How to Solve Eufy Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi [Quick Tips]

So you tried to set up your new Eufy robot vacuum, and establish wireless communication with your smartphone for smart control, but this refused to connect. Despite ensuring you’re connecting with the right Wi-Fi network, are you still experiencing an “unable to connect” warning message?

Worry not, no harm done and you’re not alone on this. Fortunately, here’s a quick tip on how to fix your Eufy Wi-Fi network connection issue. In this post you’ll learn how to troubleshoot the problem of Eufy won’t connect to Wi-Fi network.

It’s so relaxing having your robot vacuums handle the section of removing dirt and dust from your home floor. Especially when scheduled for a daily routine operation by transmitting some commands to the Robovac when connected to your smartphone. Which also allows setting specific time and session for the operation; either one time or periodically.

All this is made possible with wireless programmable controllers and other sorts of functions that make it operate and clean autonomously without human control.

Facing a severed wireless connection between the Robovac and your smartphone might be a bit frustrating, as that restrain your wireless control access to the vacuum as well as other functions like the schedule cleaning, voice assistant and device sharing.

This left you with the option of using wireless remote control or the function button on the top panel, as the Eufy refuses to connect to Wi-Fi. You must be wondering; why is my Eufy robot vacuum not connecting to Wi-Fi?

Why Won’t My Eufy Connect to Wi-Fi

There are many reasons why your Eufy robot vacuum refuses to connect to Wi-Fi network, but the major snag proposed as the main cause of Eufy Robovac won’t connect to Wi-Fi is the Wi-Fi frequency band type and the network standards.

How to Solve Eufy Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Apparently, it was made known by the manufacturer that users must ensure the Eufy Robovac is connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequency band, to ensure unimpaired connection.

According to Eufy, the Wi-Fi standard that works well with the Robovac includes the IEEE 802.11b (which is not recommended), IEEE 802.11g, and the IEEE 802.11n (high performance only on 2.4GHz frequency band).

However, a lot of people don’t always pay attention to this while that may likely be the cause of your Eufy Robovac that refuses to connect with Wi-Fi networks. After all, other likely causes of the Eufy Wi-Fi connection problem are;

  • Wi-Fi connection capability.
  • Overworked Eufy Robovac.
  • Wrong Wi-Fi password 
  • Wi-Fi Network congestion.
  • Outdated Firmware.
  • Low battery power.
  • Turning off precise location setting.
  • Unstable internet connection.
  • Wi-Fi inaccessibility due to being out of range.

How to solve Eufy won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Here are quick potential fixes you can try out for troubleshooting your Eufy Robovac that refuses to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Ensure a proper connection

Setting up your Eufy Robovac for the first time. Probably, you might have missed some steps while connecting the Eufy Robovac with your smartphone through wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) network may likely cause the Eufy Wi-Fi connection issue. To ensure proper connection, you can always connect your Robovac with the smartphone following the below steps;

How to manually connect to Eufy Wi-Fi

  • Get the eufy Clean (EufyHome) App installed on your smartphone, available for both iOS and Android.
  • Ensure your smartphone is connected to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi frequency band.
  • In case it is switchable between the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, take some time to confirm the exact band you’re currently connected to.
  • Launch the App and register to create your account in case you’re accessing it for the first time. 
  • Tap + Add Device button, and select the device type you’re adding from the list; Robot Vacuum.
  • It will require you to input your connected Wi-Fi password. Input and confirm if it’s error free, then proceed by tapping the Next button.
  • Now power on the Eufy Robovac. Ensure the vacuum is on and the Wi-Fi connection is active. 
  • In case the Wi-Fi doesn’t power automatically, press and hold the auto-cleaning button for up-to 10 seconds till you hear a beep sound.
  • Open the Wi-Fi settings of your smartphone then connect to the Eufy Wi-Fi (Robo Vac xxx).
  • Go back to the eufy Clean (EufyHome) App then wait for a couple of seconds.
  • Input your preferred name for the robot vacuum or tap Save Name without changing to use the default name.
  • Boom! You’re now good to go.

Check Eufy Wi-Fi compatibility

Did the Eufy robot vacuum support Wi-Fi connectivity? Haven’t they discontinued the Wi-Fi network on your Eufy Robovac model? These are the questions you must ask yourself when trying to solve Eufy won’t connect Wi-Fi issue you’re experiencing.

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Seeing that not all Eufy Robovac models have Wi-Fi access. And latterly, the Anker innovation discontinues the Wi-Fi connectivity access on some Eufy Robovac devices, is your Eufy Robovac still whitelisted? It’s advisable to ensure your Eufy robot vacuum still has Wi-Fi connectivity function before implementing any technique to connect it with Wi-Fi networks.

Here is a list of Eufy robot vacuums that have Wi-Fi access according to the manufacturer.

RoboVac 11C (discontinued)

RoboVac 11C Pet Edition (discontinued)

RoboVav R550C(discontinued)

RoboVac 15C

RoboVac 15C Max

RoboVac 25C

RoboVac 25C Max

RoboVac 30C

RoboVac 30C Max

RoboVac 35C

RoboVac G10 Hybrid

RoboVac G30

RoboVac G30 Hybrid

RoboVac G30 Edge

RoboVac G30 Verge

RoboVac G35+

RoboVac G40+

RoboVac G40 Hybrid+

RoboVac G20

RoboVac G20 Hybrid

RoboVac L70 Hybrid

RoboVac X8

RoboVac X8 Hybrid

RoboVac L35 Hybrid

RoboVac L35 Hybrid+

RoboVac LR30 Hybrid

RoboVac LR30 Hybrid+

RoboVac LR20

Turn On precise location setting

Facing the connection problem, ensure location service access is enabled for the eufy Clean (EufyHome) application on your smartphone. In addition, turning on the precise location settings. To ensure location service access is enabled for the eufy Clean (EufyHome) App on your device; 

On Android;

Eufy Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

  • Long press the App from the device menu. 
  • Tap the option icon to access the App settings. 
  • Locate and tap Permission from the list. 
  • Then click Location
  • Turn it On if the location service access is turned Off. 
  • Check for Precise Location settings and turn it On if it’s turned Off.

On iPhone;

  • Open your device Settings.
  • Then tap on Privacy
  • Stroll down and tap Location.
  • Locate the eufy Clean (EufyHome) App and click. 
  • Select While Using the App for the App location access.
  • Then toggle the switch to turn On Precise Location option.

Power cycle Eufy Robovac

Most times, restarting your Eufy robot vacuum can get the Wi-Fi connection issue fixed, as well as other glitch and unusual behavior caused by an overworked processing system. According to a redditor, restarting his Eufy robot vacuum gets the Wi-Fi connection issue fixed in no time. Nevertheless, restarting malfunctioning electronics serves as a great potential fix to try out when things become madden.

How to power cycle Eufy Robovac

You can easily restart your Eufy Robovac by turning it off and turning it on after a minute or two. However, there’s another effective method to power cycle your Eufy Robovac. This involves you pulling out the battery from the Eufy and requires a screwdriver. To do this; 

  • Disconnect the robot vacuum from any power source.
  • Flip your Robovac over and turn it Off by pressing the power button.
  • Grab your screwdriver and loose the two screws on the battery cover.
  • Bring out the battery, then disconnect from the motherboard by removing the connection cable.
  • Then press and hold the power button for up-to like 30 seconds to power drain the Eufy Robovac system. 
  • Reconnect the battery with the motherboard and place it back in its place. 
  • Cover the lid and screw it back to its respective space.
  • Plugin the Robovac or power it directly if it still has some battery power in it. 
  • Now try reconnecting the Eufy Robovac Wi-Fi and see how things play out.

Hopefully it works well. Still not working? Move on to the next.

Restart internet connection source

Yeah, just as simple as it sounds. Take some minutes to power cycle your internet connection source either you’re on a wireless router, or portable Wi-Fi. This also refreshes the internet connection and prevents connection problems or unstable internet access.

Restarting your internet source is a trivial task and can be done in seconds. Simply unplug any connected power cables, turn it Off by pressing the power button. Hold for a couple of seconds then turn it On again.

Place both devices in close Proximity

Having your Wi-Fi network placed farther away from the Eufy Robovac can lead to the Wi-Fi connection issue, due to interference from other Wi-Fi enabled devices in your home. Actually, with your Robovac Wi-Fi signal light keeps blinking quickly. This means a strong connection hasn’t been established with the Wi-Fi network.

To ensure stable connection, move the network source, the Eufy Robovac and your smartphone closer to each other and try reconnecting the Robovac to the Wi-Fi network. In case you’re on a Wi-Fi router, that moving from one place to another may not seem possible, you can consider getting a router range extender to rebroadcast the router signal farther out into your home.

Ensure cellular remains off or Enable the Airplane mode

Any other sensitive wireless connection function must be turned off for efficient connection of the Eufy Robovac to your smartphone using Wi-Fi. That’s why it’s advisable to have the Airplane mode turned On in order to disable other wireless connection services including your mobile cellular option.

Free Congested Wi-Fi Network

Possibly, you may be facing the Robovac Wi-Fi connection issue due to low bandwidth as a result of an overcrowded Wi-Fi network.

Remove some devices from the router to relieve it off bandwidth issues. If you’re having many devices in the house connected to the same router, this may likely throttle the router bandwidth allocation process and cause the Robovac Wi-Fi connection issue.

Apparently, you can easily workaround this by disconnecting some unused devices from your Wi-Fi network connection list. And you’re free of network congestion.

Check and update Eufy Firmware

Leaving the Eufy Robovac firmware without update can cause software malfunctioning, which timely updates are rolled out to rectify. In case you’re experiencing sudden disconnection of your Eufy robot vacuum with the connected Wi-Fi, this may likely be caused by outdated firmware.

To troubleshoot this, simply check and install any firmware update you’ve missed out. To update your Robovac firmware;

  • Place the Robovac in its charging base.
  • Tap your Robovac from the eufy Clean (EufyHome) app on your device. 
  • Click the vertical ellipsis button in the upper right corner of your screen. 
  • Tap Firmware update from the option list.
  • It’ll automatically check and install any update your Robovac have missed out.

Note that updating your Robovac firmware is only possible if you’re still able to create a secure connection with your Wi-Fi network. It’s only an option if your Eufy Robovac connects with the Wi-Fi and keeps disconnecting on its own after several minutes or hours.

Ensure you’re connected to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi frequency band

How to Solve Eufy won't Connect to Wi-Fi

Check and make sure your smartphone is connected to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi frequency band but not the 5 Ghz or 6 Ghz. The Eufy robot vacuum is said to only work perfectly with the older 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi frequency band.

Connecting your Eufy Robovac with the latest Wi-Fi band that works great in short range with high speed can lead to the Wi-Fi sudden disconnection or refuses to connect.

Connecting with your home router that supports 2 more Wi-Fi frequency bands (i.e. it supports transmission of data on two or three different bands).

Ensure you’re connecting to the 2.4 Ghz version of the network. Inspect the Wi-Fi connection details on your smartphone to confirm and access the router settings to switch to 2.4 Ghz band if it’s on something else.

And finally, the Eufy Robovac supported Wi-Fi network standards includes the IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n (Support only for 2.4GHz) and the IEEE 802.11b which is not recommended to avoid interference.

Inspect Eufy Robovac battery

Forcing a wireless connection on the Eufy robot vacuum with low battery may likely be futile. As low battery charging constrains the device’s operational ability, which might have caused the Eufy Robovac won’t connect to Wi-Fi networks.

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Actually, the Robovac is programmed with an inbuilt different power mode that helps users in maintaining a stable power usage cycle concerning the charging and usage of the Robovac. The Eufy robot vacuum is made up of lithium-ion cells of up-to 100 minutes battery life, which takes almost 6 hours to charge fully.

Supported with Reduced Power Standby mode used to save the device battery by turning off wireless based functions like the Wi-Fi, and also work wonders by having it On while charging.

Using the Reduced Power Standby mode while charging your Eufy Robovac, ensure you’ve disabled this function before establishing wireless connection to your smartphone to avoid Eufy’s Wi-Fi connection issue.

Reset Eufy Wi-Fi

Apparently, connecting your Eufy robot vacuum to lots of wireless networks in the past can also make the Eufy refuse to connect to Wi-Fi.

In case the Robovac was transferred from another user, the previously connected network might have been saved on the Eufy which may cause hindrance whenever you’re trying to establish Wi-Fi connection with a new device, not until you clear the Eufy robot vacuum Wi-Fi settings entirely.

How to Solve Eufy won't Connect to Wi-Fi

However, resetting the Eufy Robovac Wi-Fi network refreshes the Wi-Fi settings and restores it to the default factory settings. This can be done by clearing out the Eufy previously connected devices list which ensures a stable connection whenever you’re starting over again.

You can easily reset your Eufy robot vacuum Wi-Fi settings by long pressing the power button on top of the Robovac for up-to 10 seconds till you hear a beep or voice alert “reset Wi-Fi” before releasing the button, then the Wi-Fi light will start signaling.

The Wi-Fi light slow flashing means the Wi-Fi is ready to connect, quick flashing interprets the connection is in progress, while a solid Wi-Fi light means the robot vacuum is already connected.

Finally, try reconnecting the Robovac with the Wi-Fi network. Hopefully it works properly.

How to Connect Eufy Vacuum to New Wi-Fi

Bottom Line

Hope you’ve been able to rectify the Eufy robot vacuum won’t connect to Wi-Fi issue with potential fixes above. In theory, your Eufy Robovac may be acting up and refuses to connect due to unforeseen reasons, ranging from unstable internet access, low battery power, congested Wi-Fi network, outdated firmware and more.

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However, utilizing any of the solutions provided above can get your Eufy robot vacuum connected and keep it running in no time. In case the issue persists after trying out each and every affix, you can contact the Eufy customer support system for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I reset the Wi-Fi on my Eufy robot vacuum?

For resetting your Eufy Robovac, press and hold the power button on top of the robot vacuum for up-to 10 seconds till you hear the beep sound or voice alert the device Wi-Fi has been reset successfully.

How do I reconnect eufy to New WiFi?

Firstly reset the Eufy robot vacuum Wi-Fi network settings, then proceed with the connection process by installing the Eufy Clean (EufyHome) application on your smartphone (Android or iOS).

Ensure a stable wireless connection of your smartphone to a Wi-Fi network. Then open the App and select your Eufy Robovac, follow the prompt to successfully reconnect your Eufy robot vacuum to a new Wi-Fi network.

Can you use Eufy robot without Wi-Fi?

Yes. For Wi-Fi enabled Eufy robot vacuum known as Bounce series, it’s packed and shipped with a wireless remote control for accessing the Robovac function wirelessly in close proximity.

In case you decide not to use the smart feature by connecting it with your smartphone through Wi-Fi network, you can resort to the remote control for accessing the Eufy robot vacuum. 

How do I get Eufy RoboVac back online?

Ensure it’s fully charged, press the power button to turn on the Eufy Robovac. Make sure the Wi-Fi function is active then create a standard connection between the device and your smartphone either Android or iPhone.

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