How to Double Space in Word on iPad

You can change the leading, also referred to as the amount of space between lines of text and paragraphs, when using Word on a mobile device. It is possible to double-space a single-spaced document.

It’s not exactly a stroke of genius to add two spaces after a line. Some people could mistakenly believe that Word’s functionality on iOS devices differs significantly from that on other platforms due to the accessibility of devices running a variety of operating systems.

This is untrue, though, as the main components and the majority of the other components are comparable.

How to double space in Word on iPad

However, there are variations because there are so many unique mobile platforms. Let’s focus on one iOS device, such as an iPhone, Mac, or iPad. The user interface of Microsoft Word on the iPhone might be distinct from that on the PC and Mac versions.

How to Double Space in Word on iPad

On the other hand, the procedure for doing so with Word for Mac is fairly similar to that of the iPad. 

Step 1: Choosing the Wanted Text in Word on the iPad 

  • Determine which parts of your writing require double spacing. 
  • Navigating to the beginning of the region of interest is necessary before selecting a text section. 
  • Apply pressure on the top portion, hold it, and then carefully and slowly lower it. 
  • Drag your finger across the text until you reach the end to double-space it. 
  • Try beginning at the bottom and working your way up if you want to select the text in a distinctive way. 

Step 2: Go to “Paragraph Options” Section

  • Under the “Paragraph Options” menu in Word for iPad is a hidden option for double-spacing text. 
  • You must read through the marked material in order to complete the challenge. 
  • Due to the fact that simply pointing at the unchecked boxes will not result in the desired outcomes, you must use extreme caution. 
  • Additionally important in this case is preventing unintentional deselection of the selected text. 
  • Return to the second line of this step if your finger is still over the designated area. 
  • The tab with the most crucial options will appear if you hold your finger there for a little period of time.

Step 3: Double-spacing Word’s Lines 

  • Once you’ve reached the final tab or level, double space can be added. 
  • A new, more compact window with the heading “Paragraph” and additional sub-sections for the remaining composition modifications will appear. 
  • The “Alignment” section will have buttons for right, left, and center alignment. 
  • The “Indentation” tab, which is located below this one, allows you to make little changes to certain letters and phrases. 
  • As promised, the serious stuff starts in “Spacing.” 

When Should One Double Space, and Where?

The separation of lines by two spaces is not always necessary or ideal. The work can be made more interesting by using double spacing in the appropriate context and, if necessary, for the subject.

How to double space in Word on iPad

Let’s look at the circumstances in which doubling the distance between lines is appropriate: 

  • From the first to the last line of text, double-space; otherwise, single-space. 
  • Alternately, you might use double spacing between the body content and the block quotes. 
  • Double space between paragraphs to make sure that viewers can simply follow along with your text. 

However, the double space between a heading and the body content is required for good differentiation. 

Additionally, you are allowed to use double space however creatively you choose. In any piece, if you think double spacing is necessary, go ahead and do it. An essay with double spacing is easier to read and looks more polished. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to double space in Word on iPad

What advantages does double spacing in Microsoft Word for iPad offer?

To visually distinguish headers and subheadings from the main body of the piece, double spacing became common. It might signify a change in topic or a transition between paragraphs or sections. Double-space the introduction, major body, and conclusion of your paper if it is necessary.

Why Should I Double Space Between Paragraphs in MS Word on an iPad?

1.5 lines produce a line spacing that is slightly bigger than single spacing and slightly smaller than double spacing. Thus, 1.5 lines are precisely in the middle of or halfway between single and double spacing. However, you can use it in place of double spacing if the context of your article so requires.

How can I double-space my text in Step 3?

Between lines in a paragraph or all the highlighted text, Ctrl + 1 creates a single space, Ctrl + 2 creates a double space, and Ctrl + 5 creates a 1.5-line space.

What is the typical size of a double space?

Double spacing produces a font size that is twice as large since the height of the font on a typewriter is equal to the height of one line. In order to use a 12-point typeface, you must use double line spacing, which equals 24 points. Interestingly, the “double” line spacing option in your word processor does not actually provide double line spacing.

In Word App, how do you double space?

In a Word document, you can double-space the entire thing or only certain parts of it. Select Design >> Paragraph Spacing and then double to double the spacing between each paragraph in your document. Selecting the paragraphs you want to double-space, going to Home >> Line and Paragraph Spacing, and selecting 2.0 will assist. 


After choosing “Double” and “1.5 lines,” choose “Double” to double space your content. Any of the first three options can be combined into a single statement by selecting the fourth option, “Multiple.”

The line spacing when writing will become twice as wide by selecting “Double” and then clicking “OK” in the “Paragraph Options” dialogue box.

Possibly after that, we can discuss what 1.5 spacing in Word means. With less space than double, it strikes a balance between double and single spacing. You can select one of the tab’s spacing options, but you should decide which one best suits your content.

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