How to Check Lycamobile Bundle

Just getting to know Lycamobile as a new user but can’t find your way around your bundle balance? Fortunately, here’s how to check Lycamobile bundle balance.

Lycamobile has long been one of the most well-known and dependable mobile service providers in Europe, and it is presently the company of choice for foreigners visiting Spain.

Lycamobile specializes in pay-as-you-go SIM cards and offers a wide range of affordable bundles (voice and data packs with EU roaming) at incredibly low costs. 

You don’t need an NIE/TIE or a Spanish bank account, and the setup is fairly simple. Both their website and customer support are available in English and Spanish.

They promise their customers EU roaming and provide excellent internet and telephony options.

Additionally, Lycamobile is recommended because they partner with the best mobile networks in Spain and Europe to provide a constant, powerful connection.

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Customers should always check their balance as it’s essential because no one wants a cell plan that has no data, can’t send texts, or can’t make calls.

Luckily, have put up a step-by-step guide on how to check lycamobile bundle within couple of seconds on your smartphone. 

Another choice is to sign up for one of Lycamobile’s fantastic bundle deals, which benefit customers greatly. How to do this?

How to Activate a Lycamobile Plan or Bundle

The Lycamobile pay as you go plans (also known as bundles) operate on a 28-day cycle, as previously mentioned.

Users have total control and transparency over their phone usage and associated SIM card expenses with these plans because they must be manually set up each month.

Each Lycamobile bundle has a different activation code that must be used to activate it. Check out a step-by-step tutorial for activating a Lycamobile plan.

How to Check Lycamobile Bundle

You must top up your phone with cash in order to activate a Lyca bundle (aka credit). Select your preferred plan, and then get ready with your funds (either cash or a card, depending on the top-up option you select). 

As soon as you fill up with credit, your SIM will identify the money and start to operate (at standard national rates), and if your data is not switched off throughout the process, you won’t have enough money to activate your bundle! 

Online, at many grocery chains around Spain (such as Da, Carrefour, or Tabacco outlets), or if you reside in Madrid, you can come to the Citylife Madrid office and top up with cash. 

By dialing *221# + pressing call, confirm the top-up. The amount of credit you have will then be confirmed in a message that appears on the screen.

You must call the relevant Activation code and hit the call button on your phone to activate the bundle of your choosing. To finish the activation, adhere to the screen’s instructions. 

By dialing *137# and pressing call, you can confirm the activation. Your plan’s details, including the number of minutes, data use, and expiration date, will be shown on the screen. 

Set your phone’s Lycamobile APN (steps are slightly different for Android and iphone) check out here.

How to Check Lycamobile Bundle

Customers should always be aware of how much money is left on their SIM plan so they may top it off if they are about to run out of data, minutes, or messages.

The simplest way for Lycamobile users to do this is to dial *131# from their phone or 321 to activate their Lycamobile’s Automated Voice Response. 

Before leaving the EU, check your balance because Lycamobile subscribers will utilize the credit from their SIM-only contracts when they are roaming.

Another reason to check your balance before departing the UK is that you will incur additional roaming fees if you have plans to go beyond the EU.

Best Method for Topping up Lycamobile

Topping up is really simple; You can do it over the phone or online, depending on whatever method that suits you best.

You must input the Lycamobile website into the Top Up homepage, select the amount you wish to top up, and then proceed with payment in order to top up your accounts online. You can upgrade your package by adding £5 to £100 online.

How to Check Lycamobile Bundle

Simply phone 373 or 322 from your Lycamobile and follow the prompts for those calling to make a top-up. Use the Lycamobile Interactive Voice Response to top up after registering your credit card.

Whatever way you use, just be sure you top off your account so that you don’t run out of credit. 

Making a decision from among Lycamobile’s several bundles is the most difficult element of buying a plan. A student pass, Data lovers, Data Saver, Value Saver, Global 10, Chatterbox, Asia Saver, and Global Saver are a few examples. 

Customers will receive enough data, minutes, and messages as a result of all these fantastic bargains to meet their mobile needs. 

The activation code will vary depending on the bundle you choose. The lists of activation codes for the bundles you are interested in are below: 

  • Dial *139 80044# and follow the on-screen instructions to use the student pass, or text STUDENT to 3535. 
  • Data lovers can follow the instructions by dialing *139 70044# or by texting LOVERS to 3535. 
  • Data Saver: Press *139 78812# and then adhere to the on-screen instructions, or text STUPLAN to 3535. 
  • Value Saver: Text VALUE to 3535 or call *139 20044# and follow the instructions. 
  • Dial *139 44541# and then follow the instructions to use Global 10, or text GLOBAL10 to 3535. 
  • Dial *139 60044# and follow the on-screen instructions to use Chatterbox, or text CHAT to 3535. 
  • Asia Saver: Text ASIA to 3535 or call *139 321044# and follow the instructions. 
  • Global Saver: Text “Global” to 3535 or call *139 44515# and follow the instructions. 

To activate whichever bundle is most appropriate for you, follow these instructions.

However, users can reach the Lycamobile customer service team by dialing 322, and for other network providers, dial 0207 132 0322, for additional information. 

How to Get Lycamobile Pac Code

Customers who wish to switch from another network to Lycamobile must get a PAC code, also known as a Port-in Authorisation Code, which a new provider needs to transfer your existing mobile number.

Once you receive your Lycamobile SIM, text PAC to 65075 from your current number, then complete the online porting form on the website. The process will be finished in two working days.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I check my Lycamobile bundle UK?

To get access to your Lycamobile bundle balance in UK isn’t as hard as it seems, including the bundle details ranges from package type, subscription balance, and validation period.

You can easily check your Lycamobile balance and allowance details by dialing *137# on your device dialer or give 321 call to check your Lycamobile bundle balance using the Automated Voice Response.

How do I check my Lycamobile data balance Ireland?

To check your Lycamobile data balance in Ireland; you can try using the global code made available by Lycamobile *137# to get access to your active bundle details.

Incase it’s not working try out; *221# or give the Lycamobile customer service a call to check your Lycamobile data balance.

How to Check Lycamobile Bundle

Moreover, you can also get to access your Lycamobile bundle balance on Lycamobile App which can be download for different OS on Lycamobile website.

The App feature isn’t limited to providing bundle balance as it enhance quick plan purchase and top-up options, hassle-free & secure payment, gives access to call history, previous plans, data usage and also present special bonuses, offers and discounts to users.


Hope you’ve managed to learn how to check Lycamobile bundle balance using the swift and easiest method on your device?

Now it’s time to hear from you. Having issues with the steps mentioned above or a newly discover way to check Lycamobile bundle balance? Let’s know your feedback in the comment section. 

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