How to Fix FuboTV Not Working on Samsung TV

A streaming service called FuboTV enables the streaming of numerous sports channels as well as a number of other popular channels. It is compatible with your phone, television, and other smart devices. Right at your fingertips, you may watch the top programs and follow every play of a game in real time.

With FuboTV, you can have access to manifolds of real time sport focus channels, including CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, ESPN, and many others. Imagine, however, that you have a FuboTV subscription and attempt to stream it on your TV, but it is unsuccessful.

If a live game is on or the season finale of your favorite show is streaming, it can be annoying. You can now attempt a few different things to address this problem on your end. So let’s get started without further ado. 

Recently, Samsung TV users have mentioned that they are having some issues utilizing FuboTV. According to a customer, the program runs flawlessly on his Roku device.

However, when he tries to use it on a Samsung TV, it takes between 10 and 25 minutes while he tries to play material and simultaneously closes and reopens the app. He claimed that the menus function well and that he can choose a channel. Everything else on the app is broken aside from that.

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Are you having issues accessing the Fubo TV app on your Samsung TV? We’ve gotten a few troubleshooting steps you can utilize to workaround the problem of FuboTV not working on Samsung TV.

To begin with, you must be wondering why the FuboTV refuses to work as expected when trying to access it on your Samsung TV, check out the possible cause of the issue below.

Why Wont Fubo Work on My Samsung TV?

How to Fix FuboTV Not Working on Samsung TV

If Fubo doesn’t load on your Samsung TV, there may possibly be a network issue. Verify the server first to make sure they are up and running, then immediately check your internet connection to ensure everything is in working order.

This can also be brought on by cached data, which uses up all the memory and causes problems like improper loading of Fubo on your Samsung TV due operating system throttling or sorts.

Several streaming services, including Roku, Amazon, and mobile apps, offer access to FuboTV. When using Amazon Fire TV devices or other platforms, such as TV devices, to stream particular channels or on-demand content, problems with the service are frequently encountered. The following points represent the remaining potential causes of the problem: 

  • Device Compatibility
  • FuboTV bugs or glitches
  • Troubles with FuboTV’s servers
  • VPN with a service-blocked IP address 
  • A poor internet connection 
  • Problems with the streaming device’s hardware

How to Fix FuboTV Not Working on Samsung TV

With the malfunctioning FuboTV application on your Samsung smart TV that refuses to work as expected. Here are a few potential affixes you can adopt for troubleshooting the issue of FuboTV not working on your Samsung TV which will perhaps get it fixed in no time if followed one after the other till the last very fix.

Ensure Your Samsung TV is Compatible

To begin with, checking the device compatibility is the first and best thing to try out before stressing yourself out by trying to access the FuboTV App on an unsupported Samsung TV. Unknowingly, your Samsung TV might have been left out of the league of smart TV that FuboTV can work on flawlessly.

Apparently, not all Samsung TVs are FuboTV supported, seeing that some older models have been withdrawn from accessing the video on demand application.

According to FuboTV, you can get to enjoy countless channels if you’re on a 2015 or newer model of Samsung TV that’s made of Tizen 2.3. These models will probably support v1.24.1 of the FuboTV application.

You can easily check out the list of devices that FuboTV works best on from Fubo’s website. Having a compatible Samsung TV, meaning the culprit is something else but not from the compatibility issue of both the device and application. Then move on to the next affix.

Check for FuboTV Server Outage

Sudden downtime or server outage might make the FuboTV inaccessible on your Samsung TV. Checking out the server status will probably clear out the doubt whether you’re the only one experiencing the issue or the whole community, in case the local servers are only affected. Sometimes the problem might be a zonal issue which may cause outages in vast areas.

There are some downtime detector platform’s made accessible for free to check real-time active status of any sought-after platforms, if it’s currently active or experiencing a general server downtime.

Actually, finding out this information at an early stage of fixing FuboTV not working on Samsung TV is essential as that will save you a lot of effort from trying out each and every affixes while the issue is just a server problem affecting your area or region.

Using the FuboTV server status detector, you’ll be able to confirm whether other users in your area are having problems or you’re the only one on this table. However, you can also resort to other downtime detectors like Downdetector. After all, contacting the customer support system for inquiry is also recommended.

Disable VPN & IP Masking Settings

In case you’re the type that does mask your IP address with a virtual private network (VPN) for standard speed and security, since it keep your IP address, passwords, location, and other identifying data safe from hackers or “big data” collectors. Apparently, your VPN private server IP address might have been blacklisted by the streaming service.

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Turning off the VPN service on your connected network is the best option you can resort to for troubleshooting this issue. Try to disconnect every connected virtual private network (VPN) service on your network and try accessing the FuboTV application on your Samsung TV if it’s now working as expected.

Check Internet Speed

Trying to stream FuboTV with a low internet speed may hinder the flawless operation of the streaming application. Due to lots of reasons, your connected wireless network may be a bit slow and unreliable for efficient connection. As a result of network congestion or slow internet packages.

In most cases, having a lot of devices connected to your network source may congest the network and affect the bandwidth allocation to every device on the network, whether you’re on Router, pocket Wi-Fi or you’re connected to your phone hotspot. So far every networking device has its connection limit, getting closer to this limit can straggle the network speed.

Check and inspect the internet speed of your wireless network source, to ensure you’re receiving the streaming standard signal that’s capable of buffering without obstruction.

You can utilize an online network speed tester to know your network max upload and download speed. Such includes,, and more. Connect your smartphone or computer to the same Wi-Fi network then confirm by visiting any of the above websites.

In those instances, free congested networks by disconnecting some connected device and at least move the internet closer to your Samsung TV to prevent interference from walls, doors or other connected devices in your home. In case it’s impossible to move your home network, you can consider getting a Wi-Fi extender to extend the Wi-Fi range.

After all, if you try out the FuboTV with another wireless network and it works well, you can consider using a wired connection with the Ethernet cable connecting the TV with your home router or power cycle your home router if that will get the issue fixed. How to do this, check the next fix.

Power Cycle the Internet Source

Restarting your home internet source will refresh the entire network, which will perhaps solve the FuboTV not working issue if the problem is with your wireless network. Take some minutes to restart your router if that will solve the problem.

Be aware that every connected device will be disconnected during the restarting procedure, so ensure you’re not using the internet on any of the connected devices before you restart it. How to restart your home router;

Power off the router with any power button provided on the device, then disconnect every connected cable including the power cable that does power the device.

Wait for several seconds or max of a minute before plugging in the power cable, and reboot the device. Wait till it successfully boots down and try reconnecting your Samsung TV then try re-launch the FuboTV application if it works well.

However, in case the FuboTV works well with your Samsung TV after rebooting your wireless network. That means the problem is with your network source, not the FuboTV application or your Samsung TV. Contrarily, if that doesn’t fix the issue you can move on to the next fix.

Reboot Your Samsung TV

How to Fix FuboTV Not Working on Samsung TV

Unfortunately, a sudden glitch in the device software or program can cause the whole device some damage, which can make the app crash unexpectedly or function not as expected. The best approach to fix this is to power cycle your Samsung TV. Force restarting your Samsung TV will definitely refresh it and fix any software glitch.

Apparently, you can easily restart your Samsung TV in two different ways, which include restarting it with the TV remote or force restarting manually. To power cycle your Samsung TV with the TV remote control. 

  • Press the Home button on the remote control. 
  • Locate and press the Power Button on the TV remote. 
  • Wait for several seconds, up-to a minute. 
  • Press the Power Button on the TV remote to turn on the TV. 
  • Wait till it boots down completely. 
  • Navigate to the FuboTV application on your TV and open.

Now to force restart your Samsung TV manually. 

  • Firstly disconnect every physical connected device and cable.
  • Now turn Off the Samsung TV with the TV remote. 
  • Unplug the power cable from the power outlet. 
  • Hold for several seconds.
  • Now press the power button from the TV remote while the TV is still plugged out to power drain the device.
  • In due course, plug in the TV power cable and turn it on with the TV remote.

Learn how to restart or reboot your Samsung TV

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Afterward, try accessing the FuboTV application on your Samsung TV to see how things work out. Hopefully it works properly as expected. In case it’s the other way round, there are still a few affixes you can apply below.

Clear the FuboTV App Cache

Unlike other smart TVs manufacturers, Samsung stands out among others in their models of smart TVs with an inbuilt App settings which enables users to manage installed Apps with multiple options.

Clearing the FuboTV application cache tends to free the app from random bugs and software glitch that may prevent it from running smoothly on your Samsung TV. Are you wondering about how you’ll get to clear the Fubo App cache on your TV? Check out the outlined steps below; 

  • Press the Home icon on your TV remote control.
  • Navigate to the TV Settings by pressing the Settings icon or by clicking the settings option on the TV screen. 
  • Locate and click the Apps tab.
  • Choose System Apps Settings from the option list.
  • Stroll to click the FuboTV application.
  • Navigate and click Clear Cache 
  • Press the OK button to confirm the action.

Once the process is done, try accessing the FuboTV again to check whether the issue is fixed by clearing the App cache.

Uninstall & Reinstall the FuboTV App

Clearing the App cache only might not fix the issue, since the FuboTV application also receives updates like other application software installed on every smart device. Running an outdated application can make the system read the existing files as corrupted or unsupported formatted documents.

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In most cases, clearing the App cache may not do the whole thing which may require you to uninstall and reinstall the application software. Without further ado, take some minutes to delete and reinstall the Fubo application on your Samsung TV. How to do this;

Firstly delete the installed application by navigating to the Samsung TV settings >> Apps >> then click on FuboTV App icon to access the App settings, now click delete option to uninstall the App from your TV, finally confirm your option by clicking delete again from the popped up card.

Now, how to reinstall FuboTV.

  • Grab the TV remote and press the Home button. 
  • Locate the search icon in the TV home screen.
  • Input FuboTV in the search box then click Enter or Search to execute the search.
  • On providing the result, click install or download to save the app on your Samsung TV. 
  • After it installs successfully, open the App and sign in with your credentials and try streaming live content to confirm if the issue has been fixed.

Check and Update Your Samsung TV

Basically, smart devices manufacturers roll out timely Firmware and software updates that every supported device downloads and installs automatically for bug fixing and security patches.

Apparently, this tends to fix any sudden snag or glitch caused by outdated Firmware or software. Unknowingly, keeping your Samsung TV off internet access for some period of time might prevent the TV from checking and installing necessary available updates.

However, this involves you to manually check and force an update if any is available. Updating your Samsung TV manually, here’s how to go about that.

  • Click the Home button on your TV remote to revert the TV to the homepage. 
  • Navigate and click on Settings
  • Stroll and click on Software Update
  • Then click on Check for Updates.
  • If any update is available, you’ll see an option with the Update button. 
  • Click Update and confirm your action by re-clicking update and hold for a couple of minutes.
  • The system will be updated automatically and reboot subsequently.
  • Now retry the FuboTV application. Has it been fixed?

Try Out FuboTV on Another Device

On before trying the last option which is restoring the Samsung TV settings to default. To be firmly assured nothing is wrong with your FuboTV account or your internet source.

You can try to access the FuboTV from other devices around you, either on your smartphone or computer. But make sure you’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network not to miss out on that very detail.

Grab your device and visit or download the FuboTV for easy access. Sign in with your credentials and try streaming from a channel to see if things work right. In case everything works as expected, there are chances that the issue is with your Samsung TV. Try out the last affix below and see the status afterwards. 

Restore the TV Settings to Default

Seeing that restoring the Samsung TV to default will revert all the settings and personalization to that of the factory, as well as clearing installed applications including App data leaving out the pre-installed Apps on your TV. This tends to fix any issue with your TV.

Note that all your Wi-Fi settings, devices and password will be cleared. It’s advisable to keep your passwords in a safe place plus your preferred settings in case you’d like to personalize after restoring it to default. Now follow the step-by-step guide below to reset your Samsung TV;

  • Grab your TV remote control and press the Home button.
  • Locate and click the Settings option on your screen.
  • Stroll down and click Support.
  • From the support options, locate and click Device Care.
  • Then select the second option of the device care “Self Diagnosis”.
  • Locate and click Reset Smart Hub while it will prompt you to enter your PIN to confirm your option. 
  • Input the default PIN which is four zeros [0000] or your TV password in case you set one.
  • Press OK or Reset to start the process. Hold for a couple of seconds till it restarts.

Bottom Line

How to Fix FuboTV Not Working on Samsung TV

Hope you found this post helpful. Going through the whole blog post, I believe you’ve been able to solve the issue of FuboTV not working on Samsung TV? Actually, missing a lot of live content due to the non-functional FuboTV application on Samsung TV may be so frustrating.

In theory, the FuboTV not working issue is most times caused by a little hitch that can be fixed after adopting a few troubleshooting steps. In rare cases, the sudden hindrance may be a serious problem that may require you to get in touch with customer support for proper check up.

After trying out each and every fix included in this post, are you still unable to solve the issue of FuboTV not working on Samsung TV? Have you tried reading the post over in case you’ve missed out any steps? You can contact the Fubo customer support agent to look into the issue.

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The Samsung TV is branded with a lot of exhilarating advanced features that improves users interaction and experience with Smart TVs, while each and every of these features also have their share of bugs and flaws.

Sometimes, the Samsung TV may refuse to connect with your Wi-Fi network or experience a sudden disconnection after some minutes of connection, the Wi-Fi disconnecting issue might be a bit challenging. You can check on our guide to fix your Samsung TV that keeps disconnecting from the Wi-Fi network.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Update the Fubo App on My Samsung Smart TV?

To update the FuboTV App on your Samsung TV, you’ll have to turn on the Auto Update option in the FuboTV application settings on your Samsung TV, so that it’ll check and update whenever an update is released and your Samsung TV has internet access. How to turn the FuboTV App Auto Update in your Samsung TV; 

  • Press the Home button on your TV remote control. 
  • Navigate to Apps on the TV screen. 
  • Stroll and click Settings.
  • Locate and click the Auto Update option. 
  • Now your FuboTV App will check and install the latest version whenever it’s connected to the internet.

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