How To Check Your Airtel Number With Easy Steps On Your Phone

How To Check Your Airtel Number With Easy Steps On Your Phone
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Have you been trying hard to know the exact number of Airtel sim card on your phone right now? Actually that’s not a taboo. Many Nigerians find it uncomfortable sticking to one sim card which I particularly was one, this happens mainly because of Internet connectivity signal strength and special offer from those network providers from time to time. Definitely you will find it difficult knowing all your sim card number without checking, that’s why this blogpost on how to check Airtel number with easy steps on your phone is for you.
On purchasing a new Airtel sim card it may take some time to know your new number offhand while you may find yourself in a condition that you’re in need of your Airtel number immediately, and you’re not anywhere near your sim pack neither you remembering the first nor last four digits as a hint. I think it’s now essential to know how to check your Airtel number right from your phone which am I’m going to reveal below.
Airtel, one of the most popular network provider in Nigeria has also provided each one using their network with options to check their mobile number for free in multiple ways right on their phone if it happens you forget your Airtel number or doesn’t know it, here is how to check Airtel number for free. There are a couple of ways to check Airtel number on your phone which includes;
  • Using direct ussd code.
  • Using ussd prompt message.
  • Using Airtel mobile app.
  • Recharge to call or text a friend.
  • Call and follow customer support command.
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How To Check Airtel Number On Your Phone

The first method to check Airtel number am sharing with you is by using Airtel direct ussd code to request your mobile number for free, you can get this done by following the below steps;
  • Get your activated Airtel sim and your phone.
  • Insert your Airtel sim into your phone
  • Open your phone dialer and dial *121*3*4#
  • You will be prompt with a message which contains your number.
How To Check Your Airtel Number With Easy Steps On Your Phone
Then you can grab a pen and paper to write down the number inorder to save before the message disappear from your screen. You can repeat the above process anytime you need your Airtel number they won’t charge you for using the service it’s free.
How To Check Your Airtel Number With Easy Steps On Your Phone
The second method to check your Airtel number is by dialing *121# on your phone dialer, and you will be prompt with a list of services you can request at that moment. Just input 3 which is Manage Account and then input 4 in the next screen which is My Number option to check your mobile number. Next to the third method which is using Airtel mobile app.
Airtel number can be checked right from the network provider mobile app which you can install for free directly from playstore. All you have to do is to download the app and sign up with required information to access the app home page where you can locate your sim card number, plan, data balance and more. The Airtel mobile app user experience isn’t limit to checking your sim information only, you can also access their products and services on the go.
The other method to know your Airtel number is by recharging your sim with airtime for you to call a nearby friends phone or send a text message in other to identify your number from the recipient phone and note it down.
Finally calling the Airtel customer support and requesting your number is also one of the free way to known your Airtel number from your phone. To get in touch with Airtel customer support service you have to dial 121 or 198 on your phone which is toll-free center. On dialing the number follow the robot command to access your account and request your number.
That’s all what you need to check out your Airtel number right from your phone for free. Having issue with any steps mentioned above kindly feed us back through the comment section and share with friends using any of the icon below.

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