How to get removed iOS 16 wallpapers: Live, Stock, Dark 

As iPhone users make merry for the cool features and improvement that come with the initial release of new operating system “iOS 16” software which serves as yearly tradition software update for iPhone users, the removal of live wallpaper from which rolled out with iOS 16 software update didn’t sit well with users.

How to get removed iOS 16 wallpapers

In Spite of other exciting features which include unsending or editing sent messages, upgrade to Focus, Maps and Mail, users are left disappointed by the disappearance of their favorite live wallpaper and question Apple support for reasons why Live wallpaper features are missing in iOS 16.0.

All live, stock wallpaper from the previous versions of iOS has now been removed with no hope of coming back according to apple support reply to a user on Twitter.

Automatic switching of wallpaper with dark mode for iPhone with iOS 16 including the default wallpaper isn’t possible anymore.

How to get removed iOS 16 wallpapers

Despite the fact that new lock screen features to add an unlimited number of backgrounds in other personalize your screen is available on iOS 16, your wallpaper is still (not live anymore).

We’ve got you covered with old wallpapers [Download] in which you can configure and set on the lock screen or home screen but the snag is that your wallpaper is still as mentioned earlier and also you can’t automatically switch from light to dark version as before but you can get it done manually in lock screen edit mode. 

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