How to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick

Have you mistakenly turned on the text banner settings on your Amazon Fire TV Stick? Am sure you don’t have an idea of what the features do. You must be here as you noticed a white box at the bottom part of your Fire TV, this sounds a bit familiar though.

While trying to fast-forward and reverse a movie on your Fire stick, you might have mistakenly pressed the rewind and fast-forward buttons on your remote together at a time, which will toggle on the text banner option automatically and leave a white box at the bottom part of your TV screen.

It must have been a tiresome experience watching the whole movie with part of your screen cut out by a white box displaying your moves in text form. Actually the white box on your Fire TV screen is chip in for visually challenged users. This can easily be activated by pressing some key combination on your TV remote, even without you knowing.

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Worrying about how to get rid of it entirely? You’ve chosen the right result. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to get rid of white box on firestick easily with your remote control. But firstly, wouldn’t you like to know the do’s and don’t to avoid the white box pooping on your screen? If yes, check out the next section.

Why is the Amazon Firestick Showing a White Box

How to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick

The white box on your Firestick screen is a function of a standalone accessibility feature Text banner. The Text banner option is an accessibility feature made available on Amazon Firestick for users that are partially sighted or visually challenged.

Its main function is to transcribe your actions into text, including your currently focused item, which is displayed in the white rectangular box at the bottom part of the TV screen. The text changes as the pointer is moved with the remote control, a user mentioned the white box is telling him where he was, and what he was doing. That’s illustrative enough isn’t it?

However, the accessibility feature Text banner can be toggled on easily with a key combination on the TV remote in which you might have mistakenly pressed that brought up the white box suddenly. The Text banner option is sensitive to the fast-forward and rewind button on the TV.

Apparently, the white box will probably come up when you log press the rewind and fast-forward buttons at a time for 2 seconds. The feature will be activated as the white box comes up and transcribes your actions.

Furthermore, the white box doesn’t mean something is off with the Amazon streaming device or your TV. Eventually, you get this fixed in no time using two different methods, which are explained in the troubleshooting steps right below.

How to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick

1. Turn Off the White Box With Remote Control

Basically, for getting rid of the white box entirely from your Firestick, you can utilize the first method which involves pressing the key combination to put the Text banner feature off easily from the device home screen.

With the white box on your screen, to turn off the feature and make it disappear; press and hold the fast-forward and rewind buttons at the same time for 2 minutes, then the white box will disappear as the Text banner option will be turned off till you toggle it back on.

2. Turn of the Text Banner in the Accessibility Settings

How to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick

Using the second method involves turning off the Text banner option in the accessibility settings manually. You can easily navigate to the accessibility area of your Amazon Fire TV Stick by selecting the Settings icon on the TV home screen, Scroll down to accessibility and select. Explore the accessibility options with the arrow down to select the Text banner. Toggle it off and back it to the home screen. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide;

  • Navigate and click the Settings icon. 
  • Scroll down and select Accessibility. 
  • Select Text Banner from the accessibility options.
  • Switch off the option and press the home button.

Wrapping Up

How to Get Rid of White Box on Firestick

I hope you found this post helpful. On a final note, the white rectangular box that suddenly comes up on your Amazon Firestick isn’t a problem you should get yourself worried about since it can be fixed with a few clicks on your TV remote controller.

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I believe you’ve been able to get rid of the white box on your Amazon Firestick successfully following the quick fixes mentioned above. In case there’s an issue with the device program in terms of bugs or glitch, the white box may refuse to disappear even after turning off the option in accessibility settings. In such instances, the device may require a cold boot or hard restart before everything gets back to normal.

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