How to Email a Scanned Document On iPhone

Scanning and transferring of digital files like Docs and credentials now becomes an easy task which can be done on our Smartphone in today’s age rather than using a gigantic scanner and PC in former times.

However, the swift development of technology now gives room for scanning and transferring of documents on the go.

With your smartphone in place, irrespective of it OS, you can get to scan a document, convert to any digital file format supported in Word like .doc, .docx, .docm, .html, .pdf and transfer using the electronic mail function on your smartphone or other messaging Apps.

Being away from home where you can access a scanner and also need to send a document urgently will leave you with the only option to make use of your smartphone. But can you actually Email a scanned document on an iPhone?

Are you in-search for a way to forward scanned documents on an iPhone? Trying to forward a document to a colleague, thinking if it is possible or how to go about it. Don’t worry you’ll learn that here. 

Luckily, I have put up an updated guide on how to email a scanned document on an iPhone or iPad which includes everything you need to know about scanning and transferring of documents on a smartphone.

How to Email a Scanned Document On iPhone

Basically, scanning documents on an iPhone involves using the preload Apps on the device which are Notes and Files App, Scan document function in Mail, or using a third-party App called PDF Scanner & Editor.

This means you can send a scanned document to someone’s email in four different methods as an iPhone user.

How to Email a Scanned Document On iPhone using Notes App

Notes is one of the most flexible preload applications on iPhones and iPads which serves it native function, note jotting and quick documentation in text format filled with checklists, images, web links, handwritten notes, or sketches.

Saved notes can be uploaded and saved automatically to users iCloud in order to make it available by syncing through signed devices. The App function isn’t limited to all this. You can also scan and email a document using Notes App on the iPhone. To do this;

  • Navigate and Launch Notes App on iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap the “write icon” in the lower right corner of the Notes App homepage.
  • Tap the “camera icon” to show the upload list, then select “Scan Documents” from the list.
  • Place what you want to scan on a flat surface and take the picture.
  • Adjust the captured document by cropping to make sure it fits your taste.
  • Conclude the step by tapping the share icon at the upper right of your screen then select mail from the list.
  • Input the recipient Mail address, add other necessary details and forward the scanned document successfully.

How to Email a Scanned Document On iPhone using Keyboard

Running the latest iOS version on your iPhone; Apple offers elementary features when using the Apple keyboard in the Mail App. Attaching saved files, photos or videos, and scanning of documents are made possible with a quick access menu on the Keyboard. To scan and email a document on iPhone with the keyboard function;

How to Email a Scanned Document On iPhone

  • Launch the Mail App on the iPhone. 
  • Click the pen icon to create a new Mail.
  • Input the required recipient information and the Mail subject.
  • Tap the scan document icon and take a picture of the document.
  • Use the cropping feature in case it requires you to crop out blank spaces.
  • Save and attach it to the Mail successfully.

How to Email a Scanned Document On iPhone using Scanner App

There are tons of third-party Apps in the App Store that offer scanning and conversation of document format easily with just a click.

The PDF Scanner & Editor is not only usable at scanning and forwarding scanned documents but also serves the function of scanning and merging images with cloud import i.e. you can select and edit images from your cloud storage like iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox.

To scan and email a document using PDF Scanner & Editor;

How to Email a Scanned Document On iPhone

  • Install PDF Scanner & Editor on the iPhone
  • Launch the App then tap the + icon.
  • Choose Scan with Camera to take a picture of the document.
  • Select the captured document on the App homepage, tap edit to make necessary changes.
  • Finally click the share icon and select Mail from the sharing option list.

How to Email a Scanned Document On iPhone using Files App

Lastly, transferring scanned documents with Files on iPhone. This is the easiest method to email a scanned document on an iPhone since it can be done in three to four easy steps. How to email a scanned document on iPhone using Files App:

  • Launch the Files App on iPhone. 
  • Tap the option icon at the upper right side of your screen. 
  • Select Scan Documents from the option list. 
  • Take a picture of the document you want to share and save.
  • Tap Keep Scan then click the share icon in the lower left corner of your screen.

How to Email a Scanned Document On iPhone

  • From the share option list choose Mail and follow the prompt to finally send your scanned document.

How to Put a Scanned Document into an Email

In order to attach files to email on iPhone, you have to make use of the keyboard function in Mail App on iPhone. To Put a Scanned Document into an Email on iPhone; 

  • Launch iPhone Mail App.
  • Start a new Mail or you’re replying to an existing contact.
  • Input the recipient details and Mail subject. 
  • After writing the Mail body, select the attachment icon above the keyboard.
  • Navigate and locate the scanned document in the iPhone Files.
  • Tap the scanned document to attach it with the Mail successfully.

In case you’re attaching multiple documents like PDF Files. When locating the document on the Files App, click the option button (3dot icon) and tap select from the option list in order to select multiple files at one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I scan to email in Outlook?

To send a scanned document on Outlook; after following any of the stipulated methods above to scan documents on iPhone, choose Outlook from the sharing option list, instead of Mail or Gmail and the scanned file will be attached to your Outlook Mail.

Why is my scan to email not working?

Scan to email function can only act up if the selected file size exceeds the max upload size of your email. To fix this; compress the document size using online compressor tools which compress without losing its original format. That will probably fix the scan to email not working.

Where do Scanned documents go on the iPhone?

Apparently, the saved location of scanned documents on the iPhone is determined by the App you used in scanning the document. Scanning a document with Notes App will save the scanned document to the current Note opened.

Using a third-party App like the PDF Scanner & Editor App, your scanned document will be saved on the App and made accessible from the App homepage, while scanned documents transferred from Files will be stored in Files App on iPhone. 

How do I save a scanned image on my iPhone?

To save a scanned image to Photos App on iPhone; after scanning the image successfully using any of the methods mentioned above, select Photos from the sharing option list to make it visible and accessible in Photos App on your iPhone. 


Hope you’ve managed to learn the simpler and easiest way to email a scanned document on iPhone?

In a nutshell, there are numerous ways to scan a document on an iPhone and forward seamlessly to any email or webmail service App installed on your iPhone without using a scanner or PC.

Having any issues with steps mentioned above or any relevant suggestions you’d like us to include in this quick guide post, let’s hear that out in the comment section.

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