How To Find Download And Import .SRT Subtitle File For Any Movie

How To Find Download And Import .SRT Subtitle File For Any Movie
Most times you may find it formidable watching foreign movies like American movie, India movie, Spanish movie, Korean Drama and Chinese Drama without caption (subtitle) because of their strong accent or inability to understand their language. This the right post for you because I’m going to share with you how to download and import .srt subtitle file for any movie you wish to watch with easy steps.
By downloading movie online or receiving from a friend using Xender or other file transfer app, you may find yourself in a position which the video is not embedded with english caption (subtitle). There is no need to fret because I’m going to show you two different way to download and import .srt subtitle file for any movie with easy steps. Without wasting much of your time let’s take a look at the steps.

How To Find Download And Import .SRT Subtitle File For Any Movie

As I mentioned earlier, you can find English subtitle file for any movie you wish you to watch in two different ways which include.
  • Downloading and Importing the .srt file manually
  • Downloading and Importing the .srt file automatically
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Using The Manual Method

For finding compatible English subtitle for any movie manually, this involve downloading the raw .srt file from the internet and importing the file to the video using any advance video player which support caption (VLC player/MX player recommended). Having your movie ready follow the below procedure to download and import .srt subtitle file for any movie.
  • Lunch your phone browser (Chrome / PHX browser)
  • Visit
  • On the webpage click the search button to input the movie title (Full title and released year if included).
  • Locate and click the download button on the search result page.
  • After downloading the subtitle file successfully, lunch the recommend video player (VLC player/MX player).
  • Click on the movie to watch.
  • While streaming the movie, locate and click the caption (subtitle) icon on your screen.
  • Click Open subtitle and locate the .srt file you just download (which should probably be in your download folder).
The subtitle file will be import and your movie will now be caption (subtitle) in english while you enjoy. In some cases you may not be able to locate the .srt file from your video player if it was downloaded in Zip format which needs to be uncompressed in your file manager before you can access the .srt file. You can take some minutes to learn how to uncompress Zip files on your Android phone.

Using The Automatic Method

You can caption (subtitle) any video automatically using the overwhelming feature that’s available on MX player Apk. With this great feature you can search download and import any subtitle file online right on your video player automatically with just a click.Follow the below steps to make use of MX player online subtitle feature.
  • Lunch your Mx player APK.
  • Open the movie you wish to caption (subtitle).
  • Locate and tap the caption (subtitle) icon on your screen.
How To Find Download And Import .SRT Subtitle File For Any Movie
  • Click Online Subtitle.
  • It will prompt to enter the search text.
  • Check the box and input the movie title.
How To Find Download And Import .SRT Subtitle File For Any Movie
  • Tap okay and wait while it load.
  • The result page will contains list of available subtitle file you can download.
  • Click on the right one that goes with your movie title and tap download.
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This will only takes few seconds to search and download the right english subtitle file for any movie and you enjoy watching foreign movies with english caption. The subtitle file both the one you download from the internet and MX player can be share to friends using file transfer app which the recipient can make use of it using advance video player APK that support caption.
Note: All this process requires internet connection either by cellular network or Wi-Fi connection and it support any smartphone with Android 6.0 and earlier operating system. If you find this guidepost useful you can share using any of the share icon below and drop your feedback using the comment section.
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