How to Download Instagram Highlights Cover [Updated]

Instagram highlights and highlight covers have become the new way of renovating our bio since its introduction. With the Instagram highlight feature, users are enabled to save selected memories to Instagram profile permanently not until it was deleted manually. This distinguishes Instagram highlights from stories that do vanish after 24 Hours. 

The picked out stories later highlighted right below the bio section of your Instagram profile serves as a renewed tool for proper engagement of new visitors to your profile, which speaks more about you to the audience with countless past stories. This comes along with the highlights covers, the highlighted cover photos to polish your IG profile.

Apparently, seeing that Instagram highlights cover makes a great first impression to your bio explorer and provides a polished look for your Instagram highlights, are you eyeing your idol Instagram highlights or highlight cover you’d like to save directly to your device?

Here’s a quick tip on how to download Instagram highlights cover to your device. 

To draw audience attention to your best Instagram story content selected as highlights, using attractive and pleasing highlight covers is essential. With little to no editing skill, creating highlight covers might be a bit trickier than it sounds.

Did you have a question like, can I download Instagram highlights covers?

Basically, downloading Instagram stories, highlights and videos is nothing to be concerned about so far that it can be saved easily to your device in multiple ways. Apparently, Instagram highlights cover can only be saved by long pressing the highlight box which will only save the cover thumbnail but not in its original format.

Did you wish to save your favorite highlighted stories for unlimited views anytime and every time. Trying to save some Instagram highlights for re-use or modification on your device. It’s a go for you.

How to Download Instagram Highlights Cover

To download Instagram highlights easily to your device memory unhindered either you’re on mobile, tablets or PC, there are three different quick tips you can follow which includes;

  • Taking the Highlight screenshot.
  • Download the Highlights cover from Instagram.
  • Use a Third-Party Instagram Highlights downloader.

Taking the Instagram Highlights Screenshot

The first easiest method to save Instagram highlights is by taking the screenshot, since all smartphones and PCs are now branded with an easy-to-use screenshot function. Note, this only works if the highlight you’d like to save is an image. In case you’re trying to save a video highlight, you can resort to other methods included.

Now to take the Instagram highlight screenshot, here’s how to do this;

  • Launch Instagram, whether you’re on the web or App version. 
  • Visit the favorite highlight you’d like to save. 
  • Open to view and hold to pause the moment then take the screenshot to save on your device. 

To take a screenshot on Android, press and hold the Volume – button and the Power button simultaneously or access the screenshot function from the toolbar by swiping down from the top of the screen.

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Using an iPhone or iPad, press and hold the Volume + button and Power button simultaneously. In case you’re on an older model of iPhones, press and hold Home button and Power button to screenshot.

Trying to screenshot Instagram highlights on PC’s, press Ctrl key + PrtScn key on the keyboard for Windows and while on Macintosh, press and hold Shift key, Command key, and 3 to capture your screen and save freely. 

Unto the next……..

Downloading the Highlights cover from Instagram

Accessing Instagram from a web browser, you can easily save Instagram highlights cover to your device storage with just a click. By long pressing the highlight cover, you’ll be provided with an option to download the selected image which will be saved directly to your device storage. To try this out;

  • Open Instagram on the web browser. 
  • Visit the targeted Instagram profile.
  • Long press the highlight cover.

How to Download Instagram Highlights Cover

  • Click Download Image from the browser option. 
  • The image will be downloaded successfully.

Same steps apply if you’re on a desktop. Right-click on the highlight cover, select and click “Save image as…” choose the image destination,  provide a name for the file or leave it if you like and click the save button to finally save the selected highlights cover. 

Notice: Downloading Instagram highlights cover by long pressing the cover from web browser won’t save the highlight cover original format, this will only export a thumbnail of around 150*150 pixels, that’s so small. Which makes the image blurry and unprofessional.

Using Third-party Instagram Highlights Downloader

With the help of third-party online downloaders, saving Instagram highlights and stories has been made easier than before, including all other Instagram streaming and live content. 

Using third-party Instagram highlights downloaders, you can enjoy unlimited downloads of Instagram highlights and Instagram highlights cover in the highest format with no cost or boring registrations.

However, there are bunches of Instagram highlights downloaders out there but as you’re aware, most of them don’t really serve the purpose. Therefore, we’ve prepared a list of the best Instagram highlights downloaders you can resort to when trying to save Instagram highlights or stories.

Now, how to download Instagram highlights with IG highlights downloader;

  • Visit Instagram on your device. Mobile or Desktop
  • Navigate to the target profile. 
  • On a web browser. Navigate to the omnibox, tap and copy the profile URL. 
  • On the App. Click the vertical ellipsis to access the menu options then share to copy the profile link.
  • Visit the online Instagram highlights downloader

Instagram Highlights Downloader

  • Paste the copied URL to the provided box and tap Download.
  • You’ll be provided with a list of the profile stories and highlights.
  • Tap Show Highlights to view the highlights content.
  • Click the Download button right below the video to save directly to your local storage.
  • You can use the personalization settings to change the video extraction format, in case you’d like to save in high format.

Note that the same step mentioned above is applicable to desktop users. Instagram highlights downloader is also accessible on desktop web browsers, make sure you’ve copied the profile URL >> visit the downloader >> paste the URL to extract the video to your local disk.

Best Instagram Highlights Downloader

Here are a few most used Instagram highlights and story downloaders you can try out as alternatives while trying to download Instagram highlights, videos and stories to your local storage. 

  • StorySaver
  • Insta Supersave
  • Instasaved 
  • Snaptube
  • Aloinstagram

Bonus Tips:

How to Save Instagram Highlights to Profile Archive

Trying to keep your beautiful big stories in memory for a long period of time even after uploading new Instagram highlights, the best option you can adopt is by using the archive function on your profile. This saves your stories to cloud storage which is accessible only to you not until you re-publish before your audience can see.

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Basically, files saved to archive are safe so far your Instagram account is safe and active, that’s why it’s advisable to archive stories or highlights you wouldn’t like to lose for life. How to archive Instagram highlights; 

  • On your Instagram account, view the story or highlight you’d like to archive.
  • Tap the vertical ellipsis to access the option menu.

How to Download Instagram Highlights Cover

  • Swipe to locate Archive from the list and tap. 
  • To access the Archive history. On your profile page, tap the option icon and click Archive to view a list of achieved files.

How to Edit Existing Highlights Cover: Add New One

Rather than picking a random frame as your Instagram highlights cover or adding an image to your Story (firstly before you posted the content) in order to make it a highlight cover, you can easily personalize the highlights cover and set desired image in the highlight settings. To do this;

  • Navigate to your Instagram account profile.
  • Tap to view the highlight you’d like to change its cover.
  • Tap more in the bottom right corner to access the mini menu. 
  • Click Edit Highlight from the list then Edit Cover
  • Select image from the device library and finally tap Done to save. 

If you’re having up-to like 5 highlights, follow the same steps for each of the highlights.


Hope you find this guidepost helpful. In a simple word, Instagram highlights can be saved successfully to your device local storage using third-party Instagram highlights downloader and Instagram Archive in case you’re trying to save to your Instagram account for future reference without public access.

Searching for a way to save any Instagram highlights to your device for revisit whenever you’re offline, you can probably resort to any methods mentioned above on how to download Instagram highlights successfully. Mind you, Instagram highlights downloader only works for downloading highlights contents but not the highlight cover.

However, seeing that Instagram highlights cover couldn’t be saved in its original formats. In order to create a genuine Instagram highlights cover for polishing your profile page, you can easily make use of any free graphics design platform that has pre-made open license covers which you can customize and use freely.

Such platform’s include Canva, Adobe Express, Visme, Picmonkey out of others. Setting up a nature morte and still life profile, free online stock photography website like, Pinterest, Shutterstock, Freepik might be your last resort in searching for high resolution still life and naturalistic photos for your Instagram highlights cover.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to copy the Instagram Highlights link?

To copy Instagram highlights links for sharing or downloading, you can easily do this by tapping the highlight, locate and tap the ellipses button in the bottom right corner of screen, swipe to locate and tap Share. A prompt card displaying the URL destination will be displayed on your screen, just tap copy URL to have the link saved to your clipboard.

Can you post highlights without adding to your story?

Truly, Instagram highlights can be added in the account profile page without uploading any story. You can easily do this by tapping the 👤 profile icon in the far right corner of the Instagram footer menu, navigate to locate a (+) plus sign in a circle underneath your bio, tap and select the preferred content from your device library or existing story and save.

Definitely, you can change your existing highlights by adding a new one which is not necessary to add them to your Instagram story. Sure, you can choose from your existing stories as well, but that’s not mandatory as you can add pictures directly from your phone library as well.

Can someone see that I viewed their Instagram highlight?

Yes, this only applies if the viewed highlight was added in less than 48 hours from the original story published time. That is, the highlight view receipt will be delivered for the first 48 hours of its published time. Mind you, if the highlight has been published for longer than 48 hours, lucky for you, they won’t be able to see that you have viewed it as it won’t send any view receipt to the owner.

How can you see someone’s Instagram highlights without them knowing?

Actually, viewing someone’s highlight story secretly on the official Instagram App and page isn’t possible but just everyone’s dream. The only workaround to see someone’s highlights without sending the view receipt is by using a third-party App or IG highlights downloader.

However, using this method, you can get to stalk an Instagram profile even without following the account. All you need is the profile link, you can get it by tapping the omnibox on a web browser or using the share method on Instagram Application. Visit any of the recommended Instagram highlights downloaders, paste the link to generate the videos and enjoy.

How do you download someone’s Instagram highlights?

Instagram highlights can be downloaded easily with free online Instagram highlights downloader. You can revert to the section of this post that emphasized more on how to download Instagram highlights and highlights cover easily to your device local storage. 

How do I save a highlight cover?

Instagram highlights cover can only be downloaded from the Instagram profile page by long pressing the highlight and tap download image on the web browser. This only saves the thumbnail (the reduced-size versions of the highlight cover pictures) but not the original format.

What size is Instagram highlights cover?

The supported size and dimension for Instagram highlights cover is 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels which is the same as that of regular Instagram stories. The proportional relationship between the covers width and height is expected to be less than or within a 9:16 aspect ratio, since only the centered part of the whole image will be visible as highlights cover on the profile page. That’s why it’s advisable to keep all your cover designs the same dimensions for consistency.

In addition, Instagram highlights cover supported format includes the well known JPG and PNG i.e you can either choose to export out your Instagram highlights cover in one of the two as both are supported.

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