How To Speed Up Slow Android Phone Despite Low RAM/ROM

How To Speed Up Slow Android Phone Despite Low RAM/ROM
Here is a full guide on how to speed up your lagging low-end Android phone despite low RAM and ROM. Handling a lagging phone is so annoying when an urgent matter arises that you need your phone for an operation asap. This will probably slow you down in anything you’re doing with your phone as system/third-party App load slower and buttons takes longer to respond to your command.
Mostly, people agree that the main factor that slow down a smartphone which leads to tripping and lagging is the Phone RAM and Processor. Literally I agreed but have you ever experience unoptimized and busy 3GB RAM android phone with good processor that later runs the same speed with optimized 2GB RAM phone with average processor? It was extremely possible.
If you take the right steps by optimizing your low-end Android phone which I’m going to reveal in this guidepost you will probably enjoy impressive user experience when using your Android phone. Let’s quickly take a look at how to fix some of your personal activity on your phone that result to tripping, lagging and battery drain.

How To Speed Up Slow Android Phone Despite Low RAM/ROM

Receiving OS Update

You may be interested in newer Android operating system version as it offer more exciting features than your old operating system. Likely a more useful power button menu, Dynamic media controls, A built-in screen recorder feature on the new Android 11 OS. By receiving the latest android operating system this can actually slow down your phone as you download and install the new developer software on your device in other to enjoy any newly released feature on your Android phone.
Due to day-to-day upgrade in technology now than before, Android now receive software update constantly which your low-end Android phone may not able to withhold the new software heaviness as a result of comparability issue. Although it will work on your phone but still there will be some loopholes as the updated software may not be nicely optimize for your Android phone which will probably slow it down and also cause battery draining.
How To Solve This: It’s perfect to update your Android operating system to newer versions. For your older Android phone health which might not be able to handle the update and seems worse you can try installing the lite version which is known as Android Go versions of the software update that is the thin or let say lightweight operating system which was specially designed by Google itself for low-end and older Android devices. This will really help in speeding up your phone operation and prevent lagging all time.

App Running In Background

Your Android phone RAM can probably be consumed when couples of App (System or Third-party) are running in your phone background even when the phone sleeps. CPU will also be workup when multiple operation are process in background which will later leads to phone lagging and slow down your operation (overheating & battery drain sometimes).
Installation and updating Apps on your Android phone as times move on. Many updated Apps are optimized for latest device with advance processor and RAM which might be a little buggy for your older Android phone as most of those Apps are programmed to run in background and some to open on startup likely your online chatting Apps that automatically update and send you message notifications once your data connection is switch on even without lunching the exact application.
Using heavy theme, highly customized Launcher and live wallpaper on your Android phone is subjected to determine how fast your process.
How To Solve This: Always get rid non-frequently use App by force stopping it in your phone settings to prevent it from running in your phone background. Go to your phone Settings >> Application then locate the exact app you ain’t using frequently tap on it and click “Force stop”. Avoid using live wallpaper and heavy Launcher/Theme for your phone home screen, you can go for lite version of Apps when installing new one and switch off your phone App auto update settings; you can visit the store and update any preferred app anytime you need to.

High Usage Of Phone Storage

High usage of your phone internal storage might literally lead to lagging as it gives little room for your phone operating system and RAM to breath in other to function normally as a result of keeping heavy files on your device like innumerable movie, heavy games and more. Apps create caches on your phone internal storage because that’s where all App data are programmed to be stored. Games also keep caches couple of times especially online games that require external files and need update to run effectively.
How To Solve This: You Android phone internal storage needs to be optimized for effective operation of your phone CPU, RAM and Operating system. To check what really take much of your internal storage head to your phone Settings >> Storage >> Internal storage. As you can see in the image above those are list of how your phone internal storage is being used in which photo and video take bigger portion follow by Apps. You can back up your photos and video you can wish to lose to Google photo or Google Drive for free and uninstall third-party Apps you ain’t using (You can disable if it’s system App).
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