How to Fix Roku Remote Volume Not Working

Are you just detecting the volume button on your Roku TV isn’t functioning as expected? Trying to adjust the volume of your Roku device using the Roku controller, Did you find it difficult to tune up or tune down the sound? Worry not, we’ve got a tip for you to workaround your Roku remote volume not working.

Malfunctioning Roku controller volume button isn’t just an issue one can overlook unless you want to hang around in quietness which won’t be an option.

The brand Roku is getting noticed over the past years for delivering smart features and personalization to users in a renovative way, which made streaming and air sharing more incredible as it let you enjoy features from a smart TV on a non-smart TV.

However, a sudden setback on any of the device components, either the hardware or software after a long use is so challenging, which might make you think your device is broken beyond repair. Especially, the current issue you’re facing, which causes the Roku controller volume inactiveness.

Luckily, we’ve put up an up-to minute guide on how to troubleshoot your Roku remote volume not working issue which entails every valuable key details you shouldn’t miss out concerning the well-being of your Roku device controller as well as the cause of the issue; Roku remote volume button not responding.

In most cases, the device may refuse to receive the transmitted command signal from the remote. Whereas rarely, the device may receive the transmitted command signal from the controller by displaying the volume bar with no changes to the device volume, which might likely affect the Mute button as well.

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Absolutely, you must be wondering what can actually be the cause of your Roku controller volume button not functioning.

Apparently, the Roku controller may be acting up as a result of an abrupt hitch in any of other factors that influence the effectiveness of your Roku remote control.

We’ve reviewed some possible causes of the issue below. Take a moment to read to learn that nothing is wrong with your Roku device nor its remote control, as every discrete issue can be resolved in no time.

Why is My Roku Remote Volume Not Working

As mentioned earlier, there are various reasons why your Roku remote control volume button refuses to work as expected, while the Roku remote control volume issue is a widespread snag reported by Roku users on webspace and is not limited to a particular Roku device or any certain TV manufacturer.

However, as various factors hand out to this issue, the first baddie in this case goes to faulty or low Roku remote batteries. Powering your Roku remote with a declining battery may cause sudden malfunction in any of the remote control operations.

As low power batteries won’t serve the remote as expected by not providing the remote motherboard with adequate estimated current to power the remote control.

Secondly, inappropriate syncing of the Roku remote control with the Roku device, either the Roku smart TV or Roku smart box. Just as straightforward as the bullet point, not establishing a standard connection between your Roku device with the Roku remote control can cause the Roku remote volume button not working, along with inactiveness of other buttons on the remote.

Furthermore, your Roku remote volume button may also be reacting to the device firmware version either as a result of outdated firmware or the changes made by recent firmware updates.

Oftentimes, the Roku remote control may tend to act up after any firmware update as this might have restored some certain personalization to default which may cause the Roku remote volume not working.

And finally, Not functioning infrared radiation (IR) unit. The Roku remote control and the device uses infrared radiation (IR) for transmitting and receiving commands. Inactiveness of these components can make the Roku remote control volume not responding. Below are potential fixes to trouble the issue of Roku’s remote volume button not responding.

How to Fix Roku Remote Volume Not Working

Having issue with your Roku remote control as it won’t volume up and volume down with the respective button, try out the below affix for troubleshooting Roku controller volume button not responding.

Ensure There’s No Interference

To begin with, trying to control your Roku device with its controller from a long distance that exceeds the range limit or with sorts of hindrance between the remote and the device, may cause the Roku remote control not responding.

Apparently, home remote controls use Infrared radiation (IR) light for transmitting signals to the device it controls. An electromagnetic radiation which is invisible to the human eye but can be seen through a digital camera, video camera or phone camera.

However, for efficient functioning of the Infrared radiation (IR), the band wavelength is measured between 780 nanometers (nm) to 1 millimeter (mm). Whereas the wavelength corresponds to a frequency range of approximately 430 THz down to 300 GHz.

Having the Roku device placed farther away from where you’re sitting, you may be trying to control the Roku device voice which might become futile due to the receiver (Roku device) being out of range or blocked signal.

It’s advisable to try controlling your device with the Roku remote in a different position. In case the device is placed far away, try getting closer to ensure the Roku remote control is pointed directly to the device in minimal range.

If getting a bit closer to the Roku device recovers the volume button, it’s now a clear justification that the issue occurred due to blocked or unreach thermal radiation.

Replace the Roku Remote Batteries

Swap out the Roku remote batteries after a long use, on noticing the battery might have worn out. As stated earlier, battery based devices tend to act bad after experiencing lower power supply than expected. Replacing the old batteries with new pairs is the next step to take in solving Roku remote volume problems caused by old remote batteries. Now to replace your Roku remote batteries. 

How to Replace Roku Remote Batteries

  • Grab your Roku remote and open the battery compartment cover.
  • Pull out the old pairs in the Roku remote, either using AA (Double-A) or AAA (Triple-A) models.
  • Get a new set of batteries for replacement.
  • Put in the new pairs and retest the volume button after putting back the battery compartment cover.

Hopefully it returns the volume button function on your Roku remote control. Additionally, resorting to an affordable battery when picking out one for your home devices won’t do you any good.

As these cheap batteries from substandard manufacturers tend to drain faster than some high performing battery, which makes you worry more every time it wears down unexpectedly in no time.

Clean the Roku Remote/Volume Button

Acting bad due to a stuck keypad. Does this issue only apply to the remote volume button? Have you tried pressing another button as well? It’s advisable to try pressing random buttons on your Roku remote control to determine if this issue only affects the Roku remote volume button or including some other buttons as well.

Actually, using the Roku controller for years warrant stacking of dirt substances in the buttons keyhole especially if you’re the type that do like watching Netflix when eating finger foods or holding the controller most times with watery hands. To workaround this, you can simply wipe clean the keyholes with a tiny object and wipes.

In addition, on detecting there is a pile of debris in the Roku remote control after taking a closer look.

You can carefully dismantle the whole controller to clear out the inner surface as well as this might have prevented the remote control from responding as expected.

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Simply take apart the remote to access the internal components. After all, check out the battery connector and ensure there’s nothing like corrosion as this may also prevent the Roku remote keypad from working.

Re-Sync the Roku Remote With Your Device

Re-connecting the Roku remote with the device may get your issue solved as that refreshes the connection between the device and Roku controller which might have been severed by software or firmware glitch. This requires you to unpair the Roku remote from the device and redo the whole syncing procedure. To do this;

How to Fix Roku Remote Volume Not Working

Firstly unpair your Roku remote from the device by long pressing the pairing button, home, and back button simultaneously until the remote LED light indicates three times, this means the remote has been unpaired and ready to pair with the new device. Now re-sync the Roku remote with your device.

  • Open your Roku device Settings, navigate to Remotes & Devices.
  • Navigate through the options and select Set Up a New Device.

How to Fix Roku Remote Volume Not Working

  • From the supported devices list, stroll to choose Remote
  • Re-sync both devices and retry the volume button if it now works well.

Turn Off Mute Option

Hope you didn’t have the Mute option turned on your Roku device unknowingly either from the remote or on the Roku device while personalizing your device. Take some minutes to inspect the Mute option button on your Roku remote control. And other sound related settings on your Roku device as that may also cause the Roku controller volume not working.

Disable Private Listening Mode

Every Roku device has an inbuilt audio mode called private listening which enables streaming from the Roku device directly to a connected smartphone.

That is, sound from the device won’t be broadcast out to the connected speaker, but to the connected smartphone to have a great listening experience by connecting a pair of earpiece or headphone, either wired or wireless to the smartphone for listening from your smartphone seamlessly.

With this function active on your Roku device, any changes made to the Roku device volume using the Roku remote control may not take effect, seeing that the Roku device no longer be in control of the streamed content sound and this may cause Roku remote volume not responding. To fix this; you can easily workaround this by disabling the private listening option of your Roku device.

How to Disable Private Listening Mode

  • Open the Roku mobile application on your smartphone.

How to Fix Roku Remote Volume Not Working

  • Tap Devices to open the list of connected devices. 
  • On your Roku device, tap the Remote option that has the remote icon on top.
  • You’ll see three lists of icons, the refresh icon, microphone icon and the headphone icon which stands for private listening.
  • Inspect the private listening icon to ensure it’s not enabled. If the icon has a green light, that means it’s turned. 
  • Tap it once to disable the function while the active light disappears.

Now try adjusting the Roku device volume using the remote controller if this particular workaround got your issue fixed, hopefully it does.

Power Cycle the Device and Controller

Yet another potential affix you can resort to when facing a malfunctioning Roku remote is by restarting both the Roku controller and the Roku device. As the sudden issue from the remote might be because of an abrupt glitch in the device program.

It’s recommended to power cycle the Roku remote as well as the Roku device. To power cycle your remote control, open the battery compartment cover, pull out the remote battery whether it is using double A or triple A. On removing the battery, wait for up-to like 30 seconds and put in 1 out of the two batteries and wait for next 30 seconds before putting back the second one.

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Now to power cycle the Roku device. Turn off the Roku device and unplug every cable, including the power cable.

Now press and hold the power button for several seconds to power drain the Roku device completely for it to force restart by plugging it to a power outlet. Plug in the Roku device and start it up, after it starts up completely, try to reconnect the Roku remote and try out the volume button if it has been fixed.

Check for Device Update

Running an outdated software or firmware version may also result in the Roku remote volume not working. As the outdated version might have been withdrawn as a stable variety which causes incompatibility between the Roku remote control and the receiver which is the Roku device.

It’s recommended to check for any software and firmware update on your Roku device as that might get the non responding Roku remote volume button fixed in a moment.

To Check and Update your Roku Device

  • Open the device Settings from the device Homepage.
  • Stroll to select System
  • Then click System Update.

How to Fix Roku Remote Volume Not Working

  • Navigate and click the Check Now button to check and install any available update you’ve missed out.
  • The device will automatically install any available update and restart once it’s done.

Set Up Remote for TV Control

After a series of software or firmware updates, the TV setup for remote control may have been hindered during the update process which might have left the settings at default. This requires you to reintegrate the Roku remote with your Roku device before things work as expected.

Including the volume button as well. The best option to adopt in this case is by setting up the remote for TV control in the Roku device settings. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to set up a remote for TV control on your Roku device.

  • On the Roku device Homepage, navigate to Settings
  • Stroll through the option and select Remotes & Devices.
  • Then select Remote.

How to Fix Roku Remote Volume Not Working

  • Locate and click Set Up Remote for TV Control from the list.
  • With your active Roku remote, follow the on screen prompt to successfully set up your remote for full control of the Roku TV.

Try Out Roku Mobile App

After a series of checks on both your Roku remote control and the Roku device. You may want to utilize the last option for adjusting your Roku device volume, which is using the Roku mobile application and also to determine if the issue is from the device or it’s caused by a bad Roku controller.

The Roku mobile application has a built-in remote control function which comes into action after establishing a successful connection with a Roku device.

To use the remote function on Roku mobile App

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How to Fix Roku Remote Volume Not Working

  • Get the Roku mobile application installed on your smartphone, available for both Android and iOS.
  • Launch the App and sign in with your Roku account. 
  • Ensure both devices, your smartphone and the Roku device are on the same wireless network.
  • Click Devices from the App footer menu to see a list of available devices. 
  • Under your Roku device name, tap the remote option to use the mini inbuilt remote control in the App.


Hope you find this post helpful. Fixing the Roku remote volume button not working shouldn’t be a challenging issue to spend a whole day solving, seeing that the volume issue may either be from the remote control, in terms of worn battery and dirt. Or from the Roku device pertaining to set personalization, sudden glitch or outdated firmware.

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However, you can easily have the Roku remote volume button not working fixed in no time following the outlined troubleshooting methods above.

After detecting the infrared radiation receiver on your Roku device is still intact on trying out the last method, by using the Roku mobile application. In such situations, you can order for the Roku controller replacement if your warranty is still active or resort to other certified stores to get a new controller.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I turn up volume on Roku without a remote?

Not only with the Roku remote control, the Roku device volume can also be adjusted using the Roku mobile application, as it features an inbuilt Roku device controller which gives you access for navigating through your Roku device from your smartphone. After all, the Roku mobile App is made available for both the most used mobile operating systems Android and iOS.

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