How to Check Vodafone Data Balance in Ghana

Checking to keep track of one’s bundle balance needs to become everyone’s trait which must be put into action every now and then, as our day-to-day operation now focuses on the internet.

In order to avoid unexpected disconnection, which might likely lead to file loss while working on an interface with no auto-save, you’ll need to keep track of your subscribed data bundle not to miss out any relevant details. As well as getting to know which of the data plans serves you better, since you’re on a limited internet plan.

As a new Vodafone customer or an existing user, did you find it difficult to check your Vodafone data balance in Ghana? Are in search of an updated tip on how to check Vodafone data balance in Ghana?

Fortunately, here’s an updated guide post on how to check Vodafone data balance in Ghana including different current and effective ways to check your subscribed internet plan right on your handset or other smart devices.

The British based multinational telecommunications company, Vodafone has carried on the legacy of integrity, trust, speed, and fluent customer support system since the past sixty-one (61) years.

Furthermore, Vodafone offered users a wide range of phones on its contract plans, while its SIM only deals were broadly competitive with its biggest rivals. 

Concerning the voice and internet plans and pricing. Vodafone’s users are bestowed with discounted and inexpensive cell plans on both on-net and off-net call allowance, internet plans, and international roaming & plans.

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In addition, some Vodafone appealing internet plans include its Red Entertainment plan which gives access to numbered well known entertainment platforms like Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium and Spotify Premium. And also its unlimited weekend bundle which offers users limitless surfing of the internet on weekends.

Now, how to check data balance on vodafone ghana.

How to Check Vodafone Data Balance in Ghana

Accessing your Vodafone data bundle balance in Ghana; you can get to know all details concerning your active Vodafone data bundle in three (3) different ways, which includes by dialing *700# | *126# on your line and by installing the Vodafone mobile App from your device App Store. 

How to Check Vodafone Data Balance in Ghana With *700#

How to Check Vodafone Data Balance in Ghana

  • Get the SIM ready and activate on your device. 
  • Navigate to open the device Dialer App. 
  • Dial *700# with the Vodafone line. 
  • On the response screen, select option 2 “Check Internet Package” as your reply.
  • Your active Vodafone data bundle details will be displayed on your device screen in which you might also receive as SMS on your line.

How to Check Vodafone Data Balance in Ghana With *126#

  • With the SIM ready on your device. 
  • Launch your device Dialer App.
  • Start a new dial then simply dial *126#.
  • A flash message with your Vodafone data balance will be displayed on your screen with the option to save as SMS or be discarded.

How to Check Vodafone Data Balance in Ghana with Vodafone App

  • Navigate to launch your device App store.
  • Search and install Vodafone Ghana.
  • You can install it from the Android Play Store.
  • After successful installation, launch the App and sign in
  • In case it’s your first time, tap the Register Now button.
  • Create the App profile with your 9 digit Vodafone number (excluding the country code +233)
  • Set up a new login password if prompted and sign in successfully.
  • On the App homepage, you’ll be provided with every important detail concerning your Vodafone line, like the credit balance, data balance, current plan and active offers.

You can get access to your Vodafone data balance and keep track of it right on the Vodafone mobile App homepage.

However, the Vodafone Ghana mobile App function isn’t limited to balance checking, you can also get access to countless amazing internet plan offers with pleasing services like credit and data recharge.

Can I check my data usage on Vodafone?

Basically, you can check data usage of any current network on your device easily from your device network or data settings, which is usually sorted in two different forms; that of daily that saves 24hours data usage record and that of monthly which keeps record of past 29 days.

How to Check Vodafone Data Balance in Ghana

To check data usage on your Vodafone line with Android device; Navigate to your device Settings >> SIM & Mobile Network and tap on Data settings & Data usage to check your daily data usage.

how to check data balance on vodafone ghana

In case you’d like to know your data usage for the last 29 days; Open your smartphone Settings >> SIM & Mobile Network tap the actual SIM you’re checking its monthly usage, then stroll to locate App data usage, tap on it to see your data usage calculated within an interval of a month.


I believe you’ve learned everything you’d like to know on how to check Vodafone data balance in Ghana? In theory, to check Vodafone data balance in Ghana; simply dial *700# on your device dialer then select option 2 to finally access your active Vodafone data bundle details.

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