How to Convert Airtime to Cash on Any Network

Have you over-recharge your line unintentionally when purchasing airtime from banks? Whether you get it done using the standard USSD method or internet banking. 

This kind of situation tend to occur every now and then.

Ultimately, did you know you can convert airtime to cash to your bank account with little to no charges in Nigeria? 

However, here’s everything you need to know on how to convert airtime to cash on any network in Nigeria and receive payment in your bank account.

This includes where to sell your airtime to cash in Nigeria and best App to convert airtime to cash.

For that reason, in case you over-recharge your line, there will always be way to convert it to cash directly to your bank account within couple of minutes right on your device, irrespective of it network type either MTN, Airtel, or GLO.

Sit back and read on……

Where Can I Sell My Airtime To Cash

Thanks to daily upgrade impact on this new age and nowadays technology, selling airtime to cash as been made easy in Nigeria as it can easily be done right on your device using the web or App version of any platform you preferred to use.

Are you wondering that where exactly can i sell my airtime to cash?

There are numberless platforms on the internet which receives your purchased airtime regardless of it network and credit your bank account with the agreed amount.

Some percentage will be deducted on the whole amount as charges incurred on the transaction starting from 10% of the airtime amount you wish to sell off.

The fastest and easiest platforms to sell your airtime to cash include GoSub, Aimtoget, AirtimeFlip, Recharge2Cash, Tingtel, and Palmpay e.t.c.

Best Apps To Convert Airtime To Cash

Am presenting you, detailed list of handy Apps to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria with it trait of best among others, simple and easy to use, good & standard customer support and users positive report.

Apps To Convert Airtime To Cash

  • GoSub

GoSub serves as one of the greatest and quickest platform to convert airtime to cash to your bank account in Nigeria. They’re widely known by users all over Nigeria for swift and easy-breezy transaction.

The is a web based platform which offers telecommunication products and services to users that include data plan subscription, airtime top-up, airtime to cash, cable TV subscription and processing bills payments.

How to convert airtime to cash using GoSub

Open your device browser App and visit GoSub website. Either you’re on mobile or desktop mode as a first timer; Click the Register button on website homepage to get started with GoSub.

Using the airtime to cash function on GoSub, you’ll be required to link your line number with the platform account and bank account number where you’d like to receive the payment, though every airtime to cash platform will require this specific action from users.

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On transferring the airtime to this website, according to users review; payment is expected to drop in your bank account within a few minutes of the transaction.

However, GoSub is ranked higher for it 100% customer support system with quick respond add-on while using either their call & WhatsApp +234 906 417 2909 or Twitter @GosubNg customer support.

  • Aimtoget

In Nigeria, Aimtoget is one of the best applications out there for fast, easy and safe conversion of your airtime to cash. The Nigeria firm offers the service of converting airtime to cash with juicy charges fee and sells with discount.

Furthermore, Aimtoget is a web and App based platform i.e. you can get access to unbelievable services offer by them on the web using your internet browser and also in their mobile App which is made available for both most used operating system; Android and iOS.

How to convert airtime to cash using Aimtoget

Aimtoget apply the easiest way to convert airtime to cash on their platform with instant airtime to cash feature. The platform provides two different methods when trying to convert airtime to cash with them. 

Instant and Manual. The instant method to covert airtime to cash, as the write-up below it says; “Get your Airtime converted to Cash in seconds”.

This doesn’t require you to manually transfer airtime to the beneficiary or waiting for forever before you get credited of your payment. 

All you have to do is to provide the active number that has the airtime on it, and wait for some seconds to receive the OTP for transfer authentication. On providing the OTP, your Aimtoget wallet will be credit with your cash automatically.

The second method which is Manual, as the name implies; this may involve you transferring the airtime manually and payment may take some time more than that of Instant as transaction must be confirmed at their end before you get paid. 

Here are steps to convert airtime to cash on Aimtoget;

  • With your SIM active, launch internet browser on your device and visit Aimtoget website.
  • In case you prefer using mobile App, navigate to your device App store >> search Aimtoget and download. The App is made available for both Android and iOS.
  • As a new user, Tap the get started button or Sign up to get your Aimtoget account ready in few seconds.

How to Convert Airtime to Cash on Any Network

  • To start the conversion process; Tap “Airtime to Cash” and select the method you’d like to use, which will probably be Instant.
  • Provide the active number with the airtime you wanted to exchange for cash and wait patiently for OTP.
  • Input the OTP received to authorize the transaction and your airtime balance will be debited automatically while your Aimtoget wallet will get credited instantly.

Now to get your cash available at your local bank balance; Navigate to Withdraw on Aimtoget website or App.

Input the amount you wish to transfer out, select the bank name and fill in your bank details, make sure you confirm the details and finally complete the withdrawal by following the prompt and authenticate with set pass code.

Fortunately, Aimtoget doesn’t only render airtime to cash service to users but also airtime swap, data purchase, airtime purchase, bank transfer, bill payments and online payment e.t.c.

When it comes to renovation, Aimtoget didn’t leave anyone behind as it made the whole platform function available for developers that wish to integrate with the API.

  • AirtimeFlip

Here’s another alternative for converting airtime to cash on your device seamlessly. AirtimeFlip is yet another fintech firm which provide services like data purchase, airtime purchase, bills payment with a main course of airtime to cash.

However, AirtimeFlip is widely known among users as one of the best platform to convert Airtime to cash in Nigeria for it swift and sleek customer support system, as you can get to contact AirtimeFlip agent right from the web homepage using it floating chat box on the website.

24/7 operating hour. You can convert airtime to cash in any hour of the day once you have an active account with AirtimeFlip.

This is also a Web and App based platform i.e. you can have access to AirtimeFlip services on your internet browser and also in a separate application which is available for both Android and iOS. 

How to convert airtime to cash using AirtimeFlip

Choosing this platform to convert your airtime to cash? Here’s how to; 

Visit or navigate to your device App Store to install their mobile application (Available in both Android and iOS).

As a new user. After installation, launch the App and tap on Get started to sign up by providing required details like the full name, username, Email address, mobile number and password which also applies to web version.

You’ll be sent an activation mail to the Email address provided. Check your mail and activate your account by tapping the link included.

How to Convert MTN Airtime to Cash

On successful sign up. Login with the set username and pass code, scroll up to locate Flip airtime to cash on your account homepage.

By clicking this function you’ll directed to where to input the airtime details like it network type, amount and the number that has the airtime on it to determine the rate it’ll be bought from you and amount you’ll receive. Note that all these are processed automatically.

Once you’re okay with the terms & condition and rate, click the proceed button and follow the prompt to successfully convert your airtime to cash to your bank account.

While it does not only enable you to convert airtime to cash you can still rely on AirtimeFlip to be your data and airtime source as all services are rendered a discount price.

  • Recharge2Cash

This is a platform that mainly focus on rendering airtime to cash services to users, as the name implies. Recharge2Cash was presented as the fastest and easy to use airtime to cash platform and makes the name in Nigeria with it 99% automated transaction.

With this, airtime can be converted to cash in a secure way using the quick converter, the on-the-go process which require no third-party and payment will be received to your bank account in under 5 to 10 minutes guaranteed after confirmation of the transaction. 

Furthermore, Recharge2Cash is also known for it lower rate commission of 13% out of the airtime amount you are selling, which later finds it spots among the best App to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria.

How to convert airtime to cash using Recharge2Cash

To get started with Recharge2Cash;

  • Launch your device internet browser and visit Recharge2Cash.
  • Tap on START HERE from the website homepage or get started on the App by clicking the App download link that suit you best (Android or iOS).
  • On the sign up page, you’ll be required to provide your details and login info. Make the correct input and create account. 
  • Verify any form of authentication required either mail or SMS and login to your Recharge2Cash account successfully.

Convert airtime on Recharge2Cash

  • On your account homepage, navigate to locate list of services then select Convert Airtime from the list. 
  • You’ll be redirected to the transaction page where you’ll provide the airtime network type, amount and the number that has the airtime.
  • It’s highly recommended to firstly read and understand the Airtime to cash instruction written in Red before proceeding with the transaction. 
  • If you’re okay with the terms & condition, fill in the required information, proceed and follow the prompt to get your wallet credited on confirmation.

After a successful transaction and your Recharge2Cash wallet has been credited, the next step is to move withdraw to your local bank. To do this;

Recharge2Cash withdrawal

  • Tap on withdraw from the services list on your account dashboard.
  • You’ll be redirected to Withdraw Fund page where you’ll get to see withdraw transaction history. 
  • Locate and click Withdraw Funds.
  • As a new user you’ll be prompt to add your local bank account details.
  • Fill in the required details and confirm before saving. 
  • Proceed with the withdrawal process. Note: N100 withdrawal fee applies.

For a platform with smooth and user-friendly interface, trying out their other services won’t be a great deal right?

  • Tingtel

Another one, Tingtel. A Lagos based software company that comes around with a solution which gives users access to easily and quickly sell, swap, buy or trade unused Airtime right on their smartphone with on-the-go process.

With Tingtel App, you can get to convert your airtime to cash to your bank account and get paid in split seconds. Tingtel adopt many ways to convert airtime to cash and make use of it different ways.

This platform “Tingtel” is well-known for it amazing feature which enables you to transfer airtime across networks.

In case you mistakenly recharge your MTN line instead of Airtel; with this Tingel astonishing feature you can get your Airtel line topped up using MTN balance with little to no transaction charges.

How to convert airtime to cash using Tingtel

  • Launch your device App Store and search Tingtel or download from Tingtel website.
  • Sign up with the number that has the airtime you’d like to sell
  • With the line active on your phone, it’ll automatically sync and won’t require any form of authentication.
  • Tap Airtime Sell to start the conversation process then follow the prompt.
  • Your receiving account number will be request during the process, input the correct details and confirm before proceeding. 

Is that all with Tingtel App? Check other surprising features below.

Tingtel App Features

Contactless Airtime

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The contactless airtime transfer feature on Tingtel enables users to transfer airtime across to other users without requesting for the recipient number, name or network type.

All what you need is Tingtel ID. To get this; simply dial *347*85# on your number linked with your Tingtel account to see your Tingtel ID. Give the sender this and receive airtime freely without restrictions.

Fund Wallet with Airtime

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Tingtel introduce Airtime funding feature, an exceptional option that serves the function of wallet funding; what we believe can only be done with ATM card.

This is a smarter way to fund your online wallet or a third-party app, buy goods online, and settle premium subscriptions instantly with your airtime.

Assuming you’re low on cash or experiencing network issues with your debit card, here’s a way to instantly fund your wallet with your airtime in a faster and cheaper way which fits around your own time and schedule.

Settle Bills with Airtime

Settling of utility bills has now been made easy with Tingtel Airtime bills feature. With this; you can settle utility bills right on your phone with Tingtel App using airtime.

All sorts of utility bills ranging from water, electricity, gas, internet, telephone and any cable services like DSTV & GOtv can be settled in a quickest way with your airtime using Tingtel charging affordable transaction fee.

  • PalmPay

Lately, PalmPay. This is an intuitive digital wallet and a different version of personal wallet with quick access and digital. 

This App offer services like account opening, money transfer, bill payments, airtime recharge, and the newly added feature “Recharge2Cash” which makes it appear on this list.

PalmPay is widely known across Nigeria for it attribute “Earn as you spend” because of it numerous take off and discount on product purchase on the App.

The newly added feature “Recharge2Cash” hadn’t been made available for all PalmPay users at the time of this writing. Only few users are able to locate Recharge2Cash in service area of PalmPay dashboard.

Look out for “Recharge2Cash” on your PalmPay dashboard. Can you find it?

If Yes, read on to learn how to convert your airtime to cash using PalmPay and get your wallet credited in a sec.

How to convert airtime to cash using  PalmPay

How to Convert Airtime to Cash

  • Install Palmpay App from your device App Store (Android or iOS).
  • Launch PalmPay, click the profile icon at right side of the footer menu.
  • Login with your details as an existing user. Sign up in case you’re a new user.
  • Look out for Recharge2Cash in the services area on the App homepage. 
  • Currently, PalmPay only allow selling MTN airtime as other networks is not yet available.
  • Input the required information, proceed the transaction and smile at your wallet in following few seconds.

How to Convert Airtel Airtime to Cash

Conversion of airtime nowadays has been made easy compare to back then when you’ll dire need of someone to buy from you.

Asking yourself if it possible to convert Airtel airtime to cash? Yes it’s

To trade your Airtel airtime to cash; choose the best preferred App from the detailed list above then select Airtel as the airtime network on the transaction page to signify that you’re about to convert Airtel airtime.

How to Convert MTN Airtime to Cash

Generally, most airtime to cash conversion website and Apps have make MTN the default network when using the airtime to cash service.

To convert your MTN airtime to cash, make sure you’re selecting MTN as the airtime network on the transaction page of your preferred App before proceeding with the transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a code to convert airtime to cash?

Basically, there isn’t any short code to trade or convert airtime to cash presently. You can only convert your airtime to cash with third-party platform and Apps as explained above.


Hope you’ve managed to convert your airtime to cash using the quickest method possible? On trying out your best choice, what’s your experience? Communicate with us in the comment section.

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