-in. To see if your Vizio TV has Dolby Vision, you can check your TV’s user manual or look for the Dolby Vision logo on the TV’s packaging.

Can you disable Dolby Vision on TVs?

Yes, you can disable Dolby Vision on your TV if you prefer not to use it.

The process for disabling Dolby Vision varies depending on the TV brand and model.

For Vizio TVs, you can turn off Dolby Vision by going to Settings >> Picture >> Advanced Picture and disable every advanced display option.

Does Netflix use Dolby Vision?

Yes, Netflix offers many movies and TV shows in Dolby Vision.

To watch Dolby Vision content on Netflix, you will need a compatible TV and a Netflix subscription that supports Dolby Vision.

You can check Netflix’s website for a list of Dolby Vision content.

Which is better: HDR10 or Dolby Vision?

Both HDR10 and Dolby Vision are high-quality HDR technologies that enhance the color and contrast of your TV’s picture.

However, Dolby Vision is generally considered to be the superior technology because it offers more advanced color grading and a higher peak brightness level.

That being said, HDR10 is still a great option and is more widely available than Dolby Vision.

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