How to Fix SimpliSafe Keypad Not Working

You must have woken up to find your SimpliSafe keypad dead. Safeguarding your home with the SimpliSafe home security for being notified of any movement, excessive temperature or smoke is more appealing with the Simplisafe keypad.

However, seeing that the keypad serves the function of activating and deactivating the system. Besides, the red panic button in case of an emergency situation. Not working SimpliSafe keypad might have caused you some effort for not being able to connect with the base station wirelessly.

Actually, you must be wondering why the SimpliSafe keypad is dead. Despite replacing the SimpliSafe keypad’s old battery, is your SimpliSafe keypad still not responding? Having a faint display on your Simplisafe keypad screen. Lucky you, you’re not alone on this. 

In this guidepost, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide on how to troubleshoot your dead SimpliSafe keypad. This includes every piece of potential fixes to workaround dead and not responding SimpliSafe keypad, as well as possible cause of action you can always avoid in the future to prevent facing snags using the SimpliSafe keypad.

Why is My SimpliSafe Keypad Dead

Unresponsive SimpliSafe keypad may be reacting to a couple of reasons which render it inactive. The general possible cause of this issue is considered as wrong installation of SimpliSafe keypad, that is inappropriate setup of the keypad can make it unresponsive.

Apparently, with a drained SimpliSafe keypad battery, the device may appear dead and unresponsive not until you replace the old battery with new pairs. Also the SimpliSafe keypad may tend to glitch out due to unsupportiveness of any recent firmware updates installed on the system which may require re-setup before it works properly.

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Additionally, unreach wireless connection due to the device being out of range. The SimpliSafe keypad may likely appear dead by not responding, if a stable connection doesn’t exist between the keypad and the base station. That is, if the keypad is held far away than the expected range limit of the connection. And also, the SimpliSafe might have lost contact with the base station without you knowing.

Below are possible potential workarounds to keep your dead SimpliSafe keypad working in no time. Without any technical skill or resorting to customer support systems for look-up.

How to Fix Simplisafe Keypad Not Working

How to Fix SimpliSafe Keypad Not Working

As previously stated, there are a couple of reasons which may possibly lead to either dead SimpliSafe keypad or not working as expected.

Each and every affix outlined below has a particular aspect pointed to whether to fix a dead or not responding SimpliSafe keypad. Pick the ones that apply to your case. Hopefully it helps in solving the issue.

Reinstall the Simplisafe keypad

Re-installing the SimpliSafe keypad to the Base station works great when troubleshooting an unresponsive SimpliSafe keypad. Basically, inappropriate setup of the keypad with your smartphone and the Base station may hinder the connection between these devices.

Seeing that the re-installation procedure will perhaps clean any hitch, as it refreshes the connection. It’s advisable to firstly disconnect and redo the connection procedure.

How to setup SimpliSafe Keypad

  • Install the SimpliSafe application on your smartphone. 
  • Launch the App then login to your SimpliSafe account. 
  • Navigate to the Menu to see a list of options. 
  • Locate and click Device Settings from the list. 
  • With your SimpliSafe keypad connected, simply tap the appropriate button to have it removed.
  • Then re-add it by tapping the + Add icon to reinstall the SimpliSafe keypad.
  • Follow the on-screen prompt to successfully have the Simplisafe keypad installed.

Replace the Keypad Batteries

After performing a real time firmware update, the SimpliSafe keypad battery might have run out by discharging after some time. It’s advisable to check and replace your SimpliSafe keypad battery since a discharged battery can prevent the SimpliSafe keypad from working.

Additionally, corroded SimpliSafe keypad battery connectors can make the SimpliSafe dead without turning on. The grim on the battery slot might have prevented the keypad motherboard from consuming necessary power from the battery. In cases like this, the best measure to take is by cleaning the slot to be free of battery corrosion. To actually do this;

  • Open the battery cover. 
  • Pull out the SimpliSafe battery.
  • Grab a copper bristle brush to scrape off the corrosion from the battery slot. 
  • Then you can utilize a tiny brush to clean out the slot carefully.
  • Put in the SimpliSafe battery and try turning it on. Hopefully it works perfectly.

Power Cycle the Keypad

Notwithstanding replacing bad batteries with new pairs, is your SimpliSafe still not turning On? It’s time to adopt the highly potential affix that works wonders with every electronic device acting unusual.

Apparently, rebooting (power cycling) any device experiencing technical issues tends to refresh its processor which will perhaps get any software or program malfunction error fixed.

However, with a dead SimpliSafe keypad that refuses to turn On. It’s advisable to take some minutes for power cycling your SimpliSafe keypad that refuses to work.

This particular affix has helped a lot of SimpliSafe users based on what was learned on SimpliSafe support forum. And finally, this process is an uncomplicated task that you get done in no time by following the outlined steps below; 

How to Power Cycle the Simplisafe Keypad

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How to Fix SimpliSafe Keypad Not Working

  • Grab your SimpliSafe keypad and pull out the batteries.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes then put in three (3) batteries leaving the remaining one out.
  • Hold for several minutes up-to like 3-4. Then finally put in the last battery which is the fourth.
  • Try to turn on the SimpliSafe and see how it works out.

Reconnect Keypad and the Base Station

Inappropriate synchronizing while connecting your SimpliSafe keypad to the Base station can afterward lead to the SimpliSafe keypad not working.

And also, holding the SimpliSafe keypad far away in a longer distance than the maximum range limit of the SimpliSafe Base station can probably lead to unresponsiveness or sorts. Not until it was re-synchronized.

Basically, helding the SimpliSafe keypad in far distance isn’t advisable seeing that almost all SimpliSafe keypad need to be within 100 feet to Base station before it works properly. After all, the Base station can reach sensors up to 400 feet away. 

However, reconnecting the keypad to the Base station is also recommended when troubleshooting the SimpliSafe keypad is not functioning. How to reconnect SimpliSafe keypad with the Base station; 

  • Put out the SimpliSafe keypad battery and wait for like 15 minutes.
  • Return the battery to its place and put back the battery cover.
  • A message “Searching for Base station” will be displayed on the keypad screen.
  • Locate the internal button inside the SimpliSafe Base station.
  • Press the small circled shaped button to disconnect every connected keypad and pair with other available keypad within the range.
  • With both devices placed near each other, the keypad will automatically search and connect by displaying “Connecting to Base station” after a successful connection, the Base station will display “Keypad is Added”.

Now try to send a command to the Base station using the SimpliSafe keypad. Hopefully it works well with error free. If not, you can resort to the last affix below.

Reset the Simplisafe Base Station

In case the SimpliSafe keypad is freezing or not responding due to errors from the Base station, it’s recommended to try power-cycling your SimpliSafe Base station if it may help in solving the SimpliSafe keypad not working issue.

How to Reset the Simplisafe Base Station

  • Grab a Philip head screwdriver to unscrew the Base station battery cover. 
  • Remove the Base station battery and wait for a couple of minutes.
  • Instead of returning the battery, plug in the Base station to the power outlet without putting back the battery. 
  • Thus, the Base station will automatically reset itself. 
  • Afterward, you can simply put in the battery or replace with new pairs before putting the battery compartment cover.

Reconnect the SimpliSafe keypad following the steps mentioned in the forth (4th) affix for fixing SimpliSafe keypad not working. Then try using the keypad if it now functions as supposed.

Wrapping Up

How to Fix SimpliSafe Keypad Not Working

Hope you’ve been able to workaround your SimpliSafe keypad not working issue yourself following each and every solution provided above. In a nutshell, you can easily bring up your dead SimpliSafe keypad by replacing a weak SimpliSafe battery, re-installing the keypad, re-syncing the keypad with the Base station or power cycling the SimpliSafe keypad.

Still facing lots of issues with the SimpliSafe keypad after trying out every troubleshooting method above, you can easily get in touch with the SimpliSafe customer support system for professional assistance. Or for replacement of the bad SimpliSafe keypad if your warranty period is still running.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my SimpliSafe Keypad not working?

There are a couple of reasons why the SimpliSafe keypad isn’t working and functioning as expected. The SimpliSafe keypad battery is one of the likely causes of the issue. After running a check on the keypad, it’s recommended to begin with replacing the SimpliSafe keypad batteries which might have run out without you noticing.

Other likely causes of SimpliSafe keypad not working includes inappropriate keypad installation, firmware glitch, overworked keypad system and the SimpliSafe keypad being out of range.

How do I check the battery on my SimpliSafe keypad?

You can easily remove the SimpliSafe keypad battery compartment cover to see the battery type that your SimpliSafe keypad houses, which is four (4) pieces of the AA Alkaline battery. 

Why is my SimpliSafe Keypad offline?

The SimpliSafe keypad offline means the keypad is unable to establish a stable connection with the Base station. If the SimpliSafe keypad is far from the Base station the keypad may stop working or be unresponsive since the device is unable to communicate with your Base Station.

According to SimpliSafe, the keypad must be within 100ft of the Base station for best performance to avoid hindrance that may possibly cause disconnection and make the SimpliSafe keypad not working. It’s advisable to ensure both devices are in close proximity to avoid such issues.

How long does the SimpliSafe keypad last?

The original SimpliSafe keypad that houses 4 AA Alkaline batteries is expected to last for like 8 – 12 months according to SimpliSafe devices average battery life expectancy. This was released by the brand for clarification of original models from replica SimpliSafe in the market.

What happens to SimpliSafe if Wi-Fi is out?

Apart from the Wi-Fi, the SimpliSafe features a cellular module that operates on a cellular network. That is, if your Wi-Fi stops working, the Base station will automatically communicate on the cellular network. Likewise, you can also control the Base station from the SimpliSafe keypad, an SS3 wireless SimpliSafe Base station controller.

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